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Working from Home? You Won't Need to Leave Bed with an Adjustable Base

Working from Home? You Won't Need to Leave Bed with an Adjustable Base

Working from Home is Great, With an Adjustable Base It’s Even Better

Commuting, uncomfortable chairs, cubicles, and poorly established kitchens. Working at an office can certainly be uncomfortable. Working from home, however, has great appeal. It’s even better when you can work from your bed, and even better than that when you can work in a bed with an adjustable base. 

Working from home, and the benefits it holds, is a desire for several employees, but getting comfortable on the couch with your laptop. That’s really where an adjustable base can shine. If you can lean up with the head up function to watch TV, why couldn’t you use it to sit up and work?

Work from Home Benefits

Several studies have been conducted about working from home, and they show that there are more and more people working from bed. A Shellenbarger writes that "half of 1,000 workers polled by Good Technology, a Sunnyvale, Calif., mobile-security software company, said they read or respond to work emails from bed. A study of 329 British workers found nearly 1 in 5 employees spend two to 10 hours a week working from bed, according to a 2009 poll by Credant Technologies, a London-based data-security company." Further, "Market research by Reverie adjustable beds, suggests as many as 80% of young New York City professionals work regularly from bed, according to chief executive Martin Rawls-Meehan."

Commuting has a high price with the cost of gas, and if you’re ever injured or need to stay away from physical activity, working from home can save you money. You won’t have to miss out on work if you can’t make it to the office, and you won’t have to pay for gas that you’d be using each and every day. Plus, isn’t it just more comfortable working from bed? And a happy worker is a more productive worker.

There are so many adjustable bases on the market today that include a variety of features that make working or enjoying downtime in the bed even more comfortable, including USB ports for charging, wave massage, and zero gravity for enhanced comfort. Best of all, three of the models that have Bluetooth and USB ports also provide a tilt feature.

This tilt feature can be great for angling up a bit more and for any side or stomach sleepers that want or need to sleep at an angle. You’ll find this in the Ergo-Pedic iTilt

The tilting can also be found in the Reverie R650, which is now a customer favorite. This base has a plethora of high-tech features including massage, Bluetooth, several pre-programmed positions, and of course that sought-after tilt that can actually lift up the head and feet and be paired with the head up and foot up positions.

Working from home can be a great reality for a lot of people, but sitting against pillows or sinking into a couch isn’t always good for your neck or spine. An adjustable base provides the most comfortable position that’s also the best for your spine, and it isn’t an impossibility. 

We offer an array of affordable bases that can make every experience you have in your bed, working or not, the best it can be. 

And remember, we offer financing that can help you upgrade your sleep experience without breaking the bank. If you have any questions, be sure to check out our financing page and you can reach out to us over the phone or through email at

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