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What is Clean Sleeping?

What is Clean Sleeping?

Eating Clean? Now You Can Sleep Clean Too!

Taking care of yourself is important. In fact, it’s essential for good health and happiness. So, when there is another trend available that puts the focus on REM-friendly nighttime activity, we’re here for it.

Known as “clean sleeping,” this actually helpful trend has nothing to do with going to bed on fresh sheets each night. However, if you enjoy that, go right ahead.

These basics to maintaining a clean sleeping regimen require you to get an uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep every night, which you should be doing anyway. Plus, it also requires you to eat breakfast each day within 30 minutes of getting up out of bed, cutting back on caffeine (again something we all should do), and drinking alkaline water.

This means when you’re a follower of the Way of Clean Sleeping, there’s no time for staying up late, putting off breakfast, or having a Venti latte, especially not later than 10 am.

Where Did Clean Sleeping Start?

Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow started touting the benefits of clean sleeping her at the beginning of 2017, sleep-deprived folks everywhere have been converting their schedules to those more conducive to sleep and handing in their #2HourSleepClub cards. After all, not getting enough sleep is nothing to be proud of.

As big fans of sleep, especially quality sleep on a comfy mattress, we hope this trend catches on and never fizzles out.

If you’re ready to embrace the advantages of clean sleeping, read on for the top tips to achieve quality sleep.

Remember How Beneficial Quality Sleep Is

When you’re very busy with daily life, it can be hard to focus on getting a good night’s rest. However, there is a long list of health benefits associated with being well-rested like reduced susceptibility to disease, more energy, no brain fog, better mood, healthier weight control, and a more satisfying sex life. Now that sounds great.

There Are Even Beauty Benefits

If you’ve been unhappy with under-eye bags or dark circles, getting enough sleep is sure to help. Plus, sleeping a full eight hours has also been shown to improve your overall complexion. These benefits can be amplified when you combine them with healthy breakfasts and plenty of water.

Bedtime Reminders Aren’t Just for Babies

It happens to all of us. We say, “okay going to bed,” and then we end up scrolling through social media. That’s when it’s great to have a friendly reminder to put the phone down and go to bed. Setting a reminder isn’t strange or something to feel bad about. There are even apps to help you remember and some that provide guided meditations to help you fall asleep. And remember, that “Do Not Disturb” setting is there for a reason.

Humans Are Lovers of Rituals

Look, I’m not one for trendy acronyms but “FOMO” can be a real thing. Life can be full of wonderfully exciting things to see and experience, but trust us when we say that being well-rested will make those things even better. Sleep is not keeping you from enjoying life. It’s making it possible for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

To ensure you start loving your bedtime and all that it entails, set up a ritual. Start small by making a promise to put the phone down at least an hour before bed and maybe taking a bath or reading a book. You can pair this with a hot cup of tea, relaxing music, and even bedtime meditations. Soon, you’ll be looking forward to the end of the night ritual you’ve developed.

Track Your Sleep

There are tracking apps for everything. Add your clean sleeping tasks to your tracking habits, and you’ll be doing great.

Track what you need to do, if you’ve done it, and how it has impacted your life. If you can look back at your notes and see how much better you’ve been feeling and sleeping and enjoying everyday life, keeping up with the requirements will be a breeze.

You’ll know clean sleeping is working for you when binge sleeping on the weekends is no longer a thing, which it really shouldn’t be anyway. Social jet lag anyone? You’ll wake up easier, more rested, and have more energy for daily tasks.

Clean sleeping, and really committing to your rest in general, may seem like a bit undertaking, but after a while, you’ll get the hang of it. And the benefits are sure to outweigh any negatives.

If you really want to make sure you’re getting the best rest possible, check out our other tips here and our advice for hot sleeper here. We even talk about the best sleep positions for your health concerns.

Make the Best Sleep Space

To ensure you can make the most of clean sleeping, set up your bedroom so that it is an oasis for sleep. Invest in a top of the line cooling mattress, like the Tempur Luxebreeze, put on some premium quality sheets, and easy any anxiety with an Anchor Weighted Blanket. You'll be sleeping like a dream in no time.

If you have any questions or are looking for a new mattress to up your sleep game, don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out through email at Our sleep experts are always ready to help our customers get the best night of sleep they’ve ever had!

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