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Platform Beds Meet Your New Best Friend

Platform Beds Meet Your New Best Friend

Think You Can’t Have An Adjustable With a Platform? Think Again.

Most of the time when we think of adjustable bases we don’t think of platform beds. However, more and more models are being released that are platform-compatible. As the owner of a platform bed, I greatly appreciate this.

While there aren’t as many options available for a platform as there are for a traditional bed, there are still some fantastic choices, including the affordable Freestyle, the Odessa, Vesta, and Accord using the Elevation Kit, the Tempur Ergo and Ergo Extend, the Sealy Ease 3.0, and the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0.

Tempur-Pedic Ergo & Ergo Extend

tempur-pedic ergo extend power base
The impressively redesigned TEMPUR-ERGO adjustable base is better than ever. QuietMode technology can help alleviate snoring by gently tilting your mattress to an anti-snore position. Unwind with a soothing two-zone massage, one zone at the head and one zone at the feet with three levels of intensity. Advanced features like USB ports, under-bed lighting, zero-gravity presets, and virtually unlimited head and foot lift positions will help you fully optimize your sleeping environment.

Power bases offer a variety of benefits like ergonomic alignment, pressure relief, and a customized sleep position. Clinical studies have suggested that the use of power bases helps open airways to reduce snoring. They’re an essential part of a holistic sleep system and a key ingredient for superior sleep.


  • QuietMode™
  • Wireless Remote with Presets- Zero-Gravity Mode - Adjusts your legs to relieve pressure off the lower back, Flat - One-Touch Flat lowers head and foot to a flat position and turns off massage (if running), TV in Bed Preset Position - Brings head and foot into position for viewing TV, Anti-Snore Preset Position - Raises the head of the bed slightly to help open airways, and a Re-programmable Preset Position.
  • Under-bed LED lighting - Turn on/off under-bed LED lighting.
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Zero Clearance/Platform-Friendly
  • Two-Zone Massage Modes
  • Underbed Lighting
  • USB ports
  • Accurate Stop
  • One-Button Stop
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Power Outage Auto-Flat

The Ergo Extend offers all this plus Pillow Tilt to enhance your Head Lift with a slight tilt around your neck, enabling more comfortable sleeping, sitting, reading, working or watching TV as well as PerfectSeat, which expands a section of the base to optimize the shape of your mattress for sitting, reading, working or watching TV, and an improved four-zone massage.

Sealy Ease 3.0

sealy ease 3.0 adjustable base

The Sealy® Ease 3.0 adjustable base provides full head and foot articulation in a base that easily fits into most standard bed frames. Add adjustable functions to your bed while maintaining a beautiful bedroom with your standard bed frame. Set it on your frame, or put it directly on the ground with the 12" metal legs. Take a look at the features below and see what the Ease Sealy adjustable base can do for you.

It also features a wireless remote, one-touch zero gravity and flat positions, and zero clearance, which means it will fit in your bed frame, rest on your platform, or sit on the floor.



If you have any questions about an adjustable base for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our sleep experts are available over the phone or through email at We can help you find the right base and even the right mattress to go on top of it. 

Shop Platform-Friendly Adjustable Bases here.

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