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Magniflex Uno Adjustable Beds

Magniflex Uno Adjustable Beds

German Engineering. Italian Design.

The ability to adjust your lifted position for sleep and relaxation is truly game-changing. It's why here at BedPlanet.Com we always encourage our customers to try out an adjustable base in their home. Whether you just want to relax, you work from home and want to add another place to can do so comfortably, or you have a medical concern, an adjustable base can be the one-time purchase that meets all your needs.

About Magniflex

They began with Giuliano Magni, who worked out of a small workshop in the 1960s. Operating out of Prato, he embarked on a journey that would lead him, and many others, of sophisticated craftsmanship and innovative ideas regarding wellbeing and sleep. Since then, Magniflex mattress manufacturer has served over 50 million people so they enjoy better sleep, thanks to the solutions the company provides through their ever-evolving line of mattresses and accessories.

Magniflex is present worldwide with more than 4,000 retailers in 98 International Markets. Right now, Bed Planet is delighted to become a new retailer of this one-of-a-kind mattress brand. You’ll find your perfect mattress with Magniflex sleep products.

What Does “Made in Italy” Really Mean?

The sensibility of an artisan and Italian genius come together to create completely unique products. Unparalleled passion, dedication to their clients, and detailed craftsmanship, you can trust Magniflex to live up to all your expectations.

Magniflex Innovation = Your Relaxation

From all their bases- the Uno Smart, Uno Deluxe, and Uno Plus, you'll find top-notch engineering with the grace and beauty of Italian design baked into every piece. German engineering of bases has long been known to be among the best of the best and when Magniflex set out to create their own bases, they knew exactly where they should take their engineering.

Technology Meets Ingenuity

The extraordinary flexibility of the materials used to manufacture their support systems provides customized support and perfect comfort. 

At the Heart of Technology

The Uno adjustable base collection features a Bluetooth or wireless programming system to adjust the position of the mattress and activate the massage functions as well as an emergency shutdown system.

A Host of Benefits for Your Comfort

Raise and lower your upper and lower body independently to find your perfect position of comfort. The bases also feature a night light, a massage function, and an anti-snore feature.

So what are you waiting for? Make your sleep the best it possibly can be.

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