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Meet The Owner

meet the owner

Philly Born, Las Vegas Bred

Our Beginnings

Adam Gordon grew up in Philadelphia and then moved to Las Vegas in 1993. In 1999, he started his business because he always wanted to own a business where he could serve his customers and create great experiences every day.

He had long-been pursuing the goal and attended college at Temple University to hone his skills. When he moved, Adam transferred to UNLV to finish out school. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. 

meet the owner adam gordon

When he started his business at 31 years old, he sold everything for the entire house so that people could make their homes beautiful no matter their finances. He began selling massage chairs in ‘99 with Panasonic and Sanyo, who were the two big companies at the time. 

As times changed and internet shopping grew in popularity, Adam began selling online on eBay in 2000. He focused on massage chairs and furniture, particularly bed frames. This introduction to the web showed him the power of catering to a nationwide clientele.

He made his move to an online store successful by determining who would support his business with options like drop shipping. Leggett & Platt, Panasonic, and more were top brands that could support him and his customers' timely shipping expectations. This was crucial to him because he knew that his customers wouldn’t want to wait for their items. Ensuring a good customer experience was essential.

In 2003, BedPlanet.Com & LasVegasFurnitureOnline.Com were introduced, and then in 2011, MassageChairPlanet.Com was born. Part of this successful launch was thanks to Osaki. This major massage chair manufacturer approached Adam in 2008, and this became the springboard for selling massage chairs online with what went on to include brands like Infinity, Luraco, Positive Posture, and more.

Adam knew these excellent products would complement his supply of adjustable beds so that people could reap the benefits of zero gravity and massage from bed to living room and back. He also contracted with fantastic companies like Tempur+Sealy and Leggett & Platt who knew exactly how to ensure that every night spent in bed would be a good one.

Arriving in Vegas

When Adam was looking to finish out his education and do a work transfer to a new area, he chose to move to Las Vegas, thanks to the desert air. He grew up with asthma, and this environment was much more beneficial for him. It was also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country in ‘93. Businesses were growing steadily, and he wanted to take advantage of that.

Adam knew that customers needed a quick and easy way to shop for their homes and loved the idea of helping such a booming city filled with newcomers to make their houses into homes. The local store provided him with the opportunity to meet the people of Las Vegas, help them, and determine the best way to serve them in the future. This experience working with the locals gave him the experience and knowledge needed to run a very successful business. 

When Dreams Took Hold

Even during high school, Adam knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He took DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, courses which allowed him to take advanced business classes as well as partake in classes for half the day and work for the other half during his senior year. He took courses in marketing, inventory, sales, and more. It gave him the tools to pursue a successful business career combined with the skills he’d learn during college.

That first job was at a Dairy Queen. How far we’ve come.

Adam always knew he wanted to run his own business. When he was in college, he managed a big box retail store that focused on appliances and electronics, similar to a Best Buy, in Philadelphia for about 10 years. He transferred with that store to Vegas. When that company went out of business in 1995, he knew it was time to start his own.

The Birth of A Dream

Building from the ground up meant he needed his own delivery crew, warehouse, and retail front. In the beginning, he focused on local customers, and then when he branched out to eBay he was able to reach a national and even global clientele. When he had that retail location, he also used to show customers catalogs of items that he could order for them, and that of course naturally progressed into those online sales through eBay.

Why did Adam choose to sell furniture at his retail location? At that time, he had a friend who had their own furniture business in Los Angeles, predominantly sectionals. Because he was able to provide Adam with models that were designed with discontinued or excess fabrics that meant Adam could sell at a discount while providing customers with the chance to order newer models, different fabrics, and accent furniture from a catalog and have it shipped to them from the LA store.

Growing & Moving Forward

As fewer and fewer furniture manufacturers chose the US for their production, Adam needed to begin working with companies from overseas, specifically China. Coaster, Furniture of America, Universal, and Acme. The companies offered a large selection of pre-designed furniture, where there wasn't’ customization. As the recession hit, Adam worked with them all to provide quality furniture for a great price to all his customers, ensuring that they could still furnish their homes during the country’s economic downturn.

Now that Adam had established an online customer base, he was able to serve the entire country. There was exponential growth, and traffic to the sites was sustainable. With his local Las Vegas showroom and his websites, Adam was able to achieve the best of both worlds and during the recession and following years, this national customer base was essential. He was able to provide those customers with curbside delivery options thanks to the drop shipping capabilities and White Glove delivery thanks to his contracted team.

While the recession was certainly a challenge, his business grew and the internet became a valuable asset.

Customer Driven Care

Adam started BedPlanet.Com to sell quality beds, mattresses, and bedding in one place where the staff is well-educated and dedicated to product knowledge. It was his ultimate goal for all his stores, especially those online where he could reach the most customers.

Shopping with BedPlanet.Com means shopping with employees that care. We offer exceptional service, superior product knowledge, and efficient customer service thanks to our small size, which means we can process orders right away.

Our vendors work directly with our home delivery company to quickly deliver products, typically within five to seven business days. We have great reviews that celebrate the real people that work here. In fact, because of our dedication and development, our owner Adam Gordon was featured in Nevada Business Magazine as a Family Owned Business Award Finalist.

Shop BedPlanet.Com and know the difference.