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Top 6 Adjustable Bases for 2020

2020 top six adjustable beds

These Are The 6 Best Bases Of 2020

When you’re looking for an adjustable base, there are many things to consider. Here, we’ve present the top six bases from a variety of brands to help you choose the best one for your needs. Let’s take a look at these quality, name-brand adjustable bases.

1. Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite Adjustable Base

Leggett & Platt’s Prodigy Comfort Elite is a premium adjustable base created for improved comfort and relaxation. Head and foot articulation, pillow tilt, and lumbar support provide four independent zones of comfort controlled by a capacitive-touch remote or the free mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Let’s look deeper at its features.

leggett and platt prodigy comfort elite adjustable base

USB Ports

USB ports positioned on both sides of the bed allow you to charge your devices directly from the bed. No more worrying about wires or whether you have enough open outlets.

Independent Pillow Tilt

The Comfort Elite offers pillow tilt to give you a little extra support whether you’re reading, relaxing, or sleeping. This is just one more way this adjustable base caters to your needs, and the nice thing about this tilt is that it can be used independently of the head and foot articulation so that you can still lay on your side or back without disturbing the rest of your position.

Lumbar Support

The Prodigy Comfort Elite allows you to take your sleep to the next level. Gentle lumbar support positioned in the middle of the mattress allows you to adjust arch in the lumbar region of your bed so that it is supported.

Wall Hugger Technology

The Comfort Elite uses wall-hugging technology to ensure that when you move the base, your nightstand is always in arm’s reach.

Wireless Remote Features

The wireless remote can stand on its base and provides two programmable buttons and a one-touch flat button. The snore button elevates the base 7° to open the airways and help ease snoring. Under-bed lighting can be controlled from the remote, and with Leggett & Platt’s wireless syncing, you can program split sizes through the remote to control both bases.

One-Touch Flat Button

One-touch flat saves you the trouble of having to hold the recline button down until your bed has returned to its lying down position.

Microhook Retention System

The Comfort Elite has a MircoHook Retention system that helps keep your mattress in place without using a retention bar. Two bands of velcro-like material hold the mattress and keep it from sliding around during adjustment.

Whisper Quiet Drive Motors

The motors on the Comfort Elite are outfitted with Leggett & Platt’s “Whisper Quiet” technology. This ensures that you can change positions or turn on the massage without disturbing you or your partner.

Under-Bed Lighting

LED lights under the bed provide a fully dimmable light source that you can control from the remote or mobile app. It can be used as a gentle wake alarm or provide a relaxing ambiance.

Dual Massage with Wave

Dual massage motors help you relax with gentle pulsations in leg and chest sections. This soothing vibration massage attends to your whole body, helping you unwind after a long day and drift comfortably to sleep.

Telescoping Legs

The newly redesigned legs are pressure tested up to 2200 lbs and allow you to customize your bed height. You can choose between six and 10 inches in height by simply clicking the tabs and extending the legs.

Exclusive App

The mobile app gives you full control over every aspect of the adjustable base and includes additional functionality like gentle-wake alarm clocks. You can download it on both Android and Apple.

2. Glideaway Odessa Comfort Base Adjustable Bed

glideaway odessa adjustable base

The Odessa gives you every feature that you could possibly need in an adjustable base. The simultaneous movement puts you in your favorite position in seconds. This base is also compatible with the Elevation Kit that allows you to tilt the base up to accommodate side and stomach sleepers.

Full Range of Positions

The Odessa features adjustable head and foot sections. The upper body can incline up to 65 degrees and the lower body can raise up to 35 degrees. Simultaneous Head and Foot Movement pairs perfectly with the motorized neck tilt, a sought-after feature that allows the neck section to tilt independently.


You can control the Odessa via the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi Comfort Base App. The base is also Alexa compatible. Plus, there are two programmable buttons are available as well as two pre-programmed positions- Zero Gravity and Anti-Store.

Premium Designed Frame

The strong, lightweight, and German-designed angle iron and steel tubular frame offers recessed steel legs. The premium deck-on-deck design is wrapped with upscale charcoal material and a mattress retainer bar is included. You can adjust the legs for eight-inch, 11.5-inch, and 15-inch heights.

