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How to Get a Massage in Bed During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

How to Get a Massage in Bed During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

Massage In Bed Made Easy

Right now, times are strange and confusing. A pandemic is no laughing matter and the stress can be harmful. Plus, with the Stay Home pandemic, your life and your body don’t realize that things are different. This is where a massage right in the comfort of your own bed can be amazing.

As this disease continues to wreak havoc, we must remain indoors for everyone’s safety. But what do you do about the massage that your body is absolutely craving? If you’ve had a few massages out and about before or maybe even have a Massage Envy card, you know the benefits of massage. Is it possible to enjoy those benefits while you’re working from home in your bed? 


When you want a way to give your body the attention it needs and deserves, even when you can’t leave home, a massaging adjustable base can provide much-needed relief from daily aches and pains in addition to providing incredible relaxation. Additionally, as a supplementary benefit, when you take home an adjustable base at any time, it’ll be yours for years. You can take advantage of the benefits it provides whenever the mood strikes you and enjoy improved health and overall stress-relief no matter what is going on in the outside world.

The benefits of the massage, even through vibration, are numerous. Studies show the medical benefits include increased circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility, a better range of motion, and quicker muscle recovery following physical activity or workout. 

Other health benefits include increased bone density and lessening of the stress hormone cortisol. When your levels of cortisol are increased is does provide alertness because it relates to the fight or flight instinct. However, this makes it more difficult to relax into a sound sleep if they don’t come down. 

Massage itself eases the body to sleep by allowing the muscles to relax and with the repetitive pulsations of a massaging adjustable base, you can achieve similar benefits. The motors can also produce a white noise effect, canceling out other surrounding noises and preventing sudden noises from waking you. This all helps you to relax, rest, and sleep easier and faster.

The Benefits of a Massaging Bed

Built-in massage systems in adjustables have become very popular in the past handful of years. With the long list of benefits they provide, it is obvious why. There are so many various settings available, from the intensity of the massage to where it’s located, and they provide valuable relief for people who suffer from stubborn aches and pains, especially back pain. Here are some of the benefits of adjustable beds with massage systems that you:


We all know that massage can be a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience, and too many of us don’t have regular access to massage therapy. When you join together two things designed to make you feel most at ease, massage and your very own bed, you get to experience a truly winning combination. With an adjustable bed with a built-in massage system, you can partake in a massage whenever you wish and at the simple touch of a button. 

Plus, massage improves sleep in a number of ways. One of the major advantages of pre-sleep massage is that it doesn’t just relax the mind but it also relaxes the muscles that have become tense throughout the day. As a result of tension that builds up throughout the course of our long day, many of us unconsciously clench several muscles, typically the back and shoulders. Constantly being tense like this and keeping your muscles rigid can cause discomfort and make it hard to relax enough to fall asleep. Alleviating this tension via a massage will help you to sleep easier and more soundly.

Unfortunately, the stresses of life that result in both physical and mental tension are present each and every day, especially now during a pandemic. Worse, most of us don’t have the time or finances to splurge on a professional massage once let alone several times a month. Plus, we can’t go out to the spa right now being under lock-down and even if we could, having to leave home every time you want a massage can be quite the hassle. Driving out for a bit of relief is much more work than you’d have to do if your adjustable base.

All you’ll have to do at that point is drift off and let the massage function soothe away the stress these chaotic times are responsible for.

Better Circulation

Massage can assist to soothe your discomforts and stiffness by increasing your blood circulation. And that in itself can help with the recovery of your cells and help to eliminate unwanted antigens from your body. Circulation is a powerful, necessary tool of the body and assisting it in any way can be very beneficial.

As the massage system works your body and muscles, blood is sent through congested areas. This is what assists to improve circulation. Simultaneously, massage helps to eliminate lactic acid from your muscles, which works to relieve tension and muscular discomfort.

Improving your circulation can have a number of helpful effects, including lessened fatigue as well as encouraging better muscle repair.

