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Reverie 5D Adjustable Base


Reverie 5D Adjustable Base
Reverie 5D Adjustable Base Reverie 5D Adjustable Base Reverie 5D Adjustable Base Reverie 5D Adjustable Base Reverie 5D Adjustable Base Reverie 5D Adjustable Base
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Reverie adjustable bases

Women's Choice Award Winner 2012, 2015

Womans choice award

Reverie provides convenience and quality in everything they do, this is why they were the winners of a Women's Choice Award in 2012, and 2015. These adjustable beds provide you with a lot more features and technology for a much better price than some of their competition.

Wall Snuggler

The Reverie 5D adjustable base is designed with you in mind. Many adjustable bases raise the headrest away from the wall and your nightstand, making it an awkward reach for your drink, or for the book you left on the nightstand. With Wall Snuggler technology, the base slides back as the headrest raises, so you stay right next to your nightstand with everything within easy and convenient reach.

Headboard Brackets Included

headboard brackets included

Reverie adjustable bases have bene created to make it easy for you to incorporate them into your bedroom as easily as possible. Easily attach your headboard to the Reverie 5D adjustable base with the included headboard brackets. This is a convenient feature, as many other manufacturers sell them separately from their adjustable beds.

Premium Fabric Upholstery

The Reverie 5D is upholstery in a soft premium grade fabric in a neutral gray color so that it can easily blend with any decor and color scheme. This fabric is just one fo the many elements that give Reverie adjustable bases an impressive high-end look and feel.

Corner Retainer Bars

corner mattress retainment bars

While most adjustable bases use on one mattress retainment bar at the foot of the bed, Reverie uses four bars at each corner of your base to ensure that your mattress stays put no matter what position the adjustable base is in.

Three in one Leg Design for Customizable Bed Height

3-1 legs built into each reverie adjustable base

The Reverie 5D Adjustable base comes with adjustable legs so that you can customize the height of your bed, ranging from 3" to 8" legs you get to change to choose the height of your bed and make it perfect for your bedroom space. Opt for the standard height with the 8" legs. Get the low-profile platform bed look with the 3" legs, or get something in between with the 5" legs.

Fits Most Modern Bed Frames & Headboards

Reverie adjustable beds are designed to fit with most bed frames and headboards so you have nice continuity between function and fashion. This means you won't have to sacrifice anything in the way of your bedroom decor to add the adjustable base functionality to your life.

850 lbs Weight Limit

The Reverie 5D adjustable base has a max lift weight of 850 lbs which is significantly higher than many of the other brands we carry. This makes Reverie adjustable beds more suitable for any homes that have large dogs or children that love to join you on your bed. Don't worry too much about going over that limit. the 5D adjustable base is built with a safety measure that won't allow the bed to adjust if it's over the weight limit.

Wireless Remote

The Reverie 5D adjustable base features a backlit wireless remote that gives you quick access to everything your adjustable bed can do. This includes 3 Pre-programmed positions, the dual frequency massage that has 10 intensity levels to choose from. You also get 3 wave massage modes and 2 programmable positions to save your favorite positions for later.

Pre-programmed Positions

There are 3 Preprogrammed positions that are included in the remote These positions are:

  • Flat
  • Zero Gravity
  • Anti-Snore

The Anti-Snore position raises the headrest a little bit to help open up airways and alleviate snoring.

Dual Frequency Massage Motors

Located in the chest area and within the leg section are two massage motors that apply a vibration massage to your entire body. This is a great way to relax into sleep or when combined with the Bluetooth module you can include massage in the gentle wake alarm.

Automatic Safety Stop

Should your base ever become overloaded and surpass the weight limit, the movement will be disabled until the weight on the base is lowered. This ensures that the motors on your base won't be damaged due to over capacity issues, and ensures that the pieces won't fail in the middle of holding you or a loved one up.

Optional Bluetooth Module

Add the optional Bluetooth module and control the Reverie 5D adjustable base straight from your android or iOS mobile device! Use your phone to choose your favorite position or make adjustments to your massage. This option also gives you access to the "Raise you Awake" feature, as well as the under-bed night light.

Warranty & Service

The Reverie 5D adjustable base comes with a 20-year limited manufacturer's warranty. The following is the breakdown of the warranty and what it covers. Click the link below to read the full warranty for yourself.

  • 1st Year - During the first year, parts, shipping, and in-home service labor are covered at no cost to you for any service calls relating to an issue that is covered by your warranty.
  • 2-5 Years - During the 2nd through 5th year, parts are covered at no cost to you, though any labor and possibly shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer during this time.
  • 6-20 Years - During the remainder of the warranty the mechanical frame parts of your adjustable base are covered under your warranty. Anything else will be required to be paid out of pocket for any warranty related service calls during this time.

Adjustable Base Size Guide

adjustable bed size guide


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