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Wall-Hugging Technology

Wall-Hugging Technology

Reach Everything You Need With Wall-Hugging

Wall-Hugging Technology is a great feature when you’re looking for an adjustable base for your home. The original adjustable beds would raise the head up, but you would end up pretty far away from your nightstand. Wall-hugging was created so that the adjustable base would move toward the top of the bed when you raise the head portion. This allows you to remain close to your nightstand.

History of the Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed

An example of this problem was when adjustable beds were used in hospitals during the early 1900s. Patients could no longer reach their thing on the table next to the bed when the head section was raised. In the hospital, they put the table on wheels. But you don’t want that in your bedroom, so what could be done there?

That’s where wall-hugger tech came into play.

Wall-hugger technology was originally developed by Leggett and Platt and to this day many of their top-selling bases offer this feature. When you want to enjoy a book in bed, watch some TV, or even have some breakfast in bed, it can be tricky when you can’t reach your nightstand. The wall-hugger solves this problem that Leggett and Platt saw in the original design of most adjustable beds. 

Now, you’ll be well within reach of your base remote, television remote, drinks, and books.

Function of the Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed

So what is a wall hugger adjustable bed? As your body is lifted using your adjustable bed’s positioning function, the bed also glides back with a wall hugger. This maintains your body near its original placement, just raised up, not forward. Plus, you stay put as you raise and lower through any position with all the things you need at arm’s reach.

Leggett & Platt, Reverie, and Glideaway manufacturers created bases with the wall-hugging function, so no matter what height the head is, you’ll always be able to lean over to reach items on your nightstand. It’s also worth mentioning that while the head is in motion, whether raised or lowered, the base moves in tandem, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your wall or headboard.

How to Enjoy a Wall-Hugger Adjustable Bed?

Now that you know what is a wall-hugger adjustable bed, you can understand why you would want to have this feature. It makes a fantastic bedroom tool that much better. 

Technology is constantly evolving and it impacts the sleep industry like any other industry. Recent technological advances in App controls and Bluetooth capability make this feature even easier to enjoy. 

Nowadays, you’ll still find wall-hugging in Reverie, Leggett & Platt, and Glideaway bases.

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