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What is a Malouf Hybrid Mattress?

What is a Malouf Hybrid Mattress?

Your mattress plays a pivotal role in whether or not you’ll have a good night’s sleep. Everyone has their own mattress preferences from feeling as if they’re sleeping on cloud nine through the use of a plush mattress, to being supported in hopes of reducing neck and back pain through the use of a firm mattress. The materials and layers a mattress is made up of will determine how soft or firm it is, as well as whether it offers additional benefits, like cooling. Malouf hybrid mattresses offer more features than traditional mattresses, but to better understand their advantages, let’s first explore the different mattress types and how hybrid mattresses incorporate the best features of all mattress varieties.

Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is a mattress made up of a metal coil system that is either connected to one another or individually wrapped in fabric. There are different types of innerspring coils, but each system is very durable with a high level of bounce.  According to the Sleep Foundation, innerspring mattresses are best for those who tend to get hot when they sleep as the mattress’s temperature remains neutral to cool. These types of mattresses last around 5.5-6.5 years. All Malouf hybrid mattresses, IceCloud™ and Polaris™, contain a lower layer of innerspring coils.

Memory-Foam Mattress

A memory-foam mattress is a mattress made up of a synthetic foam that contours to the body and redistributes weight more evenly. Unlike innerspring mattresses, memory foam hugs against your skin, ultimately absorbing your body heat that can result in a warmer sleep experience, which is great for those who are cold sleepers. The  Sleep Foundation recommends these mattresses for those who want their mattress to conform to their shape, or for people who are easily awakened by a partner because memory-foam prevents motion transfer. These mattresses typically last around 6-7 years. Malouf’s Neve all-foam mattress is the only non-hybrid mattress in their latest light. The Malouf Neve all-foam mattress has a bamboo charcoal infusion layer to remove moisture, while still contouring to the body and providing a cooling sensation thanks to their CoolSync foam.

Gel-Infused Foam Mattress

Gel-infused mattresses are similar to memory-foam, except their top layer is made up of gel microbeads. These microbeads help regulate body temperature because they have cooling properties that a warmer memory-foam mattress does not. The Malouf CoolSync mattresses feature a gel infusion within their foam layer to help keep you cool and comfortable during your power nap or during a full night’s sleep.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are akin to the firm version of memory-foam mattresses. Latex conforms less to the body than memory foam; however, natural latex is breathable and has a faster bounce-back rate than memory foam. Latex also provides more pressure relief than innerspring mattresses and are also more durable. The Malouf AeroFlex mattresses are made up of a latex component which provide an above-average bounce, contour like memory foam, and provide pressure relief.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses take the best features of the mattress varieties stated above to provide you with a better sleep experience. A hybrid mattress is a combination of an innerspring system and foam comfort layers. Malouf hybrid mattresses are made up of premium materials and cooling technologies. The Malouf brand has launched a new line of cooling mattresses, two of the three are hybrid mattresses that offer their own set of unique benefits, as well as more support than other types of mattresses.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good?

Malouf’s mattresses last between 7-10 years, which is an improvement from traditional innerspring mattresses. Other reasons Malouf hybrid mattresses are good is because of the materials they are made of, providing ultimate comfort. Many people ask, “How to make a mattress softer,” or “How to make your mattress firmer?” Besides using a foam mattress topper, the best way to achieve optimum soft or firmness is to buy the correct mattress for your needs. Malouf’s Ice Cloud™ and Polaris™ hybrid mattresses provide more airflow, cooling, pressure relief, and less motion transfer than other mattresses on the market. The Malouf Ice Cloud™ hybrid mattress is an ultra–plush mattress option. Is a plush mattress soft? Plush and soft are interchangeable in the realm of mattresses, so if you want more luxurious comfort, a plush or soft mattress may be the way to go.  Otherwise, the Malouf Polaris™ has a more medium feel. Both come in three styles, ActivAir foam, which is responsive and plush, Aeroflex latex, which is supportive and has a quick response, and CoolSync foam, which is cool and contouring. As stated earlier, Malouf also sells an all-foam Neve mattress in this line as well.

What is the best cooling mattress?

All of the Malouf mattress options listed above contain HyperChill™ technology, which provides instantaneous cooling, while the IceCloud™ also includes an Omniphase™layer, which is a phase change material that continuously regulates your temperature.  The CoolSync mattress also contains a gel infusion, to further balance your body’s temperature. All you need to choose is your level of cooling and comfort from ultra-plush to firm. It is recommended that side sleepers choose a plush to medium plush option, while back sleepers choose a firmer mattress to better support their neck and spine.

Malouf’s new mattress line is the latest in sleep technology to help you sleep better and keep your body temperature regulated. When it comes to choosing the right mattress for you, it’s all up to preference and the manner in which you sleep. Hybrid mattresses offer more benefits than standard mattress types because they take the best technologies of old inventions, so you can sleep better in the modern world.

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