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Mattress Size Guide

mattress size guide

Mattress Size Guide

Buying the right mattress for your space is an important task. We get questions all the time about mattress sizes and what size would fit their space best, but what it all comes down to is your needs, and your situation. Couples sometimes think that a full mattress is enough for them, only to quickly find out that once they are both laying on it, it’s not enough room. (Two people on a full mattress have about as much a space as baby’s crib. So we put together this guide to better inform you about the dimensions and recommendations of different mattress sizes.

Twin Mattress - Dimensions: 38” W X 74” L

The smallest size, the twin can hold one adult comfortably. Though it’s only 74” in length, so it may not be long enough if you’re over 6’ and could be a better choice for a teen or young adult. A daybed is also twin sized and can also be used as a comfortable seating area or a guest bed. This size is also preferable for teens and younger children since they are smaller.

Twin XL Mattress - Dimensions: 38” W X 80” L

A Twin XL, which is a little more than 5” longer, might be a better option for a taller person. With its narrow width, it’s a space-saving option when your available area is limited, like older-style bedrooms or dorm rooms.

Additionally, two Twin XLs make a Split King, which is a top choice among customers on our website who are looking for a bed and adjustable base combo. You don't have to purchase two Twin XLs every time, as you can use these mattresses alone, but the most common purchase on the site is the Twin XL set. We'll talk a bit more about this setup below when we talk about Split Kings.

Full Mattress - Dimensions: 53” W X 75” L

The full size sometimes referred to as a double mattress and is only 15” wider than the twin size. We’re a couple to choose to sleep on this size of a mattress they both would have roughly half of the width, or about 26” which is about the same width as a crib. The full mattress is a great option for teen’s room, or for a young child, so they have a comfortable place to sleep and grow into. There is a Full XL variation of the full mattress that adds 5” to the length, which is more ideal for a taller person.

Queen Mattress - Dimensions: 60” W X 80” L

The queen size is by far the most popular size sold here at BedPlanet.Com. The increased length and extra width make a huge difference for couples sleeping in the same bed, and the value of the queen size tends to be much better given the space that you get for your money. Each person would have 30” of personal space which is still 8” less than if both partners slept on individual twin mattresses. The queen mattress is perfect for couples in smaller bedrooms, or who don’t mind close quarters. Its extra space also makes it the ideal choice for guest rooms.

King Mattress - Dimensions: 76” W X 80” L

The king size mattress provides an ideal amount of room for couples, giving both about as much room as if they had pushed two twin mattresses together. In fact, a split king is a normal king mattress with two Twin XL box-springs pushed together at the bottom. Since this size is so big, it is always a good idea to use a tape measure to ensure you have the space for your bed within your bedroom. Tight corners and awkward angles can sometimes be an issue with such a large mattress.

Split King Mattress Set - Dimensions: 76" (Two 38”) W X 80” L

A Split King is also a popular option. This size bed is made of two Twin XLs and is designed to provide the ample space of a King while allowing for independent movement. Typically, this is what is used for a King Set adjustable base when you’re looking to move each side of the bed independently. You can have a one-piece King on an adjustable base, however, when you raise the head or foot the entire bed will adjust. When you use a Split, each side can be adjusted on its own without affecting your partner.

What’s the difference between an Eastern King and a Standard King?

There isn't one. Eastern King is another name for the standard king-size, in the same way that "Western King" is just another name for the California King size mattress.

California King - Dimensions: 72” W X 84” L

This is another mattress option, that is slightly narrower than a standard king size mattress, but adds an additional 4” in length which is more ideal for taller individuals. But due to the different dimensions finding bed frames, and the higher price tag tend to be a turn off for many consumers.

Split California King - Dimensions: 72" (Two 36") W X 84" L

Again, a Split Cal King size is also an option. This operates the same way that a Split King does but provides an even larger sleeping surface over a regular King. A Split Cal King is designed to allow opposite sides of the mattress to be raised or lowered simultaneously when you use an adjustable base the same way a Split King does. It can accommodate both sleeping partners by allowing for each to have their own position and in some situation you can even adjust the comfort level of each side separately.

To see more helpful information about picking out the right mattress for your needs, check out our Mattress Buying Guide here.