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Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Mattress Review

About Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Several people are curious about the advantages of memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses but are reluctant to make the jump to an all-foam mattress. With a brand like Tempur-Pedic, this doesn't need to be a concern. 

Tempur-Pedic has been ranked by JP Power & Associates as #1 in Customer Satisfaction with retail mattresses in 2019 and was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame "for improving life on Earth through innovations developed for space." These mattresses have been designed to offer supreme support while providing cushioning that doesn't transfer movement.

We have a wide selection of Tempur-Pedic Mattresses, so you're sure to find one that meets your requirements.

A Mattress Like No Other. Tempur-Pedic isn’t ordinary memory foam. TEMPUR® materials provide advanced pressure relief and better motion cancellation than any other brand, which will assist you to fall asleep quicked and stay asleep the whole night through. Tempur-Pedic mattresses also come with a 90-Night Sleep Guarantee and a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Great Things Happen With Extraordinary Sleep

Features of the Tempur-Pedic Breeze Mattresses

Tempur Reinvented

Tempur-Pedic has designed a new series that is more innovative and responsive than ever. Rigorous testing has been paired with thoughtful design to surpass standards that didn’t even exist until Tempur-Pedic created them 25 years ago. They do not look at the materials as just memory foam and rather create an advanced combination of materials that adapt and respond to your body’s unique needs. Their goal is to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up to seize the day. This sleep is innovation. This sleep is power. This sleep is Tempur-Pedic.

Cool-to-the-Touch Washable, Cover

Next-generation technology featuring a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer and a super-stretch inner layer for convenience and comfort. Removable and machine-washable. Crafted from ultra-high, molecular-weight yarn, it moves heat away from your body. A sleek 360-degree zipper makes for easy on and off. Plus, there’s a High-Stretch Performance Panel designed to be lightweight, breathable, and to enhance the pressure-relieving power of your mattress.

Pressure-Relieving Design for All Sleepers

Tempur-Pedic memory foam is designed to be so comfortable and supportive that every type of sleeper, back, stomach, or side, will be able to enjoy the best night of sleep possible.

Sturdy & Soft

This soft-feel mattress has a 13” profile. This incredible cooling mattress is made with a layer of PureCool Phase Change Material, the Tempur-CM+ Comfort Layer, and a Ventilated Tempur-APR+ Support Layer for advanced all night cooling.

PureCool+™ Phase Change Material

Infused into the top layer of the mattress, PureCool+™ Phase Change Material is an exclusive, next-generation technology that absorbs excess heat, so you feel cooler while you fall asleep.

Made in the USA

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses are proudly made right here in the USA.

About the LUXEbreeze

The all-new TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze™ has a 4-level system of cutting-edge cooling materials that work together from cover to core to keep you cool all night long. The improved zip-off cover affords double the cool-to-touch comfort when you lie down and the exclusive PureCool+™ Phase Change Material absorbs excess heat while you fall asleep. The TEMPUR-CM+™ layer combined with the Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® layer provide better airflow and the best possible pressure relief throughout the night.

All this comes together to help you sleep up to 8 degrees cooler each and every night!

LUXEbreeze Features

  1. SmartClimate® Dual Cover System- Next-generation technology featuring a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer, and a super-stretch inner layer for convenience and comfort. Removable and machine-washable. Crafted from ultra-high, molecular-weight yarn, it moves heat away from your body. A sleek 360-degree zipper makes for easy on and off. Plus, there’s a High-Stretch Performance Panel designed to be lightweight, breathable, and to enhance the pressure-relieving power of your mattress.
  2. PureCool+™- Infused into the top layer of the mattress, PureCool+™ Phase Change Material is an exclusive, next-generation technology that absorbs the excess heat, so you feel cooler while you fall asleep.
  3. TEMPUR-CM+™ Comfort Layer- The TEMPUR-CM+™ was expertly designed for maximum airflow and breathability, dissipating heat and delivering all-night cooling comfort.
  4. Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Support Layer- Delivers all the pressure relief of original APR with a tighter, more advanced cell structure for ultra-conforming comfort. APR is Tempur's Advanced Pressure Relief. This means that the mattress has more give and offers improved pressure relief for improved blood flow. This is our most advanced material and gives ultra-conforming support for total relaxation, and together with the ventilation, you’ll sleep cool and comfortable.

There are two options for the LUXEbreeze- a soft-feel mattress and a firm mattress.

