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From now until June 21st, save $500 on the Human Touch Perfect Chairs- PC-420, 600, 610, and LiVE. Plus, get a free premium leather upgrade for ultimate luxury.

About Human Touch

Human touch has developed state-of-the-art massage chairs for over 35 years. These massage recliners deliver life-changing massage benefits by using similar techniques as massage professionals. Their unwavering commitment to finding groundbreaking wellness solutions allows Human Touch to focus on chairs that alleviate pain, stress and enhance your life.

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Human Touch ZeroG Volito

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Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

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Human Touch Novo XT2

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Features Good Better Best
Color Options Caramel, Gray Black, Bone, Espresso Black, Espresso, Gray, Cream, Red
Height Range 5'0"-6'2" 5'0"-6'2" 5'0"- 6'9"
Intensity Intense Moderate Intense
Massage Track S Track S Track S/L Track
Space Saving X X
Zero Gravity
Rocking Technology X X X
Heat X Back Warm Air Dual Lumbar
Adjustable Intensity X
Manual Techniques 3- Percussion Roll, Percussion Zone, Kneading 4- Stretch, Flex, Tone, Ease 5- Kneading, Tap Touch, Percussion, Shiatsu, Knead/Percuss, Audio Sync
Adjustable Speed X
Stretch Function X
User Memory X X X
Foot Massage Rollers Rollers Rollers
Calf Massage Airbag, CirQlation Figure-Eight Airbag, CirQlation Figure-Eight Airbag
Back Roller Type Quad Rollers 3D Quad Rollers 3D Quad Rollers
Remote Simple Button Remote Large, Button Remote Advanced LCD display
3D back massage X
Upper arm and hand massage X X
Spot massage Targeted Muscle Benefits Bodymap PRO
Deep Tissue X X
Body Scan X X
Leg length adjustment X Automatic Automatic
Pause Function X
Auto pre-programs 3- Full Back, Upper Back, Lower Back 4- Refresh, Relax, Retreat, Sleep 35 Auto-Wellness Programs
Airbag Massage Yes, Calves Only Yes, Calves & Seat Yes, Cloud Touch Acupressure
MP3 player X X
Built-In Speaker X X
App Functionality X X
Chromotherapy X X X
Vibration X On Feet X
Swivel Base X X X
Reversible Ottoman X
Timer 15 min 15 min 10, 20, 30 min
Chair Dimensions - Upright 45" L x 28" W x 46" H 44"L X 28"W X 42"H 63”L x 31”W x 43”H
Chair Dimension - Reclined 64" L x 28" W x 33" H 67” L x 28.3” W x 33.8” H 71”L x 31”W x 38”H
Chair Weight 87 LBS 160 LBS 294 LBS
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Human Touch Novo XT 2 Massage Chair

Human Touch Novo XT 2 Massage Chair