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Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15

Our Favorite Tilting Adjustable Bases

our favorite tilting adjustable bases

The Latest Trend In Adjustables Hits BedPlanet.Com

As a tried-and-true side sleeper, adjustable bases didn’t seem like an option for a long while. The bend at the middle meant would scrunch me up too much. But, modern adjustable bases have come a long way, and the newest feature hitting the market in a number of adjustable beds is the ability to tilt up, or even sometimes down.

Below, we’ll talk about our two favorite tilting adjustable bases for 2020. They’ll be sure to treat you right and get you sleeping like a log.

Tilting Is The Future

Tilting through elevation and inversion are excellent features to look for in an adjustable base. This allows you to maneuver the bed into a position that’s great for those who suffer from heartburn, GERD, side sleepers, snoring, and can even help when you are congested because of a cold.

The tilt has been included in more and more bases because it allows more sleepers to enjoy adjustable bases, side and stomach sleepers who couldn’t really partake previously, and helps those who’ve loved adjustables for years to enjoy a whole new level of comfort.

Tilting the bed up while in the zero gravity position can help you avoid heartburn and similar conditions even more and inverting your bed when you have the leg section raised can help with lower extremity swelling even more.

When you’re looking for a tilting bed, these are our two favorite models from two of the leading manufacturer’s on the market.

Glideaway Odessa Comfort Base Adjustable Bed

glideaway odessa adjustable base

The Odessa gives you every feature that you could possibly need in an adjustable base. In moments, you’ll be reclining in your favorite position and enjoying the benefits of an ergonomic posture. This base is also compatible with the Elevation Kit that allows you to tilt the base up to accommodate side and stomach sleepers. This is the valuable feature you’re looking for. What else does it offer? Let’s take a look.

Full Range of Positions

The Odessa features adjustable head and foot sections, with up to 65 degrees of an incline in the head and 35 degrees in the feet. Simultaneous Head and Foot Movement is the basis of an adjustable and together with the motorized neck or pillow tilt, you’ll be able to independently adjust the foot, head, and neck sections.


You can control the Odessa via the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi Comfort Base App. The base is also Alexa compatible. Plus, there are two programmable buttons are available as well as two pre-programmed positions- Zero Gravity and Anti-Store.

Premium Designed Frame

The German-designed frame is strong and lightweight. Made from angle iron and tubular steel, it also offers recessed steel legs. The premium deck-on-deck design is wrapped in high-quality charcoal material and your mattress retainer bar is included. You can adjust the legs for eight-inch, 11.5-inch, and 15-inch heights.

Weight Capacity

Two Twin XLs that make a Split King-sized set can hold a maximum of 800 lbs- 400 lbs for each Twin XL. A Full-Size maximum capacity is 500 lbs and a Queen has a maximum capacity of 650 lbs.

German-Engineered Motor

The German-engineered motor features noise displacement. This makes it quieter, allowing you to easily get to sleep and stay asleep even if your partner adjusts their side of the bed. Additionally, the base uses Dynamic Force. This is a patented lift mechanism that is twice as efficient as the competition, which means the bed is actually stronger as it rises. Plus, Standby Mode is ultra-energy efficient.

Sleep Enhancement

In the mid-back area, there is a single pulsation vibe motor. This provides Total Body Vibration that Glideaway has deemed Sleep Enhancement Technology. This has quite a few health benefits and can help to soothe you into deeper, higher-quality sleep. There are four wave modes, four levels of intensity, and three different timer options.

Additional Features

  • Wi-Fi ready for voice control
  • Mattress retainer bar included
  • 4 Easy Access USB Ports and Side Sync Button
  • 2 Programmable Memory Position Buttons
  • LED Under-bed Lighting
  • Fits in or on top of most bed frames
  • Controllable via the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Comfort Base App
  • Wall Hugging Design-allows back travel up to 12"
  • One-Touch Flat Button

This is our favorite model from the Glideaway lineup, however, you can use the Elevation Kit that allows for tilting on both the Vesta and Accord as well.

R650™ Adjustable Power Base

reverie r650 adjustable base

The top model in the new Reverie lineup, the R650 is truly high-tech and excellent for sleepers of all types. Dual tilt function provides additional movement and comfort. Head can tilt lower than feet (and vice versa) for more pressure and stress relief. You can also enjoy nearly infinite, ergonomic position options, including zero gravity. This means you’ll be sure to find a position you enjoy, no matter your needs.

This base is also Bluetooth equipped and you can control it through the app and set smart alarms to wake you up with a soothing massage. There are even memory settings so that you can get back to your favorite positions whenever you want. You can also set customized routines also controlled on your phone or tablet. They’ll run over a period of time that automatically updates the 3D-Wave settings at programmed time intervals.

This Wave technology is quiet, soothing, and dimensional, and the Nightstand app will help you to enjoy it all without searching for the remote. There are four modes, 10 intensity levels, and the Wave can help you to wake up happier and feeling more alert.

With the classic features you’d expect from a base, such as retainer bars and a night light, this is a fabulous base that side and stomach sleepers will particularly love. Thanks to the tilting you can lay on your side and still get the benefits of elevation. 

And of course, it also offers an anti-snore and a one-touch flat present. The design of the R650 is the Reverie Curve™ with black mesh upholstery and 5-inch wooden tapered legs.

If you have any questions about these or any other adjustable bases and how they can help you, don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out online through We’re happy to help and know that we can find you the perfect base for your needs.

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