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Kyota Kenko M673 3D/4D Massage Chair

by Kyota
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Kyota Kenko M673 3D/4D Massage Chair

Precision engineered, the Kenko M673 brings therapeutic massage into your home

Designed with daily massage in mind, the Kyota Kenko 3D massage chair brings the relief of a personal masseuse into your own home. Reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle pain, the Kenko M673 uses 22 strategically placed air cells to simulate human hands and give you a full body massage experience. Why travel to an expensive spa, with slide forward space-saving technology place this chair only a few inches from the wall and still be able to recline to the zero-gravity position, with your legs elevated above your heart.

    • 3D/4D Massage Mechanism
    • 49” L-Track
    • Full-Body Scanning
    • 9 Auto Programs
    • True Zero Gravity Recline
    • Slide Forward Space-Saving
    • Ultimate Calf System
    • Targeted Arm Therapy
    • Accu-Shoulder Compression
    • The Art of Reflexology
    • Lumbar Heat
    • Ease of Use Remote
    • Built-in Bluetooth® Speakers

Quick Facts


Sophisticated 3-Dimensional Technology

The choreographing of side by side, up-down and in-out motions create a truly human like, silky smooth massage, from your neck & shoulders down to your gluteus muscles.

Full-Body Scanning

The M673 scans the user and sets the massage to the optimal range for a customized personal experience unique to your individual frame. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Ultimate Calf System

The Kenko M673 has the longest calf massage available combining air massage and node pressure point relief from the knees down to your feet. Circulation enhancement, pressure & tension relief, it doesn't get any better than the M673.

  • Targeted Arm Therapy

    Arm compression therapy relieves arm, wrist, and hand tension and stress while enhancing circulation. Relax & enjoy the sensation of human hands relieving stress throughout your tired muscles.

  • Accu-Shoulder Compression

    Shoulder compression therapy soothes tired and sore shoulder muscles while working in unison with the main back mechanism to provide the ultimate in upper body rejuvenation.

  • Lumbar Heat

    Lumbar heat for your core is critical to loosen sore muscles making them receptive to massage therapy. Heat maximizes the benefits of the Kenko M673's advanced 3D massage nodes.

The Art of Reflexology

A comprehensive foot massage delivered by reflexology foot rollers on the soles of your feet and compression therapy to maximize your relief. Treat your feet to the best.

True Zero Gravity Recline

Developed by NASA the True Zero Gravity technology raises your calves above your heart relieving tension on your cardiovascular system and relieving pressure on your spine. Zero Gravity provides for a enhanced therapeutic session.

Slide Forward Space-Saving

The Kenko M673 only requires 4” of wall clearance. No need to worry about what room or how you will arrange your chair, relax and feel the stress melt away as the Zero Wall Technology affords you the ability to place your chair with ease.

Ease of Use Remote

The advanced and user-friendly remote presents many critical functions at the touch of a button. Easily customize your massage to target any region for maximum therapy & relief.

9 Auto Programs

Convenient and easy-to-use auto programs. Choose from Sports Refresh, Extension, Rest & Sleep, Working Relife, NEck & Shoulder, Waist & Spine, Deep Shiatsu, Healthy Breath and Massage Extend.

Built-in Bluetooth® Speakers

The Kenko M673 includes Bluetooth compatibility so you can play and enjoy your favorite music.