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Magniflex Abbraccio 10 | Queen - Floor Model

Original price $1,899.00
Original price $1,899.00 - Original price $1,899.00
Original price $1,899.00
Current price $759.60
$759.60 - $759.60
Current price $759.60

Sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed on the Magniflex Abbraccio 10 mattress. With a floor model discount of up to 40%, you can experience superior comfort and support at an unbeatable price. Rest assured knowing your investment is backed by unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Sleep peacefully and dream big!

Magniflex Abbraccio Mattress.

When you want your mattress to hug and support you, you want the Abbraccio. After all, its very name means “hug” in Italian. Backed by extensive research from the Magniflex R & D team, this mattress is soft, comfortable, and provides an enveloping embrace that’ll keep you cozy all night long. At Magniflex we believe that no one should ever give up on a comfy embrace. For this reason, our new Abbraccio collection brings together our special cover in comfy inflated viscose and our new exclusive material called Aquabreeze, a high-density foam with a plush and bouncy feel and an open cell structure that facilitates air circulation. The Abbraccio mattresses will offer an exquisite cuddly sensation that will last all night long.

  • Natural Viscose cover for breathable comfort
  • Memosoft padding with super soft fiber
  • Elioform Layer for contoured elasticity for firm support
  • Aquabreeze core for a soft, plush feel with breathability and durability
  • Soft Comfort Level

Each Magniflex Support Foam mattress is made in an eco-friendly atmosphere and all substances used are non-toxic and OEKO-TEX certified. The fire retardants are silica-based without any chemical additives. The STANDARD 100 rating is the same as you would find in infant’s clothing. They don’t have off-gassing, formaldehyde, or CFCs and VOCs. And like every Magniflex mattress, the Abbraccio is 100% made in Italy.

Natural Viscose Cover- This cover is removable and can be dry cleaned. Viscose is a natural, breathable fabric made from wood. It is extremely soft and silky and rapidly wicks away any moisture present.

Memosoft with Super Soft Fiber- For added softness and support, the Memosoft provides yet another layer of hug-like comfort.

Aquabreeze Technology- With softness and resistance, the Aquabreeze layer in your Magniflex mattress holds advanced materials to create an elastic foam particularly suitable for the bedding industry. The high-density, water-based material provides improved comfort and support and also helps to make the mattress bouncy and very cozy. The open cell structure increases airflow to dissipate excess heat.

Elioform- This is a high-density microcellular foam that provides contoured elasticity for firm postural support. The highly breathable cellular structure of this foam provides a more conforming sleep surface. It also works to provide correct weight distribution.

Plus, if you need a customized size or shape, Magniflex can handle it.