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The Elusive Split Queen Adjustable Bed

The Elusive Split Queen Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have become a popular option for partners looking to personalize their sleep experience, while still maintaining close contact. However, when it comes to choosing the correct bed size, sometimes the choice is based more on spatial context rather than preference. Split king adjustable beds and split California king adjustable beds may take up too much real estate for some shoppers, which is where a split queen adjustable bed takes center stage. 

Who Makes Split Queen Adjustable Beds

In the quest for the elusive split queen adjustable bed, finding a reputable manufacturer can feel like stumbling upon hidden treasure because the split queen bed is harder to come by than split king adjustable beds. However, Bedgear has an option. The Bedgear Flex SH Adjustable Base is a split head adjustable bed that allows independent adjustments to the headrest for head and lumbar support that offers a winning combination of functionality and intimacy. This bed is ideal for couples who are looking to spend time together while maintaining individual levels of comfort. 

Split Adjustable Bed vs. Split Head Adjustable Bed

Navigating the terminology of adjustable beds can be daunting, especially when distinguishing between split adjustable and split head adjustable options. While both configurations offer individualized comfort, the key distinction lies in the level of control each partner has over their side of the bed. With a split adjustable bed, both partners can move their own side of the base’s footrest or headrest. A split head only allows the user to move the headrest separately from the footrest. The Bedgear Flex SH split head queen adjustable bed has several ergonomic positions, allowing each partner the ability to set their preferred position for reading, watching TV, sleeping, and overall rest and relaxation.

bedgear split head queen adjustable mattress

Split Queen Mattresses

For a traditional adjustable bed, any mattress will do, but for a split head, you’ll want to purchase a split head mattress. Bedgear offers a range of split head mattresses with the M3 Performance Mattress, H4 Performance Mattress, and Bedgear H6 Performance Mattress. These split head queen mattresses are breathable, cooling, and the perfect accompaniment to the Bedgear Flex SH Split Head Queen Adjustable Base.

bedgear split queen adjustable bed sheets

Split Queen Sheets and Mattress Protectors

While you don’t necessarily need split sheets for a split head adjustable bed, if you opt for regular sheets, you may want to go a size or two up to accommodate for the base’s movement. Otherwise, your best option would be to purchase split head sheets. Bedgear has not only designed their mattresses to adapt to the movements of their adjustable bases, but have also created split sheet sets as well. The Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set consists of moisture wicking technology, but are also soft and breathable. The Dri-Tec Sheet Set is available in Split Head Queen, Split Head King, and Split Head Cal King. As for mattress protectors, Bedgear has split head queen sizing available in the Dri-Tec and Ver-Tex lin to keep your mattress safe from spill, dirt, and debris.

As the demand for customizable sleep solutions continues to rise, the search for the perfect adjustable bed becomes more prominent. Although the split king adjustable bed frame is a common choice, not every bedroom layout affords the space. An adjustable split queen bed is great for couples who want to relax together in  comfort while still maintaining a separate sleep experience. Bedgear’s Flex SH Adjustable Base, with accompanying mattress and sheet options, makes the journey to a restful night's sleep more attainable than ever.

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