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Kahuna EM-8500 - The King's Elite Massage Chair

by Kahuna
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Current price $8,899.99
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Color: Black
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Kahuna EM-8500 - The King's Elite Massage Chair

Indulge yourself into the throne of complete opulence and be wake up to the confidence. The nick name of King’s massage chair was given due to its perfection in style and advanced technology to meet your splendid character.

  • Full-Body 4D Massage System
  • HSL-Track
  • 3 position Zero Gravity - can be adjusted segmentally in accordance with your body features.
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • Automatic Leg Extension and Sholder adjustment
  • 24 Automatic Programs - Each uniquely designed auto programs are to soothe any tensions that need to be relieved.
  • Space Saving – Requires only 5” of clearance
  • Fully pre-assembled chair
  • Dual Foot and Calf Roller Massage
  • Heat Therapy
  • Stretch Massage
  • 7" Touch Screen Remote & Side Control
  • Negative Ion System
  • Bluetooth Speakers

Kahuna EM-8500 - The King's Elite Massage Chair Features

kahuna kings elite 4d massage mechanism

New 4D Massage Mechanism

Perfected with the newest 4D rhythmic massage mechanism with width control.

The real 4D massage features with intensity adjustments are to allow ordering the personalized massage, mimicking real massage therapist.

HSL Track

The Kahuna EM-8500 features the latest massage rolling track, which massages from your neck, all the way down to your glutes and upper hamstrings.

kahuna kings elite features diagram

Smooth & Powerful Full Body Care

  • Rollers on the Calf
  • Airbags on shoulders, arms, legs, and feet
  • 6 Different Massage Modes
  • Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Flapping, Tapping + Kneading and Combination
  • Roller Width Control
  • Rolling Speed Control
  • Roller Massage Speed Control
kahuna kings elite touch screen remote

Control Options

7” Touch Screen Remote

Touch screen Remote controller for conspicuous control of the settings.

Favorites setting

Save you can add and remove your favorite programs for quick access.

Side Touch Controller

The built-in remote controller on the side for convenience and real button lovers.

kahuna kings elite zero gravity recline diagram

3 Levels of Zero Gravity System

3 stages of Zero gravity positions can be adjusted segmentally in accordance to your body features. Custom position is possible to achieve the most comfort.

Space Saving

Only 5” of clearance is required for full recline.

King's Elite Massage Chair Programs

EM8500 has already strived to set 24 specific auto programs for you, specialized in any occasions and lifestyles, not to add any concerns to your day but to only enjoy and relax.

  • kahuna kings elite classic massage programs
    Classic Auto Programs

    Basic Programs for your daily life

    1. Renew 2. Refresh 3. Recovery 4. Stretch 5. Morning 6. Night 7. Anti-Stress 8. Energize

  • kahuna kings elite specialty massage programs
    Specialty Auto Programs

    Customized Programs for each individual's lifestyle.

    1. Salesman 2. House Wife 3. Office Clerk 4. Game Player 5. Driver 6. Sports Man 7. Server 8. Senior

  • kahuna kings elite targeted massage programs
    Elite Target Programs

    Specialized Programs for different body parts.

    1. Neck 2. Neck & Shoulder 3. Back Relief 4. Waist 5. Waist & Hip 6. Leg Feet 7. Upper Body 8. Lower Body

kahuna kings elite heat theropy massage location

Heating Therapy (Ondol System)

Heating Therapy not only will enhance the benefit of the massage and blood circulation and soothe your whole body and mind relaxation as well.

kahuna kings elite negative ion system

Negative Ion System

Found in the headrest, the Negative Ion diffuser helps with inducing happy mood and faster and extra stress relief.

kahuna kings elite bluetooth speaker system

Bluetooth Speakers

You can enjoy natural healing music while you are using a massage chair for a more relaxing environment.