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Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Silver Chill Mattress Review

Sealy Posturepedic Premium Hybrid Silver Chill

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid

Sealy is well known for its Posturepedic collection and was at one time its own line, nowadays Posturepedic technology is incorporated in nearly every model they make. In their high-end models, Posturepedic tech targets the heaviest part of your body, which sits at the middle third of the bed.

In the Sealy hybrid line, Posturepedic technology uses a higher density of coils in the central third of the mattress, where more coils per square foot are placed into the bed. They use the same coils but arrange them in a way to provide greater support in the central part using a particular pattern that leaves less space between the loops. By doing so, they get 20% more coils it the same amount of space. This higher level of support and firmness at the center can make a big difference. Plus, this makes the center much less likely to sag. It is a subtle, but notable difference, many people appreciate.

Sealy Hybrid Mattresses

Sealy has three types of mattresses- innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid, which is their newest line introduced in 2018. Those three types are broken down into three collections- Essential, Performance, and Premium. The Gold Chill belongs to the Premium Hybrid line.

Typically, these mattresses have a few things in common. The bottom half looks like the innerspring Response line and the upper section looks like the memory foam Conform line. In their bottom section, these hybrid mattresses also have the Sealy-developed Duraflex edge. This features two rows of smaller, firmer coils that circle the perimeter of the mattress to strengthen the edges. Above the main coils in the base that provide zoned support is a sheet of Comfort Flex micro coils that conform to the body and provide extra support.

In the upper section, three layers of conforming foam and a smooth, stretchy cover create a luxurious appearance.

Inside that top section of memory foam, two different types of foam are used. The first is two layers of gel-infused memory foam, Sealy’s Comfort Sense Foam, which responds better to the unique shape of each body. The second is Sealy Immersion Advanced Foam. This is used for the top layer and offers chill cooling technology, has a slower response, and enhanced airflow.

As you can see, this is one of Sealy’s most praised hybrid beds for a good reason.

Sealy’s cooling hybrid Silver Chill, available in both plush and firm, is part of the Premium collection. It features two times the cooling comfort of the DuoChill™ Cooling System, exclusive Posturepedic Technology™, and Sealy Immersion™ Advanced Memory Foam. The Premium line is designed to offer support, cooling, and enhanced pressure-relieving comfort.

The Silver Chill features:

ZONED SUPPORT: In the center third, there are 20% more coils for even better support where you need it most.

DUOCHILL™ COOLING SYSTEM: Cool-to-the-touch comfort. Sealy Chill™ Technology is infused in both the performance cover and on the sleep surface of the upgraded memory foam layer.

ALLERGENPROTECT™: Protects the mattress from common allergens like dust mites, helping it remain fresh.

SEALY IMMERSION™ ADVANCED MEMORY FOAM: A slower response memory foam sits on top of the coils and allows for a more breathable, cool-to-the-touch sleep surface.

DURAFLEX™ EDGE SYSTEM: A high-density, flexible coil border surrounds the mattress for better edge support, creating a larger sleeping surface and improving durability.

What People are Saying

There are numerous positive reviews of the Silver Chill both plush and firm models. Many customers who shop BedPlanet.Com have loved the Silver Chill Plush for side sleeping and say the cooling technology does help to keep them a bit more comfortable at night. The edge support is especially appreciated as seen in this review-

“I love my Silver Chill Mattress. I had purchased an expensive organic foam mattress and did not like it. It had little support and no edge support. I returned it and bought my Sealy Silver Chill Plush Hybrid. It has good support but the softness of sleeping on a foam mattress. I have trouble falling asleep, but not anymore. It sleeps cooler than any other mattress I have tried and I get a good night’s rest. I would highly recommend this mattress.” -Norma · Reviewed on US-Mattress

The mattress has also been known to be a great choice for couples who need both a soft sleeping surface for one person and firm support for another. Brooke said in her review, 

“This is the perfect combo for both me and my husband. He likes the firm, but I like soft. The foam makes it soft enough for me but the springs keep it firm enough for him. It's also great in that we don't disturb each other at night anytime we move or roll over like our previous all spring mattress did.” -Reviewed on Macy’s

In fact, that hybrid feature is well-loved by many. That blend of memory foam softness and firm internal support from the innerspring construction can be the perfect blend for those who need a bit of both worlds.

Another satisfied customer said:

“Could not be happier with this mattress, meets all my expectations and more. We previously had a Sealy mattress and were very happy with it, but it was 12 years old and needed to be replaced. I looked at many other types of mattresses and even the sleep number system and decided that the Sealy was the best value and type for us. The hybrid was the main selling feature for me and could not be happier.” -Luv2Golf · Reviewed on JCPenney

Tara was impressed when she first purchased it, “It is VERY comfortable + roomy. We have only spent a few nights sleeping on it but so far so GREAT!” She even updated her review with a new report after owning it for a while. “We love it!!! This mattress is comfortable, supportive, and comforting. It feels like an embrace every night. This is the perfect mattress!!” -Tara W. · Reviewed on

Another couple that enjoyed the mattress said:

“My husband likes a firm mattress and I prefer soft. We ordered the plush Silver Chill, and it's a good compromise. He loves it and it's just soft enough for me. Plus, the cooling feature keeps my husband from getting too hot while he sleeps.” -OstkUser29531 · Reviewed on

On Amazon, the mattress has a 3.3 out of 5 stars. Most customers remark on how it is indeed plush but does have firmer support underneath which makes it a nice blend of both. So it’s more of a medium mattress than anything. There is also a fair bit of comments on needing to provide time for the mattress to breathe and sit for a bit and that’s also pretty common from a memory foam mattress, which remember is what the top of the bed is made with.

Many on other sites have also remarked on how the mattress does take time to warm and soften up but does so after just a few weeks. 

It is important to note however that the memory foam construction can make some users a bit warm though it is better than nothing. If you’re particularly hot when sleeping, you might need more cooling like a LUXEbreeze.

Another thing to note about these mattresses is that the memory foam top does tend to be a bit more firm than a traditional pillow-topped innerspring mattress. This is a pretty well-known fact about memory foam and can actually make this hybrid a good fit for couples who sleep in different positions and those who like to switch back and forth between side and stomach or side and back.

When you’re looking for a medium to plush mattress that absorbs motion transfer and is a bit cooler than traditional memory foam, the Sealy Silver Chill is a good option.

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