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Magniflex Brand

Sleep is Life’s Greatest Pleasure.

When you want the best in Italian mattress construction and design, you want Magniflex. Magniflex states that their philosophy is based on four key values: Excellence in Rest, Importance of Wellbeing, Innovation Drive, and Protection of the Environment. These amazing quality mattresses are designed to offer not just comfort but are meant to improve the quality of life their users enjoy that is in balance with the ecosystem. For more on the different mattress lines, see below.

They began with Giuliano Magni, who worked out of a small workshop in the 1960s. Operating out of Prato, he embarked on a journey that would lead him, and many others, to sophisticated craftsmanship and innovative ideas regarding wellbeing and sleep. Since then, the Magniflex mattress manufacturer has served over 50 million people so they enjoy better sleep, thanks to the solutions the company provides through their ever-evolving line of mattresses and accessories.

Magniflex is present worldwide with more than 4,000 retailers in 98 International Markets. Right now, Bed Planet is delighted to become a new retailer of this one-of-a-kind mattress brand. You’ll find your perfect mattress with Magniflex sleep products.

What Does “Made in Italy” Really Mean?

The sensibility of an artisan and Italian genius comes together to create completely unique products. With unparalleled passion, dedication to their clients, and detailed craftsmanship, you can trust Magniflex to live up to all your expectations.

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Recharge not only your mind but your spine with the revolutionary MagniStretch mattress. Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, this mattress uses your body weight and gravity to decompress your spine for improved health and relaxation. With ideal support, the MagniStretch helps relieve pressure on your spine, increasing the space between each vertebra. In just a few short months, you’ll feel a dramatic difference in your spinal health.

Now, there's an even thicker version available with all the features of the original plus more in the Magnistretch X. This mattress adds an additional two inches for a softer comfort level.

Magnigel Deluxe Dual

Like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The Magnigel Deluxe line of mattresses was inspired by the soft, plush look of clouds and designed to help you create your own special sleeping paradise. Available from us in 9, 10, and 12 inches, the Magnigel foam construction is a medium-firm mattress and offers the benefits you want: lightness, freshness, and support. And thanks to the Dual Core technology, whoever is using the mattress can choose the side that works best for them.


When you want your mattress to hug and support you, you want the Abbraccio. Backed by extensive research from the Magniflex R & D team, this mattress is soft, comfortable, and provides an enveloping embrace that’ll keep you cozy all night long. The Abbraccio mattresses contain an Aquabreeze layer- a special water-based foam with an open cell structure that facilitates air circulation for heat dispersion. The Super Soft and Memosoft fibers cradle you in comfort. This line is available in both 10 and 12 inches.

Dolce Vita Comfort Deluxe Dual

Dolce Vita- The Sweet Life. This mattress encompasses all that means in a celebration of beauty, comfort, quality, and elegance. The skillful combination of high-quality materials and excellent fabrics comes together to create the Dolce Vita and your perfect sleep system. Memoform, Eliosoft, and Elioform materials offer an extraordinary feeling of embracing comfort. Plus, the thermo-regulating, breathable cover, made from Viscose and Outlast® fabrics, is easy to remove so that you can keep it fresh and clean. This mattress also offers the Dual Core technology so you can suit the support of each person’s comfort level.

Terra Dual

The Terra Dual, available in both 10" and 12" profiles, is created to offer incredible comfort where each partner can personalize their side of the bed using the Dual Core Technology. This mattress also features a removable, highly breathable cover made from natural bamboo. It'll keep you comfortable and cool all night long. The Memoform layer gently contours to your curves to relieve pressure in the most common points of your body.


The Toscana line of mattresses, available in 9, 10, and 12 inches, is designed to provide a balance between technology and nature. Magniflex created the perfect harmony to enjoy optimal sleep. The Toscana collection provides matchless comfort with nature in mind for eco-friendly comfort while you sleep. The natural materials give the Toscana line relaxing properties and the cover in organic cotton is cool and pleasant to the touch. Plus, it's GOTS-certified. This certification proves that the fabrics are manufactured with respect to you, your family, and the environment.


The utmost attention to detail was paid by the manufactures of the Virtuoso and is reflected by the smart use of materials both inside and out. Virtuoso mattresses have a side with padding in cashmere, camel hair, merino wool, and horsehair for wintertime. Plus, the other side offers horsehair, linen, cotton, and silk for the summertime. The combination of these precious fibers provides this line with exclusivity and excellence. Inside, Mallow foam, Memoform HD, Eliosoft Breeze, and Elioform Breeze guarantees an embracing but supportive comfort. The breathable system with support zones and vertical holes promotes better airflow and relieves pressure points.


Nuvola mattresses are made with soft, comfortable covers made with Thermic® fabric and soft natural Viscose, which provides a pleasant feeling of coolness to the touch and improves the quality of your sleep. Aquabreeze, a foam with exclusive open-cell construction, allows for better air circulation and optimal heat dispersion. The breathable structure and differentiated support zones allow for increased airflow and coolness. You'll also find the Dual Core technology in the Nuvola line, so both partners can choose the comfort that's right for each of person.

Da Vinci

The best technology to ensure comfort suitable for any body type and sleeping needs. The padding and Memoform, together with the cooling layer of Magnigel Foam, alongside the support of Eliosoft and Elioform, ensure a remarkably comfortable and regenerating night. The Outlast® and Viscose cover wicks away perspiration and keeps the skin fresh and dry. The Da Vinci line ensures an optimal sleeping experience, even for two people sleeping together thanks to the Dual Core technology.

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