Weight Capacity

A combined capacity of two Twin XLs for a Split King-sized set is 800 lbs- 400 lbs for each Twin XL. A Full-Size maximum capacity is 500 lbs and a Queen has a maximum capacity of 650 lbs.

German-Engineered Motor

The German-engineered motor utilizes noise displacement to be quieter, which allows you to easily get to sleep. Dynamic Force, a patented lift mechanism that’s twice as efficient as the competition, allows the bed to be stronger as it rises. Plus, Standby Mode is ultra-energy efficient.

Sleep Enhancement

Pulsation of a single vibe motor sits in the mid-back area and provides Total Body Vibration known as Sleep Enhancement Technology. This has several health benefits and eases the user into deeper, higher-quality sleep. There are four wave modes, four levels of intensity, and three different timer options.

Additional Features

  • Wi-Fi ready for voice control
  • Mattress retainer bar included
  • 4 Easy Access USB Ports and Side Sync Button
  • 2 Programmable Memory Position Buttons
  • LED Under-bed Lighting
  • Fits in or on top of most bed frames
  • Controllable via the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Comfort Base App
  • Wall Hugging Design-allows back travel up to 12"
  • One-Touch Flat Button

3. Glideaway Vesta Comfort Base Adjustable Bed

glideaway vesta adjustable base

The Vesta is another fully-featured adjustable base. The simultaneous movement will get you to your favorite position in a matter of seconds and it’s also compatible with the Elevation Kit.

Full Range of Positions

The Vesta features the options to adjust both the head and foot so that you can create the perfect position for your needs. The upper section can incline up to 65 degrees and the lower section can raise up to 35 degrees.


The wireless backlit remote has a built-in LED Flashlight. Two Programmable buttons are offered as well as two pre-programmed positions- zero gravity and anti-store, the two optimal sleeping positions.

Premium Designed Frame

The strong, lightweight, and German-designed frame offers the same deck-on-deck design with upscale charcoal as the Odessa. You’ll also receive a mattress retainer bar is included and the recessed steel legs allow for heights of 8", 11.5" and 15".

Weight Capacity

The Vesta offers the same weight capacity as the Odessa.

German-Engineered Motor

The same motor technology from the Odessa is used in the Vesta.

Sleep Enhancement Technology

Pulsation of a single vibe motor in the mid-back area creates that Total Body Vibration providing numerous health benefits and easing you into deeper, higher quality sleep. There are four wave modes, four levels of intensity, and three different timer options.

Additional Features

  • Mattress retainer bar included
  • Fits within or on top of most standard bed frames
  • Recessed Steel Legs
  • Wall Hugging Design-allows back travel up to 3.5"
  • Controllable via the Bluetooth Comfort Base App
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility

The main differences between the Odessa and the Vesta are that the Odessa offers pillow tilt where the Vesta does not and the Vesta does not offer USB ports.

4. Tempur Ergo Extend Power Base

tempur ergo extend adjustable base

The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Ergo Extend is the most advanced power base from a trusted name in sleep. It’s been engineered for peak performance and combines advanced technologies to bring you ultra customized comfort. PerfectSeat has been designed in partnership with leading ergonomic experts and lets you relax in a more natural position. QuietMode can help alleviate snoring by gently tilting your mattress. In addition, features like four-zone massage, USB ports, under-bed lighting, zero-gravity presets, and virtually unlimited head and foot lift positions help you fully customize your sleeping environment. The Tempur-Ergo Extend is, of course, compatible with Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster and Sealy mattresses.

Here’s a closer look at the features.


Help relieve snoring with QuietMode™, which gently tilts your mattress up into an anti-snore position.

Wireless Remote with Presets

Control your base with a wireless remote, which includes these one-touch preset buttons:

  • Zero Gravity Mode
  • Flat
  • TV in Bed
  • Anti-Snore
  • Favorite 1 Preset
  • Under-bed LED lighting

Adjustable Legs

Adapt your bed to your ideal height at either three, six, or nine inches.

