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Will a Firm Mattress Hurt my Back?

will a firm mattress hurt your back?

Will a Firm Mattress Hurt my Back?

Many people have this question when they are searching for a new mattress. It's important that you find the right mattress for you, so asking questions and learning all you can about mattresses today is a very important step in the right direction. When the question is: "Will a firm mattress hurt my back?".

It depends on how you sleep

How you sleep is the most important factor in determining the answer to this. Consider what position you spend most of the night in. For those of you who sleep on your side, a firm mattress may indeed cause you back pain, it may also cause you shoulder and hip pain due to the excess pressure in these areas. However, if you sleep on your back or stomach, a firmer mattress is much more ideal for you and you back. This comfort level will help keep your spine in a much straighter position allowing you to sleep more comfortably and for longer.

Firmer = Better Support Myth

Sadly this myth still exists today. The support that your mattress provides comes from the innerspring coil system at the center of the mattress. Most mattress manufacturers use the same coil system in all comfort levels of a mattress model, which means the firm, and plush models provide the same amount of support. A firmer mattress may be more comfortable to you, but the support is no different than any other mattress within the same collection.

Do you currently have Back Pain?

Having back pain is a serious problem that you should consult your doctor about before making any purchasing decisions, and can definitely be the result of inadequate support in your bed. Do your research, talk to your doctor, and then give us a call at 888-996-9890 and we will be happy to help you find a new mattress that suits your needs.