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The History of Adjustable Bases

The idea of adjustable base beds has been around since the Roman Empire when the emperors, senators, and elite would congregate for meals by lying on their sides. The structure of these beds would look like today's outdoor furniture, for example, lawn chairs. They did not have the adjustability that lawn furniture has, but the concept and design of having the head raised higher than the rest of the body were clearly there for comfort.


In the 16th Century, many designers from today say, there was a rudimentary understanding of the adjustable base, but still nothing had been constructed that actually could be considered an adjustable bed. It wasn't until the 19th Century that one man designed and manufactured what we consider to be adjustable base beds. Dr. Willis Gatch created the "Gatch Bed", which would soon be serving our military during World War I. Hospitals in the early 1900s, used the Gatch Bed to help wounded soldiers get better rest, recuperate, and rehabilitate. The success of this design could be seen around the world as hospitals embraced the adjustable bed mechanisms. As the century moved forward, so did the ability to make adjustments to the beds in the hospitals. From there, it didn't take long for people to realize there are health benefits that could be taken care of from home.


In the present day, adjustable beds are flourishing with electronics, apps, massage techniques, and with many more features, all competing for your wellbeing and health-related issues. The market has grown significantly and into a multi-million dollar industry.