What People Are Saying

The LUXEbreeze comes with several excellent reviews for both models, the firm and plush. While memory foam mattresses do tend to be more firm than a traditional pillowtop mattress, the plush version of the LUXEbreeze has been recommended by both back and side sleepers. This can be a big deal since people on their sides often get uncomfortable on a firm surface because of the pressure points it creates. 

Let’s take a look at what customers had to say.

A Tempur-Pedic.Com customer said-

“A really comfortable mattress. I owned a Tempur-Pedic deluxe model mattress for the last 15 years and decided it was time to retire it and move up to a new mattress. For what it's worth the old deluxe was still in perfect shape and still very comfortable. I purchased the Tempur-breeze model in soft. For those that are concerned this model may be too soft, don't worry, it is not. It actually feels a little firm when you first lie down but gradually the mattress conforms to your body just perfectly still giving you great support. It is actually hard for me to believe that a mattress could be this comfortable. It never gets too warm or too cool and just keeps your body at the perfect temperature all night. The technology built into this mattress allowing it to breathe works as it is supposed to.”

Dottie on Tempur-Pedic.Com said- 

“Awesome Product. I had been putting off buying a new mattress for years now because it seemed like such a complicated and expensive purchase and one that we would be stuck with if I made a bad choice. On Black Friday, however, I ended up buying a top of the line Tempur-Pedic mattress at the first retail shop I entered. What sold me was the options of an 8 degree cooler surface to sleep on, pressure-relieving material originally developed by NASA as well as various lifting and massage controls and the added stability that I won't get tossed around when my mate gets up and down in the middle of the night. Tempur-pedic's outstanding JD Powers ranking also factored into my decision. I was thrilled to find a mattress that provided every feature that my husband and I wanted. As an older couple who have been craving a good night's sleep for years now, all I can say is that I wish I had bought this sooner to replace my old coil spring mattress. Remember the old adage: "Your health is your wealth!" The cost of this mattress is well worth every penny!”

That’s a powerful review. Another fantastic review came from someone who was concerned about being hot on Tempur-Pedic.Com- 

“10/10 Insanely Comfortable, No More Sweat Issues. For years I've struggled with sweating while I sleep. I've tried everything from a fan blowing directly on me to dropping our AC to an unreasonable temperature overnight with no luck. The LUXEbreeze allows me to sleep cool and stay comfortable all night without waking up in a puddle of sweat. The fact that I don't have to worry about ruining another mattress also allows me to sleep better. We have the California King, which allows my wife, our 2 dogs, and myself to sleep freely and in our own space. No one wakes up when there's movement on the bed which is a huge plus. We got the 'soft', which thus far doesn't feel TOO soft, but I'm a little nervous to see how much it loosens up over time, as a softer mattress causes me to have lower back pain. However my wife loves a softer mattress and is completely head over heels in love with it. Regardless, I'm glad we didn't go with the firm because the soft still feels very supportive.”

One of the things to mention is that just like in these reviews, the cooling doesn’t mean the bed is cold all night long. This is designed to regulate temperature not pull it far down. Additionally, the eight degrees cooler is compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. I personally have this cooling feature and it’s quite nice compared to what a typical foam mattress feels like.

A great description of this came from “Now a cool sleeper” on Tempur-Pedic.Com-

“We've now had this mattress for about 3 months and I can say with full clarity this is the best dang mattress I've ever slept on and it's by a large margin. I travel quite a bit and get to lay on all types of mattresses and some in very nice hotels. This is so much better than any of those. Also compared to our old mattress (which was nice) this is a large step up.
My observations: 1. It really does sleep cool. My body is hot all the time and sleeping just makes me hotter. I've heard people in the past say that mattresses like this can make you hot. Well, this mattress solves that[...]. I'm cool the entire night. I'm happy we spent the time to research this mattress. [...] For all the hot sleepers out there, this one actually does keep you cool.

2. It's comfortable. I now sleep well. No lumps and it contours to my body very well. I sleep on my back and sides and it's perfect for me. [...]

3.The price is up there and it's a bit of sticker shock at first, however as far as I'm concerned it's been money well spent. I sleep better than I ever have and you can't put a price on that.

Overall, it's a great mattress and I've told many of my friends about it so when they shop for a mattress they give this one strong consideration.”

Another great review on Tempur-Pedic.Com said- 

“I have never written a review on any product I have ever purchased, this time I must. I spent over a year trying to justify buying this mattress. What if I didn't like it, top of the line, lots of money! Well, my back was getting so bad I decided to purchase a topper[...]. During the middle of the night, I would wake feeling like I was lying on a stove. My husband felt the same way and he is never hot[...]. Finally, bit the bullet and bought the mattress and the adjustable frames. Within 3 nights my back was feeling much better. I think by day six I was so much more improved. We both feel we stay much cooler during our night's sleep. Yes, I still get hot during the night but the sweating isn't anywhere like before. I love this mattress!”

