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Sealy Innerspring Mattresses

Sealy Innerspring Mattresses

Traditional Meets Exceptional

Sealy's newest mattresses are the result of years of engineering to deliver exceptional support and comfort. What is an Innerspring Mattress? Innerspring mattresses are the most popular technology found in a wide variety of mattresses. An innerspring mattress uses a steel coil support system. For more information, see below the products.

Innerspring mattresses provide exceptional support and have been a tried and true staple feature of mattress construction for many years. One of the myths of the innerspring mattress is that the springs themselves can cause uncomfortable pressure points on the shoulders and hips which cause back pain in the morning and tossing and turning during the night, this is especially true for people over 250lbs. This is something that has been addressed with newer technologies that help reduce the pressure points you would find in older mattresses.

The innerspring is now covered by padding or upholstery materials, including various foams, fiber and even additional layers of smaller steel springs. There are several types of spring systems, including those with springs connected into a single unit and units with individually wrapped pocketed coils. The spring shapes, designs, coil gauge, and a number of coils in a mattress can vary. Sealy has worked with orthopedic specialists to create real support for your body. We have a large collection of Mattresses and you are sure to find one that will fulfill your needs.