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Maximizing Independence: Customatic’s Sleep to Stand Bed for Seniors

Maximizing Independence: Customatic’s Sleep to Stand Bed for Seniors

As we grow older, we often grow more attached to the idea of remaining independent regardless of whether or not we have friends or family to help us as our aging bodies change. When it comes to aches and pains, certain activities can start to feel like a chore, such as getting in and out of bed. This is why many caring families and guardians start shopping for the best adjustable beds for seniors. When it comes to choosing the right bed for the elderly, you’ll want to consider their independence, which is where Customatic Technologies comes in. Customatic has engineered an innovative sleep to stand bed that will help your aging loved ones maintain their autonomy.

Are Adjustable Beds Good for the Elderly

When looking for beds for the elderly at home, many families opt for a hospital bed or adjustable bed. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), hospital beds are often equipped with handrails, so seniors can readjust to a more suitable position, wheels, so the bed can be moved, a special mattress for pressure distribution, and insurance eligibility. However, the NCOA also notes that adjustable beds for seniors have their own unique benefits, such as pain relief, getting in and out of bed more safely due to the base’s adjustable nature, under bed lighting to help navigate safely in the dark, and a reduced fall risk. The reduced fall risk is especially true if the adjustable base is equipped with bed railings for the elderly, like Customatic’s The Independence bed.

The Independence Adjustable Twin Bed for the Elderly

The Independence Adjustable Twin Bed for the Elderly, created by Customatic Technologies, represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of senior care. This bed is not just a piece of furniture; it's a lifeline for those who value their independence above all else. Designed with the specific needs of seniors in mind, the Independence Bed goes beyond the typical adjustable bed. The Independence is not just an adjustable bed for seniors, but an entire sleep system. This adjustable bed consists of three settings: sleep, sit, and stand.

The sleep functionality allows seniors to lay flat on their backs or sides for a restful night’s sleep. The Independence adjustable bed is made up of a premium memory foam mattress that will contour to your loved one’s body. Memory foam is also known to provide a warmer night’s sleep due to its snug nature.

The second setting of this sleep to stand bed is the sit setting. The adjustable base will raise the bed from a flat position to seat-like position. Your loved one can sit up to watch television and read as well as lift their legs to feel more at ease. This setting may also help ease joint pain and snoring.

Lastly, the Independence adjustable bed for the elderly can rotate 90 degrees from the sit position. The bed gently lifts your loved one and allows them to stand, or reach for an item like a walker or cane. Maintaining mobility has never been easier thanks to Customatic’s unique take on better sleep.

Beds with rails for elderly

Another important feature of the Independence adjustable bed is its removable bed rails. Many concerned guardians look for beds with rails for elderly family members. The railings are a useful safety measure to prevent accidents like falling out of bed. As stated earlier, bed railings for the elderly also assist with improving comfort. If your elderly loved one’s muscles are weak, they may need to readjust their position in bed and side rails can help them do so on their own.

Find Independence: A Great Sleep System Option for Seniors

When it comes to the best bed for seniors, you may want to consider The Independence. This adjustable twin bed for the elderly offers many benefits in contrast to a hospital bed. Perhaps, the most significant aspect of the Independence Bed is the peace of mind it offers to both seniors and their caregivers. Knowing that their loved ones can safely and independently navigate their sleeping space alleviates stress and worry, allowing families to focus on enjoying meaningful moments together.
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