The LUXEbreeze is even being praised by long-time Tempur-Pedic customers. C Maas Family said-

“The Luxebreeze is our third Tempur-Pedic. This time around, there were many more options with many claimed benefits at many price points. We went with Tempur again based on prior experience, reputation, and in-store trials. Very glad we did. I was skeptical of the 'cooler' claims. Clearly, a lot of engineering went into the new design, but whether it really made a difference overnight, in-home was a big question. Conclusion: it works! A very noticeable difference throughout the night. Also our first 'soft' Tempur-Pedic. Might be an age thing, but we are also happy with that change; less hip plan, less repositioning to get comfortable.”

As stated before some users might not feel the cooling is enough, but many who don’t get too hot during the night say that this mattress is a huge improvement over other all-foam mattresses and helps them sleep soundly.

Sleeping Breezy on Tempur-Pedic.Com said-

“We've love sleeping on the luxe-breeze! It is 8 degrees cooler than a regular bed and it definitely feels it! We have the soft version because the online experts recommended it to be the best for back-sleepers as well as side [sleepers]. Contours to my body and I have never had a better mattress. I definitely compare it to the cool side of a pillow! The mattress definitely exudes cooler air. Feels much more breathable. [It] helps me stay asleep especially when the weather outside is humid, 80, and I would normally wake up overheated. Not anymore. :)”

Erik on Tempur-Pedic.Com said-

“I use to have a Sherwood memory foam mattress and this Tempurpedic luxe breeze there is nothing compared. It's not as soft as their luxe adapt soft but it is soft where you want it and firm where you need it. And this is a very great mattress if you're a hot sleeper it keeps you cool all night long. Keep in mind that since the mattress is temperature sensitive it might feel a bit firm in a cold environment but will soften up when you are on it. I'm a side sleeper and it feels good on the side. I don't get an antsy arm anymore, so I can sleep longer on my side now which is great! Takes all those pains away.”

Dano on Tempur-Pedic.Com commented-

“Love what it has done for duration of deep sleep. [...] My back loves me again and I bet I could stay in bed all day if I needed to for some reason. Often can't wait to go to bed. No more sweating in bed either.”

Sweet Dreams Morgan said on Tempur-Pedic.Com-

“Best night of sleep, cool and comfy. The first night I thought was going to be rough since I was switching to something new and I slept like a rock! I have always been someone who tosses and turns, I sleep on all sides, and this was the first time in YEARS that I slept and woke up in the same exact position. They say the bed takes about 30 days to work in, but my soft mattress seemed great the first couple nights already and has been great since! Definitely recommend, and love that the coolness of the mattress helps keep me cool at night. Just make sure you get sheets that help with the experience. It's worth spending the extra money.”

That’s a powerful review! We love to hear that people are feeling better and sleeping longer with the right mattress. Jeanette on HomFurniture.Com also agreed with this sentiment- 

“THIS MATTRESS. BEST. COMFORT. AVAILABLE!!! I've been told about this mattress for the past year, and as a motorcycle accident survivor, I truly needed a soft place to fall. This mattress gives me all the support I need. I also awaken without sore muscles or joints. I often awaken in the EXACT same position I fell asleep, in perfect comfort. It hurt me to pay this much for a mattress- believe me, but the 72-month 0% financing is unmatched and makes it all tolerable. Best investment since my LAST mattress [...]. SO WORTH IT!!!!!”

We also offer special financing to help you take home the perfect mattress and would love for you to take advantage of that fact to start sleeping the best possible. 

Jennifer on purchase the mattress with an adjustable base, also a highly recommended product here on BedPlanet.Com, and said- 

“Awesome mattress!! This mattress is very comfortable and well worth the price. This is our second Tempur-Pedic mattress and the only reason why we got rid of the first one is because we had it for over 10 years. It just felt like it was time! They certainly last. Th[e] [adjustable base] adjusts at the head & feet and it makes watching tv in bed much more comfortable. I don’t have to stack pillows. It has built-in massagers & lights around the bottom of the base as well. I highly recommend this!”

Robbie reviewed the mattress on Tempur-Pedic.Com and said it was the best night of sleep ever, going on to say-

“Simply the best night of sleep I have ever had. I have not had such a deep sleep in such a long time. It truly is like sleeping on a cloud. I also got the cloud pillow and no more stiff neck. The best investment. I got my queen size Tempur breeze lux soft with adjustable frame October 2019 and have been sleeping better. Make the investment you will thank yourself many times over!! Do it now!”

