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Reverie Adjustable Beds

Great Sleep is More than Just A Mattress

Reverie offers a range of adjustable foundations with different functionalities to meet your sleeping needs. Flat definitely doesn’t cut it when it comes to your optimal comfort, so why should you settle for a flat bed? Easily float off to sleep in Zero Gravity while removing the pressure from your lumbar region. Your snoring partner will not keep you up at night with Reverie’s AntiSnore positioning. You can support your back and knees while reading or watching TV or just raise sore feet to reduce swelling. Every Reverie adjustable foundation is superbly engineered to operate smoothly and quietly. They are innovative pieces of technology, backed by a limited 20-year warranty. Discover what Reverie has to offer.

The Reverie Adjustable Power Bases

Reverie 5D Adjustable Power Base

The 5D adjustable power base provides top notch quality and comfort for an amazing value. You can massage away your stress with 3D Wave technology, while you choose from unlimited positions to help you relax. ProGrip technology will ensure that your mattress stays in place, eliminating the need for retainer bars.

Starting at $1299

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Reverie 3E Tech Adjustable Power Base

Reverie’s 3E Tech Adjustable Power Base offers an impressive combination of technology and comfort. The wireless remote gives you access to unlimited comfort positions included preset positions such as anti-snore and zero gravity.

Starting at $899

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Reverie 3EM Adjustable Power Base

The 3EM features a sleek mesh design with head and foot elevation for affordable comfort! Whisper Quiet Lift System allows you to change positions during the night, without waking up your partner.

Starting at $749

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Let Reverie Help You Get to Sleep Easier

The Reverie sleep system is the perfect pairing of pure comfort and world class engineering. It has been designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of comfort for you and your partner. Reverie gives you an adjustable power base designed from the ground up to provide endless options.

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Reverie 3EM Adjustable Base

Reverie 3EM Adjustable Base

from $799.00