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Can An Adjustable Base Help You Sleep Better After Surgery?

Can An Adjustable Base Help You Sleep Better After Surgery?

Adjustable Bases Can Change The Recovery Game

When you’re injured and need surgery, you’re already uncomfortable and sleeping can be extremely challenging. What if there was a way to make it a bit better? Well, there is, thanks to adjustable bases.

Your Requirements After Surgery

Sleeping on an adjustable bed following surgery offers the support required for the best possible healing and rest. That’s why they are so often associated with hospitals. Unlike resting in a traditional, unmoving bed, the correct curvature of your spine is maintained when you sleep on an adjustable base. On a typical bed, you’ll have to use pillows for elevation and getting into a comfortable position. The idea is to replicate that zero gravity position with a bit of elevation for the head and behind the legs. A lot of people try to assume this position when they’re healing or even just dealing with a pesky cold. The benefits are clear. Here are some of the most important advantages it holds during post-surgery recovery.

Improved Circulation

When you lift the legs higher than the torso, it allows blood to flow better than when laying flat. And however you feel more comfortable at any one time, you can change the base’s position to reflect your changing needs. Beyond comfort, this variety of sleeping and laying positions can help to promote proper circulation, leading to a faster recovery.

More Independence

After you’ve undergone a surgical procedure, standing and sitting can take a lot out of you and without your normal strength, it is often difficult to get in and out of bed. Adjustable beds can make this easier by raising you to an upright position before attempting to get up and out of your bed.

Minimized Swelling

With your upper body raised in the adjustable base and your knees above the level of your heart and especially in the Zero Gravity position, where the body feels weightless, you can help prevent fluid accumulation in your legs. This can significantly reduce swelling in the extremities, which can be especially troublesome after surgery.

Easier Breathing

When you elevate your shoulders, neck, and head, your airways remain open, helping your lungs to operate optimally. It can very beneficial when you’re trying to make sure you can breathe through the night. It can also ease symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, and other nighttime disturbances, such as upper respiratory conditions and nasal congestion.

Evenly Distributed Pressure 

Sustaining your spine’s typical curvature while sleeping improves pressure relief from your neck to your lower back. It’s the exact opposite when you’re lying flat on your back. This can increase pain due to uneven pressure distribution, particularly in the hips and shoulders. Low back pain, sore shoulders, and a sore neck are common problems that come from incorrect sleep posture.

Improved Sleep

A good night’s sleep without interruption from pain, difficulty breathing, and inability to move unassisted are crucial following surgery. Recovering from surgery will have its own drawbacks, but much of your sleep can be dramatically improved when you have an adjustable base at your beck and call. With better sleep comes faster recovery, and a higher chance of getting back to your normal everyday life.

With all these benefits working together for you after your surgery, an adjustable base in one of the best possible places to rest when you are getting better. If you’ve ever considered an adjustable base for your health and a potential surgery is in your future, now is the time to take one home. You’ll be so glad you have this moving bed working for you during your recovery. 

If you have any questions about what the best model of adjustable base would be for your unique needs, our sleep experts are standing by to help you. You can reach out to us over the phone or through email at You can also view our selection of adjustable bases here.

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