Nuqwnd said, “Why did I wait so long?!” with a review highlighting the importance of a great mattress-

“First of all, I spent an hour in the store when I went mattress shopping. I purchased it from Ashley's. OMG, I had NO intention of even trying a foam mattress. However, I'M SO GLAD I DID. I ended up not trying any other brand/type. [...] My sleeping has been sound and restful. I get up early and am able to work out. No body aches. No naps needed during the day. I'm well-rested and full of energy [...]. Who knew all I needed was a new mattress!!! A great mattress and comfy shoes are essential to life. A good night’s rest is PRICELESS!!!”

We couldn’t agree more. A good night of sleep can be truly life-changing. Molly thinks, “Everyone needs this… Completely obsessed!!!” and went on to say-

“When I first got the mattress, my husband was at work!! I called him immediately and was almost in tears!! Never had I laid on something so comfortable and soothing. And sweating at night isn't even an issue at all anymore. The way it cools and regulates according to your body is revolutionary!! We both have been waking up sore for the last several months, but since sleeping on this mattress, it hasn't happened one time!! We are so in love and will never own anything other than a Tempurpedic from here on!!”

The cooling feature is especially appreciated and Matt said on Tempur-Pedic that it was “almost bizarre!!” how well it worked. He said-

“Okay, so you know how, when you lay down on any other bed, how it heats up thanks to body heat? Yeah, this bed DOES NOT do that! This is seriously almost freaky how it does not collect heat from contact! Last night was my first night to try this bed. It didn't actually dawn on me that this would happen until I was laying in it and started thinking, *ugh... It's going to start getting hot…’ And it didn't! Then I waited longer… Still didn't! I just woke up and it still wasn't hot under my covers! I'm keeping this bed!”

Janet on Tempur-Pedic said-

“I haven't slept this good in years! This mattress is a game changer! I live in a Miami condo and my bedroom has floor to ceiling windows. Yes, It's beautiful but at night it gets hot and I honestly can't remember the last time I slept through an entire night. The first night I slept on the mattress, I woke up rested and felt cool. A week later, everyone I worked with kept complimenting me on how "refreshed" I looked. This mattress is an investment in your self-care. Love!"

A long-term love story started for one Loyal Tempur-Pedic Fan as well. Who said- 

“19 years makes a difference. Wife and I have been sleeping on an original Tempur-Pedic bed for the past 19 years until last week. Purchased the LUXEbreeze Soft and all I can say is WoW. The original bed was definitely more comfortable than anything we had slept on before but it was a little hot in the South. This new LUXEbreeze is not only much better comfort-wise but definitely cooler. [The] best bed we have ever owned and [I] highly recommend the LUXEbreeze. Looking forward to purchasing our next Tempur-Pedic in 20 years.”

Happy in HTX said it was the “Best Mattress Of My LIFE!” and was so impressed with the LUXEbreeze that they went on to say-

“I have never been this excited about a mattress in my whole life -- it's a game-changer! Tempur-Pedic sent me this mattress to try and share it. The LUXEbreeze is literally cool to the touch and keeps you at a comfortable temperature all night long. Even though it's considered "Soft" I still find the mattress to be the perfect mix of support and comfort (previously, I thought I needed a "firm" mattress until really reading up on Tempur-Pedic's recommendations!) There's nothing I would change about this mattress, except I know I'll be missing it if I ever have a night away from it! If you're on the fence about this brand new mattress and technology, trust me -- invest in yourself & your sleep and get this bed.”

Final Thoughts

This is one of our all-time best-selling mattresses and you can see why. We love this mattress even amongst our staff and many of us have taken a Tempur-Pedic home for our own bedrooms.

If you’re considering a memory foam mattress as a back or side sleeper and you want something that will keep you cooler than a traditional mattress or all-foam bed, the Tempur LUXEbreeze is the way to go. Being able to choose from firm or plush will also provide the options needed for both strictly back sleepers who need all the support and those that like to sleep on their sides or flip back and forth. 

We highly recommend this mattress at the top model from the entire Tempur-Pedic line.

Finished With Your Research?

If you're ready to shop, check out the details of the mattress to decide if it will work for you. If you still need assistance with choosing a mattress for your unique needs, check out our Mattress Buying Guide here or continue to peruse the Tempur Mattress Reviews here. 

Picking out a mattress is a big deal. Get the help you need to make a smart decision from BedPlanet.Com.