Zero Clearance

Fit your Tempur-Ergo Extend power base easily into your existing bedroom furniture, with or without legs. The Zero Clearance feature means it’ll easily fit on top of platform beds for a sleek, modern look.


The Ergo Extend was designed in conjunction with ergonomic experts for the best possible positions for your spine. Sitting, reading, working, or watching TV, you’ll be comfortable no matter what.

Head & Foot Lift With Pillow Tilt

Take complete control of your sleeping space with nearly unlimited head and foot positions. Then, make it even better with a slight tilt around your neck thanks to the pillow tilt.

Four-Zone Massage

Double the massaging power. The Ergo Extend has been upgraded with four massage zones – two at the head and two at the feet. Plus, there are three levels of intensity.

Underbed Lighting

Navigate your bedroom at night without issue thanks to the LED under-bed lighting easily activated with your wireless remote.

USB Ports

Recharge your device with the USB ports on either side of the base.

Accurate Stop

Once you adjust to a certain position, it’s locked in for the night. No drifting back to flat while you sleep.

One-Button Stop

Hit any button on your remote to immediately stop the movement of your base to prevent spills or stop something from getting squished.

Silent Drive Motors

Silently adjust your side of the bed without waking your partner.

Dual Motor Drive

Comfort. Faster. Your head and foot position will adjust simultaneously.

Child Lock Feature

Via a two-button sequence, completely lock your adjustable base to prevent it from moving when children or pets are around.

Power Outage Auto-Flat

If the base is raised during a power outage, a battery backup will return it to flat.

Split Sync Pairing System

For Split Kings and Split Cal Kings, a cord is provided to connect the two control boxes so that you can control them from one remote.

5. R650™ Adjustable Power Base

reverie r650 adjustable base

The new Reverie lineup features the R650 at the top. It’s innovative and great for sleepers of all types. The tilt motor allows the bed to lift up without bending and gives the option for gentle inversion. Lounge positions offer pressure relief and are customizable through nearly infinite position options, like zero gravity.

You can control the base with Bluetooth through the app and set smart alarms to wake up with a calming massage. There are even memory settings available so that you can return to your favorite positions time and again. You can also set personalized routines. These are controlled on your phone or tablet and run over a period of time that automatically updates the 3D-Wave settings at programmed time intervals.

This Wave technology is quiet, soothing, and dimensional, working seamlessly with the Nightstand app. There are four modes, 10 intensity levels, and can help you to wake up happier and feeling more alert.

With the classic features you’d expect from a base, like retainer bars and a night light, this is a wonderful base that side and stomach sleepers will particularly love. Thanks to the tilting you can lay on your side or stomach and still get the advantages of elevation. And of course, it also provides anti-snore and one-touch flat positions. The design of the R650 is the Reverie Curve™ with black mesh upholstery and 5-inch wooden legs.

6. R550L™ Adjustable Power Base

reverie r550l adjustable base

Relax with one of the most elegant power bases on the market. All the comforts you can imagine, at your fingertips in the R500L. It includes independent lumbar adjustability for additional lower back support. It offers head and foot adjustability and 3D-Wave™ massage technology with four modes and full-body massage including 10 intensity levels as well. 

It also provides two-way Bluetooth® technology, preset anti-snore, zero gravity, and flat positions, a whisper-quiet lift system, and ProGrip® technology that keeps the mattress in place when the bed elevates. Plus, it offers two retainer bars, the Wall-Snuggler® feature that keeps bedside tables within reach, and the LED night light.

The Wave massage technology is the same as that in the R650 and the same Nightstand app. This base also offers a more fashionable look with grey upholstery and hard-body side rails. There’s also a wireless charging pad with USB ports for charging the remote. You’ll find the smart alarms and routines as well.

Whatever you’re doing in your bed- sleeping, reading, or relaxing- you’ll be extremely comfortable thanks to the plethora of positions you can achieve thanks to all the bases. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in one of these bases.

If you have any questions about these or any of the adjustable bases we sell, don’t hesitate to reach out to us over the phone or through email at