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Massage Chair Buying Guide

Massage chairs can be an important part to your health and well-being if you have the right one for you, but how do you find that right massage chair and what should you look for in a massage chair to ensure you are getting the one for your needs. There are several factors that are important to consider when purchasing a massage chair, such as your needs, the space you have available to place one, and the budget you have available to you for purchasing your massage chair. Let’s get into a little more detail in each of these categories. offers several of the top massage chair brands to you at the best possible prices. We are an authorized dealer of Osaki massage chairs, LuracoInfinity massage chairs, and many more. There are plenty of other massage chairs out there, but we have built this list based on reviews and consumer reports of these massage chairs to ensure we are offering you the highest quality and the best deals on the massage chairs you are looking for. 

Consider the Space you have

Massage chairs are big! Some are bigger than others, but the sheer size of this piece of equipment is important to consider when purchasing. You don’t want the new massage chair to block you walking path through your living room. This is why we have included dimensions both upright and reclined on the “Specifications” tab on all of our massage chair models. So you can have a much better idea of what sort of space requirement the massage chair you are considering has.

Another important factor is the shipping dimensions! Its important to note that most massage chairs don’t come assembled, they come in 1-3 large boxes that weigh several hundred pounds. We have also included the shipping dimensions in each massage chair listing to ensure you know whether or not the box is going to fit through your front door.

White Glove Delivery

We offer free shipping on all of our massage chairs. This includes a drop off delivery at your front door. So considering the size of your purchase you may want help getting the massage chair in your home and assembled. You would need a White Glove Delivery! White glove delivery service usually runs about $179 and will get your massage chair in your home and assembled in the room of your choice. Check our specials when you are on our website. Often times there are massage chairs being offered with a FREE white glove delivery to help you get your massage chair to you and assembled at no additional charge!

When you order a white glove delivery you will be contacted by the assembly company when your massage chair arrives in your area to set-up a delivery window so you know when someone needs to be home to receive your massage chair and show the crew where to set it up.

  • Consider your Needs

    Massage chairs can be needed for a variety of different reasons; to treat back pain, to help recover after a tough workout, top improve overall health and well-being. The reasons are different for all of our customers. Consider why you need a massage chair and let that guide you to which massage chair model you choose. You may not need all the advanced features that some of the more expensive massage chairs offer. So spending the extra money may not be right for you. Consider your needs and whether or not the massage chair you are looking at fulfills them.

  • Consider your Budget

    This is probably the biggest determining factor. Ensure you have all the additional services you need added to the cart as well to get a clear picture of how much a massage chair is going to cost you. We offer massage chairs in several price ranges, so there should be something available to everyone no matter what. Several of our lower priced massage chairs have feature sets comparable to massage chairs twice their price, so do your research and make sure you know what a massage chair is capable of and whether or not you are getting the best possible deal on your massage chair. Many massage chair prices are designated by the manufacturer, so if you give us a call we may be able to work with you to find a better price for the massage chair you want. Call us today at 888-996-9890.

Ask Questions

If you have questions about any of our massage chairs, give us a call. It is your right to know everything about our massage chairs before you purchase them, so if you have questions give us a call and ask them! Our massage chair experts are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions.