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Adjustable Bed Safety for Pets & Children -- What to Know

Adjustable Bed Safety for Pets & Children -- What to Know

Are Adjustable Beds Safe for Me and My Pets & Children?

Safety is a primary concern for everyone when dealing with large appliances and devices. When making a large decision on such a large investment like an adjustable base, safety is definitely going to be a primary concern. Adjustable beds and safety is a concern that has been expressed by many on our site, and we want to help explain things when it comes to being sure your pets and children are safe. Each brand has done its part to ensure safety measures are in place, but before we dive in just remember you should never let your children or pets play under the base.

If you are planning on bringing an adjustable bed home, you deserve to know its safety requirements and feature. After all, it’s a great investment to a better life and health, and it should as simple a purchase as possible.

Safety First!

When you’re enjoying enhanced relaxation in your adjustable base, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether it will slam down because of a sudden power disruption or increase in the weight. That’s where a standard feature nearly every adjustable base can help you rest easy.

Many adjustable beds come with something called gravity release electronic motors. These help in adjusting the bed to your specific needs. Because the motors fall by gravity, it removes the risk associated with crushing, that many of our customers are worried about. This gravity release means that it lowers very slowly, allowing time for anything that may be underneath the lowering portion to get out of the way.

Plus, with the power outage protection that many bases also come with, the bed won’t slam down because of a sudden cut off from power. Additionally, many bases have that same protection in place if it goes over the max weight capacity.

It is important to take safety measures like ensuring the electric outlet is in proper working order and there is no water leakage around the house, but the base itself will also come standard with built-in safety features.

Adjustable Beds and Pets

For all pet lovers out there, adjustable beds are pet-friendly and pose no danger to your furry friends either. As stated when and if you can, it is advised to keep your fur babies out from under the base. However, as stated above the base moves slowly and there are measures put in place to keep them from falling down on your pets. Additionally, quite a few of the remotes come with a child-lock feature, which means you can lock it so that accidental button pushes are not read by the device.

Adjustable beds and children

Your children are absolutely safe around an adjustable bed as well and many of the above precautions will help keep your kiddos safe too.

Let’s take a look at the individual safety features included in the most popular adjustable bases among our collection.

    Reverie Adjustable Bases

    The Reverie adjustable bases also feature the gravity release we talked about earlier and will not continue to lower when an object is blocking the base from fully lowering. Additionally, it features:

    • Automatic safety stop upon weight overload
    • Power-down feature in the event of power loss.

    The gravity release that stops if blocked and the safety stop with a weight overload will work together to ensure that no injury befalls your critters or kiddos if they don’t move out of the way of the lowering base.

    Tempur Adjustable Bed

    Tempur’s adjustable base also comes with several important safety features to ensure that your pets and children are safe. They include:

    • Accurate Stop- Once you adjust to a certain position, it’s locked in for the night. No drifting back to flat while you sleep.
    • One-Button Stop- Stop spills with One-Button Stop. Hit any button on your remote to immediately stop the movement of your base. This can be especially helpful if you see your child or pet in a place they shouldn’t be.
    • Child Lock Feature- Via a two-button sequence, completely lock your adjustable base to prevent it from moving when children are present.
    • Power Outage Auto-Flat- If the base is raised during a power outage, a battery backup box will return the base to its original flat position.


    Many of the Malouf Structures bases also use gravity to release the raised portions of the base and also offer a Child-Lock safety feature. This locks the remote so that accidental raising or lowering because a child has the remote or even if a pet sitting on the remote don’t occur. The base will not move when the remote is locked so this can be a good habit to create if you often have children or pets in or around the base with you.

    Safety Is Key

    Keeping your children or pets safe is a concern for anyone, but as you can see the adjustable bases on the market come with standard safety features that ensure you and your family will not be injured by the base if power fails or if something unintentionally presses a button. 

    If you have more concerns or questions, we’d be happy to help you consider all the bases on our site and determine which is the best option for your needs. We believe that adjustable bases are a fantastic option for any bedroom when you want to sleep and relax in the most comfortable way possible.

    Finished With Your Research?

    If you're ready to shop, check out the details of the adjustable bases to decide if it will work for you. If you still need assistance with choosing one for your unique needs, check out our Adjustable Base Buying Guide here or continue to peruse the adjustable base options here

    Picking out a base is a big deal. Get the help you need to make a smart decision from BedPlanet.Com.

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