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Best Mattress for AirBnB

Best Mattress for AirBnB

Best Mattress for AirBnB

So you're looking for the best mattress for your AirBnB property? Great! We have a wide selection of excellent mattresses for your current or next AirBnB property. Read on to learn more about what to look for when it comes to selecting the right mattress for both your budget and the guests' experience. Enjoy!

How to Choose a Mattress for Your AirBnB?

When choosing a mattress for an AirBnB rental property, you need to evaluate a few factors which may influence the mattress you end up purchasing. What is your level of AirBnB (basic, mid-grade, luxury)? What type of mattress do most people prefer during their vacation or business travel? How many bedrooms are you furnishing? These are the questions which will help you best determine the right style of mattress to purchase for your AirBnB property

Which Type of AirBnB Are You Renting Out?

The level of luxury your AirBnB possesses will help you determine the bed your AirBnB will require to achieve a great rating amongst guests. Let’s explore some of our favorite bed models at the price points listed below!

Entry-Level AirBnB Mattress:

Sealy® Crown Jewel Cushion Firm Scallop Pearl Mattress

Mid-Level AirBnB Mattress:

Sealy® Posturepedic Plus Hybrid Albany 13" Medium Mattress


Luxury AirBnB Mattress:

Stearns & Foster Reserve Medium Tight Top


How Many Bedrooms are You Furnishing?

The number of bedrooms you're furnishing obviously dictates how much you’re willing to spend on your mattress purchase for your AirBnB property. If you’re furnishing a 4-5 bedroom home, versus a 1-bedroom apartment; you’re going to see a significant difference in overall cost. It’s ultimately up to you how much you’d like to spend, yet we do recommend you invest in your guests’ experience; especially their sleep experience.

What Type of Mattress Do Most People Prefer?

The mattress most people prefer during travels is something which is not too soft, or too firm; just right in the middle of the road. Choosing a medium-firm mattress can also help you avoid complaints from picky guests, as some may generally prefer a softer mattress and some may prefer a firmer mattress. The last thing you want to do is buy an ultra-soft mattress for every single room in your AirBnB and then have a string of guests who are most comfortable on a firmer mattress. Stick to the medium level mattresses and you’ll most likely hear very little complaints about the beds your guests sleep on throughout their stay.

Always Protect Your Mattress with a Mattress Protector

Regardless of which level of mattress you choose to buy for your AirBnB property, you’ll want to protect your mattress with a high-quality mattress protector. Browse our selection of mattress protectors right here!  

Don’t Cheap Out On Your Guests, Regardless of Your AirBnB’s Nightly Rate

AirBnB is all about providing an optimal experience for those looking for an alternative to a hotel. Most decent to higher-end hotels have top-quality mattresses to help their guests have some of the best night’s sleep. Try to be on par with the hotels in your area. Don’t cheap out on the guest experience, as it will most likely cost you more in the long run with negative reviews.

Choose for Your AirBnB’s Mattresses!

If you’re ready to furnish your AirBnB property with a top-quality mattress from, you’ll want to click the button below to choose from our wide selection of fabulous options. Feel free to select from the beds recommended in this post as well. They’re all great choices for your AirBnB, and the different price points allow you to furnish your AirBnB with the right mattress for your unique property. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the chat feature or give us a call at: 888-676-0915 and we’ll be sure to help you with anything you need from us to ensure you have the best mattress buying experience possible!


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