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Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Performance Kelburn II Mattress Review

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid

Sealy is well known for its Posturepedic collection and was at one time its own line, nowadays Posturepedic technology is incorporated in nearly every model they make. In their high-end models, Posturepedic tech targets the heaviest part of your body, which sits at the middle third of the bed.

In the Sealy hybrid line, Posturepedic technology uses a higher density of coils in the central third of the mattress, where more coils per square foot are placed into the bed. They use the same coils but arrange them in a way to provide greater support in the central part using a particular pattern that leaves less space between the loops. By doing so, they get 20% more coils it the same amount of space. This higher level of support and firmness at the center can make a big difference. Plus, this makes the center much less likely to sag. It is a subtle, but notable difference, many people appreciate.

Sealy Hybrid Mattresses

Sealy has three types of mattresses- innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid, which is their newest line introduced in 2018. Those three types are broken down into three collections- Essential, Performance, and Premium. The Kelburn II belongs to the Performance Hybrid line.

Typically, these mattresses have a few things in common. The bottom half looks like the innerspring Response line and the upper section looks like the memory foam Conform line. In their bottom section, these hybrid mattresses also have the Sealy-developed Duraflex edge. This features two rows of smaller, firmer coils that circle the perimeter of the mattress to strengthen the edges. Above the main coils in the base that provide zoned support is a sheet of Comfort Flex micro coils that conform to the body and provide extra support.

In the upper section, three layers of conforming foam and a smooth, stretchy cover create a luxurious appearance.

Inside that top section of memory foam, two different types of foam are used. The first is two layers of gel-infused memory foam, Sealy’s Comfort Sense Foam, which responds better to the unique shape of each body. The second is Sealy Immersion Advanced Foam. This is used for the top layer and offers chill cooling technology, has a slower response, and enhanced airflow.

On the firmness scale, this bed is rated medium-high and is around a cushion firm in the hybrid line. We suggest it for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers may experience too much pressure in the shoulders and hips. It is important to note that memory foam tends to be a firmer naturally, so even this medium mattress can feel a bit more firm than a medium-feel pillowtop mattress.

About the Kelburn II

The Kelburn II offers durable all-over support and that Posturepedic Technology™ that provides reinforced support where you need it most. The Hybrid Kelburn II mattress features individually encased coils called the Sealy® Embrace Premier Coil System, which also features a “Zoned” design which increases the coil count in the center of the mattress where the majority of your body weight rests. 

Combine this with the CoreSupport Center that adds additional gel memory foam over the middle third of the mattress you have a recipe for incredibly comfortable support. Sealy® mattresses are designed and built in the USA as well.

The Sealy® Posturepedic Kelburn II firm mattress is topped by the DuraFlex Fabric which is very lightweight, durable, and extremely soft to the touch. Side panel fabric is much more breathable than the previous collection and allows for a more optimal airflow to help you keep cool the whole night through.

It’s generally rated as Medium Firm- Supportive, but comfortable without being too soft.

Kelburn II Features

  1. Zoned Support- There are 20% more coils in the middle part of the mattress under the heavier part of your body. This design gives you more support under the middle section of your body.
  2. Moisture Protection- The cover is designed to draw moisture away from your body so you can sleep more comfortably at night.
  3. Cooling Aid- The combination of technologies helps to keep the mattress cool while you sleep.
  4. Sealy Immersion Advanced Memory Foam- Slow response memory foam conforms to your body.
  5. Duraflex Edge System- Duraflex edge support provides consistent support across the entire surface so you can sleep up to and on the edge.

What People Are Saying

The Kelburn II comes with a plethora of positive reviews and many a back and stomach sleeper have sung its praises.

