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Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair

by Titan
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Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair

Remain at ease in the Titan Pro Vigor 4D. Created for total relaxation, the Vigor’s optimized features make it renowned for facilitating a comfortably complete massage. Made with 32-cell full-body compression, two-stage zero gravity recline, an SL-track, and 4D roller technology, users are sure to get the best massage from the Vigor every time.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d preimum massage chair title image
    • 4D Massage Technology
    • Body Scan System
    • SL-track
    • Heated Rollers
    • Two-Stage Zero Gravity Recline
    • Space Saving Technology
    • 32 Cell Full Body Compression
    • Specialized Foot Massage
    • Deep Calf Kneading
    • Kneading Foot Massage
    • Automatic Extendable Footrest
    • Touch Screen Navigation
    • Bluetooth Speakers
    • Wireless Charging
    • Quick Access Controls

Titan Pro Vigor Massage Chair Features

Titan Pro Vigor 4d massage rollers

4D Massage Technology

The Titan Vigor incorporates the use of cutting edge massage technology in order to soothe everyday aches and pains quickly and effectively. Its four-dimensional massage rollers attend to every inch of your spine, shoulders, neck, and glutes with precision and determination.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d  body scan system image

Body Scan System

Everybody has a unique physique with different needs, that’s why the Vigor makes use of an intelligent computerized body scan to map every inch of your spine and shoulders. This enables the massage rollers to provide the appropriate amount of pressure for any individual.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d  sl track diagram image


The Vigor uses a specially designed SL-track to guide the massage rollers from your shoulders down to your glutes. The laser-crafted design enables for a thorough and invigorating experience.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d heated rollers

Heated Rollers

Most heated massage chairs apply heat to one isolated area, the Vigor takes this idea to the next level with its Heated Massage Rollers. These advanced rollers apply a mild heat that extends from neck to glutes in one calming and continuous motion.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d  8 auto programs

8 Auto Programs

The Titan Pro Vigor has 8 automatic massage programs to choose from.

    1. Demo: This program will cycle through briefly all its different massages it has to offer.

    2. Relax: This program utilizes a softer massage to help bring the user into a more relax state where the massage is less aggressive.

    3. Swing: This program will massage the user while rocking in a back and forth movement to create a more calming state of mind and experience.

    4. Stretch: This program will inflate certain regions pinning you to the chair and then proceed to stretch out the body from your legs to your shoulder while getting massaged

    5. Scraping: This program perform a scraping style massage pressing in and releasing in a down and upward motion. This is great to stretch out muscles in isolated areas.

    6. Shiatsu: This program helps to perform a more pinpointed massage along the back. This massage style helps to focus on certain pressure points in the back targeting tense muscles.

    7. Gentle Relief: This program helps to performs a tapping action with tapping.

    8. Rejuvenate: This program utilizes the strong massage styles and aggressively massages the back.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d 2 stage zero gravity recline

Two-Stage Zero Gravity Recline

This NASA-designed process angles your body in such a manner that the conventional pull of gravity is replaced with a feeling of weightlessness. Go into a deeper state of calm by reclining even further with second-stage zero gravity reclining.

Space Saving Technology

Place your new massage chair anywhere without having to worry about space. The Vigor adopts a space saving reclining function, meaning you can place it as close to 4.5 inches away from the wall and still achieve a full and complete recline.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d full body air compression massage

32 Cell Full Body Compression

Compression therapy and acupoint massages fill in the gaps of the Vigor’s intelligent massage rollers. These compression massages can be felt in shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and even your lower back.

  • A. Shoulder
  • B. Lumbar
  • C. Armrest
  • D. Hip
  • E. Calf
Titan Pro Vigor 4d kneading fooot massage

Specialized Foot Massage

After a long day on your feet come home to the Vigor’s incredibly relieving foot massage. With a mixture of acupuncture foot rollers and kneading pressure, your tension and stress simply melts away.

Kneading Foot Massage

Most run of the mill massage chairs rely on rudimentary airbags to massage the feet, the Vigor, however, uses memory foam to intelligently apply force along the sides and tops of your feet for maximum relief.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d calf kneading

Deep Calf Kneading

One of the most overlooked portions of modern massages is in the calves. The Vigor pays close and personal attention to your legs with its proven Calf Kneading Functions.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d automatic footrest

Automatic Extendable Footrest

The footrest on the Vigor automatically extends outwards up to 7.1 inches in order to accommodate people of all heights. When you begin your massage the footrest automatically extends to position your legs at the optimal length.

Titan Pro Vigor 4d touch screen controller

Touch Screen Navigation

This comprehensive tablet enables control over even the most minute aspects of your massage. Its easy-pivot mount allows you to position it perfectly at any angle. The massage system allows users to navigate 8 Full Body auto programs, 4 neck/shoulder auto programs, 4 lower back auto programs, and 4 manual massage modes for each body part..

  • Titan Pro Vigor 4d bluetooth speakers
    Bluetooth Speakers

    Get lost in the Vigor’s high fidelity Bluetooth Speakers. These surround sound speakers enable optimal enjoyment of any and all Bluetooth-compatible devices.

  • Titan Pro Vigor 4d wireless charging pad
    Wireless Charging

    Recharge yourself and your cellular device at the same time. The optimized matte charger holds your phone securely in place, ensuring it doesn’t slide around while the Vigor reclines.

  • Titan Pro Vigor 4d  side controller
    Quick Access Controls

    Access common functions of your Vigor quickly and accurately by pressing one of the conveniently placed buttons on the arm panel. Start an auto program, change the intensity of your massage, manually extend the footrest, and toggle power without navigating through the touchscreen tablet.