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Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

by Titan
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Current price $4,499.00
Color: Black
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Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

  • 3D & L-Track Massage
  • Foot Rollers
  • Designed for Heights up to 6'6"
  • Space Saving Technology
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • Computer Body Scanning Technology

Titan has created an amazing chair that will give you a 3D massage on an L-Track and is engineered to work for someone up to 6’6” in height. There are not many massage chairs for tall people that can also accommodate anyone 5'0" and above. With the combination of 3D technology and an L-Track massage, the feeling you will get out of this large massage chair is going to be out of this world!



3D & L-Track Massage

Robotic massage technology has come a long way since it’s inception in the 1950s. The 3D massage on the Titan Pro Jupiter XL helps to contour the back with pinpoint accuracy. When paired with the L-Track, you will receive consistent massage pressure from top to bottom. Traditional massage tracks will stop at the hips, whereas an L-Track allows the rollers to extend past the glutes and reaching the top of the hamstrings. The Jupiter XL is one of the first massage chairs to integrate both technologies in one chair.


Designed for Heights up to 6'6"

The Titan Jupiter was created to specifically cater to the taller person handling up to 6”6” in height. Many massage chairs have a maximum extension of 8-9 inches. The tracks on the Jupiter have been engineered to extend out an additional 12.6 inches from the default position. The seat base has also been extended by 2” more than the standard, which gives a grand total of 21” of seat clearance. While this chair is able to accommodate anyone from 5’0” and above, if you have a smaller frame, build and height, it may be better to consider some other options.  



The Titan Jupiter XL is equipped with advanced Bluetooth features that give you the ability to answer your phone calls without interrupting your massage. All you have to do is simply press the phone button on the top right corner of the remote. The built-in speakers located on both sides of the headrest included a microphone that will allow you to talk hands-free. You can even enhance your massage experience by playing your favorite songs from your Bluetooth device. The way the speakers are angled, the sound will emit towards your ears for an encompassing experience at a minimal volume.


Space Saving Technology

A massage chair for tall people can take up a lot of valuable space in your home, especially once it is in the recline position. Standard chairs require up to 3 feet behind the backrest for the chair to reach full recline. Titan’s has engineered a space-saving technique that slides the chair forward while it is moving into the recline position. This results in the Jupiter XL only needing to be 3.2 inches away from the wall to achieve full recline.


Rolling & Scrapping Dual Action Foot Massage

At the bottom of the foot massager, there are 2 different types of massage enhancements. There is a wheel that features raised bumps on the outer part, that will mimic the feel of thumbs pressing on the bridge to balls of the feet. That is paired with an action of a forward-and-back motion, with rounded points that move from bridge to heel, front and back. When used with the airbag compression system, you are getting 3 different types of massage all at the same time.


2 Stage Zero Gravity

The zero gravity positions that the Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair offers are designed to improve every aspect of your massage and deepen your relaxation, by raising your legs to the same level of your heart, your joints are relieved of gravity's influence and allowed to decompress. When your joints decompress the surrounding muscles do as well which can cause a weightless feeling in some users. This also allows you to receive a much greater benefit from your massage session.



Computer Body Scanning Technology

When you sit in the Titan Pro Jupiter massage chair and choose your massage routine, the back massage rollers will slide up your back in an effort to map the unique curves of your body and the height of your shoulders so that your massage experience will cater to your specific shape.


Unique Head Massage

The Jupiter XL has recreated the standard pillow on massage chairs. Air will inflate on the sides of the pillow expanding like an accordion, intended to squeeze the temple region, delivering a soothing massage.



Heat Therapy

Positioned on each side of the lower lumbar are individual heating pads, as well as in the seat, and calves. Heat therapy is the perfect compliment to a back massage. When the body’s temperature rises, blood circulation is increased and results in the muscles loosening. The heating pad is not intended to exceed more than 30 minutes of usage per day.


Full Body Air Massage

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL Chair is packed with airbags from top to bottom. Hip massagers are positioned to inflate and deflate to create a multitude of different massage actions when you're seated in this large massage chair. When both sides inflate, it compresses the hips inward providing a firm squeeze. Located on the seat base are airbags to prop one side higher than the other adding a new dimension to the hip twist. A 20” arm massager is composed of 4 airbags per side. These bags will surround your forearm, wrist, and hands and comfortably contour to your shape.  A kneading/squeezing motion is applied by airbags positioned in the outer edges of the shoulder. Uniquely placed airbags in the foot and calf area will create a squeezing action with adjustable intensity.


Massage Programs & Styles

9 Pre-set unique programs deliver a variety of massage combinations. You can choose from Sleeping, Vitality, Relax, Combination, Pain Relief, Muscle Circulation, Waist, and Stretch. There are 5 massage styles that include 3D, Kneading, Tapping, Clapping and Shiatsu. 5 levels of speed control are available as well as 3 levels of width adjustment. The air intensity can also be adjusted up to 5 different levels for each independent region.

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