Goldilocks reviewed it on Macy’s and said-

“Like Goldilocks, I want my bed to be just right--very comfy and a very good value, so I took a lot of time to research the best mattresses[...]. I initially thought I'd get a foam mattress as I really liked the foam topper I had, so I tried the 3 top brands. The big brand name one was too soft, the internet star was not supportive enough and the lack of firm edges on all of them was disconcerting. [...] The innerspring mattresses were either too firm for this side sleeper or had plush tops that nearly doubled the price, even on sale. Innerspring mattresses also produce motion transfer[...]. As a hybrid mattress with both innerspring and foam, the Sealy Kelburn overcomes all the issues I had with other mattresses. It is relatively firm, providing uplifting support to my body's curves, yet the cushion top is very welcoming. Even with severe arthritis, a wonky back, and two joint replacements, I have no pressure points or soreness from sleeping on the Kelburn[...]! [...]The mattress edges are firm enough to be durable and to make it easy to sit on the edge or get out of bed. There is very little motion transfer.”

However, as we’ve seen with other memory foam or hybrid mattresses needing time for the mattress to settle is very normal. Most people do agree that it does provide a good surface for back support though. Eric on said-

“The mattress [...] is an all-around perfect mattress for anybody. A hybrid gives you the best of both worlds luxurious memory foam and the bounce of a traditional innerspring mattress. The mattress is also a cushion firm so not only is it supportive and great for my back, but it also has a bit of cushion for a comfortable semi-hugged feeling. This means sleeping in any position feels great. Also, this mattress has built-in Posturepedic technology to ensure your middle back stays supported for perfect alignment in your spine.”

Bud on Macy’s said that “Have really had the item only about two weeks but my sleep pattern has changed for the better since that time. [...]” And Cathy on Slumberland said, “Very happy with this mattress. Highly recommend.”

One of the most impactful reviews we’ve seen was from Milliejo on JC Penny- 

“I have had 3 Sealy Posturepedic mattresses and this is the most comfortable one I have ever slept on in 51 years. It is like sleeping on a cloud. Much more comfortable than a sleep number, tried that at the store, felt like a brick, and went back to my Sealy.”

In fact, this mattress seems to be improving the sleep of many people significantly. Laura on said- 

“This bed has given me the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life and I am so eager to come home every night just ready to get it in! I 110% recommend this product. It’s perfect for me and my partner. Not too soft or not too firm but it’s just right for me and it meets both of our needs.”

Michele reviewed the Kelburn II on as well and said- 

“I've had this mattress for one week and so far it's been great! I used to have a foam type mattress and returned that within a year. This hybrid had the best of both worlds with the cooler memory foam top and the firm traditional support under that. Overall very pleased and hope to continue this way in the years to come!”

US-Mattress customer George said-

“So far the Sealy hybrid Kelburn is everything we hoped it would be. Very comfortable and perfect firmness for the side sleepers we are. We particularly appreciate the mattresses rocking and rolling when either of us lies down or get up… a huge improvement over our last mattress. In total it’s great!”

As you can see, how you love the mattress will depend on your personal sleep style. It can be a good fit for some side sleepers while others feel it is too firm.

One of the strongest reviews of the mattress was on Amazon-

“First: LOVE THIS. I previously had a traditional firm coil mattress with a 4" topper, and was very happy with it - but the coils, over time, began to sag. Replaced with a memory foam mattress. SO HOT AND SWEATY! And while it didn't give me hip and shoulder pain from pressure points, it didn't give me the support I need to avoid aches.

This mattress is EVERYTHING. I don't think I've ever been happier with a mattress purchase. * I find that it gives me just the right amount of support, and I don't need a topper for comfort. [...] * I found no difference in comfort or support when I tried it on a box spring on a traditional bedstead, or on a metal-slat platform frame without the foundation. [...] I give this mattress a solid 5 stars - which I very rarely do. [...] My concerns only last from the moment of arrival until the moment it's positioned on the bed. From then on - it's all DREAMY.”

