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Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15
Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15

Magniflex Terra Dual 12 Mattress

This Model has been Discontinued.
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Magniflex Terra Dual Mattress

The Terra Dual, available in both 10" and 12" profiles, is created to offer incredible comfort where each partner can personalize their side of the bed using the Dual Core Technology. This mattress also features a removable, highly breathable cover made from natural bamboo. It'll keep you comfortable and cool all night long. The Memoform layer gently contours to your curves to relieve pressure in the most common points of your body.

  • Natural Bamboo cover for natural, breathable cooling
  • Elioform/Eliosoft Layers for flexibility and cushioning
  • Memoform layer for support
  • Dual Core Technology to personalize your comfort levels
  • Medium-Soft to Medium-Firm Comfort Level

Each Magniflex Support Foam mattress is made in an eco-friendly atmosphere and all substances used are non-toxic and OEKO-TEX certified. The fire retardants are silica-based without any chemical additives. The STANDARD 100 rating is the same as you would find in infant’s clothing. They don’t have off-gassing, formaldehyde, or CFCs and VOCs. And like every Magniflex mattress, the Terra is 100% made in Italy.

Natural Bamboo Cover- This cover is removable and can be dry cleaned. But best of all, it’s natural bamboo that will keep you cool and cozy all night long. The temperature regulation is superb and works to ensure a fresh feeling when you lay down. It won’t be too hot or too cold.

Elioform/Eliosoft Layer- This is a high-density microcellular foam that provides contoured elasticity for firm postural support. The highly breathable cellular structure of this foam provides a more conforming sleep surface. Together these layers give support and flexibility to keep you comfortable.

Memoform Layer- The Memoform padding adapts perfectly to the body’s shape, giving a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation. The padding is Super Soft fiber which gives a feeling of extreme well-being by enveloping the whole body while you are asleep. The foam is open cell and expanded in water which allows greater airflow than a traditional memory foam mattress, making it much cooler.

Dual Core Technology- Most couples sharing a bed disagree on comfort levels. One wants firm while the other wants soft. The Dual Core technology makes it possible to experience a different degree of comfort simply by flipping mattress cores. The Medium-Soft side for cozy, anatomical comfort, thanks to the outermost layer of Memoform (3 cm), and to the Elioform (3 cm). The Medium-Firm side for sturdier support, thanks to the Eliosoft layer. All you have to do is zip off the cover, flip the cores, and you’re ready to go.

Plus, if you need a customized size or shape, Magniflex can handle it.


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