Minimizes Joint Swelling

Adjustable beds with massage can also assist to decrease inflammation and swelling of your joints. That means your aches and pains can be temporarily minimized. In fact, some studies have shown that massage can be helpful specifically for those who are dealing with body pain as well as cancer, heart surgery, and migraines. When you can’t get up and move around as much because you can’t leave the houses, these bases can also help prevent sores thanks to the zero gravity position in combination with the vibrating massage.

Improves Your Sleep

So many of us struggle to fall and stay asleep each night. An adjustable bed with built-in massage could be the lifesaver we need to get our much-needed rest. Massage can increase serotonin levels, which can naturally assist you to get a full night of sleep. The increase of serotonin in your body can also help to improve the quality of your sleep. Plus, it helps to improve your mood as well. This means that you will wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go.

The Additional Benefits of Adjustable Bases

Make Sleep More Comfortable

Sometimes we need a bit of assistance to feel comfortable when we’re sitting or lying in bed. Stiffness, back injuries, medical conditions, pregnancy, they all can make lying flat a bit uncomfortable, that’s where an adjustable is the perfect solution. Depending on your needs at any given point, you can control the head and foot positions of your bed for supreme comfort.

Got a cold? Lift the head up while you’re sleeping to help you breathe better. Are your legs swollen, tired, or healing after an injury or surgery? Raise up the leg section to promote the best circulation and reduce pain.

Moreover, if you’re a back sleeper, moving into the zero gravity position will allow you to take advantage of its benefits while you sleep.

Watching TV

We shouldn’t be watching tons of TV in bed in all honesty. It tricks our brain into thinking the space is for both entertainment and sleep, and it can make it harder to fall asleep at night. It’s important to association bed with sleep. However, for some people, living in their bed is a reality and what if you get injured? Plus, occasionally it's nice to enjoy mornings in bed or evenings falling asleep to a movie. We’re human after all and sometimes want to just chill out in our beds.

Similarly, if you use a laptop or tablet device in bed, perhaps for work if you work from home normally or for now, make sure you’re sitting in the correct position that doesn’t strain your neck, back, or shoulders.

Unique Health for Unique Individuals

Adjustable beds are also fantastic when dealing with aches and pains is a normal part of your life in general. Dealing with chronic issues or recovering from an injury often means you have to sit or lay in a certain way for appropriate healing or circulation. The support these bases provide can be wonderful for this.

And not only that, common issues like heartburn and snoring can be minimized when you just prop yourself up a bit. Can you achieve that easily if your not the one snoring or you’re suffering heartburn in the middle of the night? Yes. Several adjustable bases are programmed with an anti-snore position. Simply press the button, and your partner will be gently raised just enough to stop them from snoring. Plus, this position can be great for heartburn sufferers too.

There are several conditions that these adjustable bases can help with such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Leg swelling
  • Hiatus hernia
  • Gastric reflux
  • Muscular discomfort from fatigue
  • Nocturnal heartburn


Adjustable bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they offer different features. That means that you can find an affordable base to suit your budget and unique needs. From the very reasonable models priced around $600 to the more advanced models that include options such as Bluetooth, which run up to around $1,999 for a twin.

What you should keep in mind is that these bases perform a range of duties, like massage, and can help you with various issues. They’ll assist you to stay comfortable no matter what, and that can mean they save you money in the long run.

After all, going to the doctor’s office on a regular basis because of back pain is more expensive than a one-time purchase of an adjustable base.


Adjustable bases are made to last. Numerous manufacturers provide lengthy warranties and employ the latest in engineering technology to ensure that they continue to serve your needs for years to come.

In addition, when you take good care of your frame and base, it’ll last even longer. Plus, you can buy an Extended Warranty Plan through BedPlanet.Com, which will cover your base for a few more years and give you even more peace of mind.

Lastly, many of the adjustable bases made today come with remarkably efficient motors and mechanisms that have been tested to hold up to repetitive, everyday use and power surges.

Bases that Massage

There are a number of bases that provide massage. Let’s cover the top-selling models.

Reverie is leading manufacturer of adjustable bases and we just updated our selection to include their newest bases.

In them you’ll find Reverie’s proprietary 3D-Wave™ massage technology that advances the level of furniture massage tremendously. It’s quiet, soothing, and dimensional and works with the Nightstand™ app. 