Another one of the really important things to keep in mind is that this mattress is worth the price tag, whereas many bed-in-the-box companies can let you down. One Amazon user detailed this first hand- 

“GREAT MATTRESS - RETURNED MY CASPER MATTRESS FOR THIS ONE AND SO HAPPY I DID. When our old box spring mattress needed replacing, I admit that I bought into the whole "mattress in a box" hype (and Consumer Reports ratings) and purchased a Casper mattress. From the beginning, [it] felt cheap and too much like sleeping on a spongy slab. [...S]eemed to not support or give in the right places and, as a side sleeper, I woke up many times with hip and shoulder pain. After a 3 month trial, I returned the Casper in favor of this Sealy Kelburn hybrid mattress. What a difference! The Sealy was only $200 more than the Casper but the feel and quality were like night and day. [It] has just the right give to it and is comfortable without being too soft that you sink[...]. I'm glad I got the medium-firm Kelburn rather than the other firm or plush versions. I think this mattress is a good value and a good compromise compared to other box spring mattresses and all-foam mattresses like the Casper. I call it my Goldilocks bed - just right!”

Matthew on Amazon was also singing the mattress’s praises- 

“This bed is beautiful and comfy all in one. I have a herniated disc in my lower back that flairs up occasionally and the support of this Sealy mattress is great for this and my old achy bones. Lol”

Another user with back problems also noted that it helped greatly. S. J. K. Haley said- 

“I have a multitude of spine problems (I’ve had spine surgery) that spine surgery cannot fix. Before, any and every which way I slept, I woke up in a significant amount of pain until I purchased this mattress. Best investment I’ve made PERIOD! It’s a medium meaning not firm or too soft. If you’re looking for true support buy this.”

For a very in-depth review look at what this Amazon user said when they compared the Kelburn II to the Simmons Beautyrest.

“So we have had the mattress now for a little while, and I have raised my review. Not one sign of hammocking or channeling and our sleep patterns have improved. I am a convert. And we've called [someone to pick up] the Simmons Beautyrest that has tortured us over the past few years. Our test completed, our minds made up, this is a great mattress.

[A]bout five years ago, after being a faithful Sealy customer for my entire adult life, we needed a replacement. We had just moved, a neighbor recommended a mattress store and they carried either very high-line innerspring mattresses, Simmons Beautyrest. [W]e bought a Simmons pillow top. Within two weeks, the mattress began to hammock and channel, and our backs began to ache. Getting a replacement was free, except for the $75 truck fee. We had the same hammocking and channeling, but a Tempurpedic mattress pad ($$$$) made it bearable.

When this Sealy became available, we jumped on the chance to give it a whirl. It is superior in every way to the Simmons Beautyrest that has been retired to the landfill. So far, it’s keeping its shape, and it doesn't hurt to wake up in the morning. [...]

The build quality of this mattress is head and shoulders above the Simmons. The materials are superior, the construction is superior as are the materials. You really don't notice the cooling gel, except that it keeps the foam from getting spongy and losing that conforming nature that makes it fit your form.

This mattress does NOT come in a rolled-up box like lower-end memory foam mattresses from Ghost Bed or Casper. It comes full size to the door. [...S]o far, this has been a superior experience to Simmons.”

Another Amazon Customer said-

“After the first night of adjusting to a new mattress, I am getting better sleep than I've had in years. I fall asleep sooner and sleep longer now. I love this mattress and would give it at least 10 stars. I was getting up with a backache every morning and that is gone also.”

And lastly, Emmanuel on Amazon praised the mattress for those with back issues-

“I just received this bed. Its comfortable, the top is cold to the touch even when laying on it. It’s firm and feels pretty good on my back, I have a spine disorder. The cloth covering it is extremely soft. Overall firmer than I thought but I’m not upset about that.”

It is important to remember that it is rated as a cushion firm or medium. So, it may be a bit too firm for a side sleeper. This is typically the only complaint that customers mention. Here at BedPlanet.Com, we try to be as upfront as possible about the firmness of a mattress since that can be so important, so understand that if you’re a side sleeper you may not enjoy it. But, if you’re a back sleeper, you’ll likely love this mattress.

Finished With Your Research?

If you're ready to shop, check out the details of the mattress to decide if it will work for you. If you still need assistance with choosing a mattress for your unique needs, check out our Mattress Buying Guide here or continue to peruse the Sealy Mattress Reviews here

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