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What is an Air Bed?

what is an air bed

One of the easiest ways to have a bad day is to spend the previous night tossing and turning in bed. Many people struggle to find a mattress that works for them. Some people are fine with traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses, but they do not work for everyone. There is also the problem of finding the perfect mattress for a couple, with each having different preferences. Luckily, air beds can be exactly what will solve all of your comfort complaints.

When someone mentions an air bed, an image of something inflatable probably pops into most people’s heads. There is a lot more to air beds than just an inflatable aspect. Dial mattresses or adjustable air mattress are some other names that air beds are often called.

Instead of the traditional coil system or foam, these mattresses use air as their means of support. There are chambers full of air that run through the mattress, which allows you to customize your comfort. Now you can create a plush mattress or a firm one in a matter of minutes. Your ideal comfort setting can easily be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of air in the chambers. This way you can find the perfect comfort lever for yourself and your partner.

A feature found on some air mattresses is dual zone technology. Using the dual zones, you are able to adjust the bed to whatever setting the person on that side chooses to have. The ultimate solution for a couple sharing a mattress. You can have your soft, plush side, while your partner has the mattress set to firm.

The ultimate customization exists on some air mattresses. This allows you to adjust different zones of the bed. A perfect problem-solver for someone that has aliments, trouble areas or even a recent injury. More air supporting these areas allows you to get to sleep much easier, and creates less tossing and turning.

If you are having trouble sleeping at night and looking for different options, contact us here at BedPlanet.Com. We would love to work out what would be best for you to get a peaceful night of sleep.