The 3D-Wave™ provides four wave-modes, 10 intensity levels, and a whisper-quiet motor. According to a recent university study, people who used 3D-Wave™ massage at bedtime for 30 minutes woke up happier and said they felt more alert during the day.

This feature can be found in the R650, R550L, the R450HT, and the R400.

Another option is Glideaway. They offer Sleep Enhancement Technology. Here, pulsation of a single vibe motor that has been placed in the mid-back area creates even Total Body Vibration they call Sleep Enhancement Technology. It provides numerous health benefits and eases the user into deeper, higher quality sleep. There are four wave-modes, four levels of intensity, and three different timer options.

The Tempur-Pedic Ergo Extend adjustable base also provides massage. The Tempur Four-Zone Massage offers double the massaging power. You can intensify your mattress massage with four massage zones – two at the head and two at the feet – and three levels of intensity. Plus, the Ergo Extend is the most advanced power base from a trusted name in sleep. It combines advanced technologies to bring you ultra customized comfort, like Perfect Seat.

It also features USB ports, under-bed lighting, zero-gravity presets, and virtually unlimited head and foot lift positions.

In Magniflex, you’ll find a number of bases that provide massage. Their massage function is concentrated in two motors, one at the head and one at the feet.

Massaging Bases Can Be Your Reality

As sleep technology continues to progress, adjustable bases with a massage feature have become increasingly common. Early massage features were a bit simply, offering only a gentle vibration that didn’t do much for knots and tense muscles, but newer technologies have drastically improved the massage you’ll get from a base.

So what should you look for if you’re in the market for a massaging base? The first thing to keep in mind that might seem a bit counter intuitive is that a more intense massage does not mean a higher quality massage. In fact, it could mean the opposite. When you just crank up the speed and output of the motor, it’ll just vibrate indiscriminately. It won’t focus on certain spots with the appropriate intensity, and it’ll be very loud.

What Makes One Base Better Than Another?

When you want the best in base massage, you’ll want to look for one that uses the latest technology of resonant frequency to offer precise movement at the top of the mattress. In these adjustable massage bases, the natural sound frequency of the mattress is manipulated, vibrating at various intensities. This gives you a natural, soothing, and very quiet massage experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is how easy the base is to use. If you’re constantly having to mess with switches and cords every time you want to start the massage, it won’t be very relaxing. You want to make sure that setting up the massage is easy and straightforward.

Uncomplicated remotes and smart device apps are usually the easiest to navigate.

Mobile Apps

With Android and iPhone apps available for a number of bases this ups the game even further, with some clever and useful new features. Besides controlling the basic intensity, speed, and location of your massage, apps may allow you to save settings with a memory function.

Additionally, you can program Routines with the Reverie bases. Routines are essentially multiple Comfort Settings programmed into one setting. You can have them start at a specific time even. 

For example, you could program the bed to start your favorite massage automatically at 11 PM and continue for 20 minutes, then move to Zero Gravity, and provide a low-intensity massage for another 10 minutes, then end the massage and move into Anti-Snore position so that you can drift off to sleep. All without having to lift a finger.

You can even program the next morning so that your bed wakes you up with a massage at a certain time. A massage alarm? That’s the way to wake up.

What Are You Waiting For?

When you think about it, massage and sleep make so much sense together. There’s no question that quality sleep is crucial to good health and wellness, especially in a time like now. There’s also no question that being stressed can decrease quality of sleep and make it difficult to fall asleep at all.  

A massage can help to relax you and make those stresses melt away. You know that eyes-half-closed, blissfully drowsy, completely relaxed feeling associated with a fantastic massge? That is a physical response, one we can map. And that response can help you to sleep better and feel less stressed, which in turn will help to strengthen your immune system. Though you’ll still need to stay inside.

Research shows that massage can improve sleep for healthy people of all ages as well as those suffering from insomnia, back pain, migraines, and cancer, among other conditions.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to make your Stay Home time as pleasant as it can be. This is how you’ll be able to enjoy a massage right in the comfort of your bed.

When you’re ready to start looking at bases for your own home, check out the  Adjustable Base Buying Guide. We’re also happy to answer any questions, so give us a call or contact us at

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