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Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection Hepburn Mattress Review

About Stearns & Foster Mattresses

Throughout over 170 years of history, Stearns and Foster has handcrafted the finest mattresses, used the best materials, and introduced generations to enduring comfort and support. Every Stearns & Foster bed is handcrafted by certified craftsmen who have been specially trained and pay relentless attention to detail to build the best beds. Nothing is as supremely comfortable as a Stearns & Foster bed, offering you that perfect “ahh” moment every time you lie down. Every Stearns & Foster mattress is made with precise engineering to meet the highest of standards to deliver exceptional, lasting quality. Only Stearns & Foster mattresses fuse new innovative technologies with time-honored traditions — resulting in superior quality, craftsmanship, and comfort.

About the Reserve Collection

The Stearns & Foster® Reserve Collection is our highest expression of craftsmanship. We developed an entirely new mattress-making process to craft its one-of-a-kind design, quality, and feel. With the exceptional comfort of Indulge HD Memory Foam, the exquisitely supportive IntelliCoil® Micro HD Layer, and an upholstery-grade velvet exterior that makes any bedroom beautiful, nothing matches the feeling of a Reserve. This mattress is beautifully hand-tufted. Plus, luxurious velvet upholstery on the side panels. The mattress also has eight handles and a 10-Year Limited Warranty.



A stretch-knit covering featuring Tencel wicks away moisture, and our exquisitely supportive IntelliCoil Micro HD layer delivers exceptional comfort and support. The top covering also stays cool and is hand-tufted for a luxurious look and feel.



A plush layer that features our Indulge Memory Foam to deliver long-lasting support and comfort. Plus, another layer of Indulge HD Memory Foam. Two layers of supreme comfort.



A nested coil design provides even more adaptive support for every type of sleeper. Plus, it has the IntelliCoil® Micro and Micro HD layer. That’s three layers of wonderful support.



A high-density coil border provides durable edge support to ensure your mattress holds its shape.



Ventilated coil system works with external air vents to increase breathability and promote cool, comfortable, deep slumber throughout the night. It offers eight air vents.

This Collection is available in three different options- firm, plush, and plush pillowtop.


What People Are Saying

The Reserve Collection is the highest level from the Stearns & Foster lineup of mattresses and as such it does represent the largest investment. These mattresses are designed to offer luxury craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind dedication creating a product that will last for years to come.

Let’s take a look at what customers had to say about the versions available.

Reserve Firm

Let’s take a peek at what people had to say about the firm version of this mattress, which is typically loved by back sleepers who need a bit more support for their backs when they sleep.

Philip reviewed the Firm Hepburn on and said-

“A very fine mattress. We love everything about this mattress, with the minor annoyance of the buttons on top. We purchased two for our beach house last year when they were called the Reserve III, and the buttons didn't seem to bother us. Our solution was to place two mattress protectors on the bed and now we don't feel the buttons at all. [... W]e would absolutely purchase this Hepburn mattress again[...].”

Matt also reviewed on and said-

“Quality mattress at a reasonable price. The mattress is a bit firm which I like, but at the same time it is supportive and it conforms well to your body. I weigh about 180 and am a side or stomach sleeper. I’m not sure how this would be for a back sleeper. I do recommend this mattress.”

John also said there-

“Love it. I would recommend this product I can not however find the manufacturer with the date.”

And Debprah said there-

“Loved this mattress from the first day! Comfortable from day one!”

CityBear 206 on Stearns & Foster said-

“FINE QUALITY BEDDING AND EXTRAORDINARY SLEEP PRODUCT! Exquisitely built mattress with many pleasing refinements including excellent handles and a soft touch side casing. It creates great sleep by keeping your body aligned properly to eliminate the unpleasant feeling of having the skeleton out of alignment when you wake in the morning! This was a perfect choice to remedy the uncomfortable feeling my old mattress was creating when I woke in the morning. I would highly recommend this product. It seems the craftsmanship is far superior to others I have had and is certainly worth its price.”

This is of course the goal of the Reserve Collection- to stand head and shoulders above the rest and provide an incredible sleeping experience, and we love to hear customer feedback like this.

Also on the Stearns & Foster website, Astroboy said-

"Great! That's the bed I wanted. We hoped the mattress comfortable for good sleep and it is perfect, worth the price I paid for it. “

Ritika said there that-

“Amazing product that delivers on design, quality, and sleep! I fell in love with the design and quality of the product when it was first delivered to our home. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is something you only expect from Stearns & Foster. The sleeping experience is what exceeded my expectations. We have been sleeping on it for about a month and love it. It has the right balance of firmness and premium conformance. [I] highly recommend this product.”

When our employees tried out the mattress for ourselves in their showroom, we noticed the exact same thing. Wonderful support and a wonderful top layer that allows you to sink in just a bit.

Lastly, Charpman said there-

“Quality. This is the best trust me when I say that. Quality is just everything and loved it. Yes, I do recommend this product!”

Now, let’s look at what people said about the Luxury Plush version of the mattress.

Reserve Plush

The Plush is a step up from the firm in that “sink in” feeling and is typically preferred by those who sleep on their sides and need that extra bit of give so that there are no pressure points. 

Debbie on Stearns and Foster said-

“Great comfortable and supportive mattress. We've had this the Hepburn Plush and it is a really great mattress so far. My husband is a back sleeper and we've always had a semi-firm mattress and I really needed a medium softer mattress. I'm getting older and my hips just needed something more supportive. This is firm enough for my husband's back and has enough cushion for me.”

Lu said there-

“I would buy this again. The top is soft and comfortable, it allows one to "sink in" slightly. Underneath the top is a firm, sturdy mattress. It does not move when one turns during sleep. It took me about 6 weeks to get used to this new mattress. The old one ( a Stearns and Foster) was 18 years old and something I had gotten very accustomed too. I did not know something so much better existed (this Stearns and Foster!!).”

Sandpetz1 on S&F also said-

“I would buy this mattress again. This is being used in an extra bedroom. At first, we thought it was going to be too hard however once it warmed up to the house it was very comfortable. My family member has been sleeping on it and said it was the most comfortable bed they have ever slept on.”

Also there, Amy said-

“I would buy this product. Very comfortable whether laying on my side or on my back. Yes, I do recommend this product!”

The luxury plush is certainly a well-loved mattress by those who do choose to invest in it. If you’re looking for an excellent mattress for a side sleeper or someone who likes a more plush sleeping surface, this is a great choice. If you want even plusher bed and a bit of added elegance, check out the next mattress.

Reserve Plush Pillowtop

By the favorite among customers in this collection is the Plush Pillowtop. Customers have left some incredible comments on this bed. Let’s take a peek.

Sleepy in Savannah on Stearns & Foster reviewed the mattress and said-

“This is a wonderful, very comfortable mattress! Love it, sleeping so well!”

Agnes from Alexandria also reviewed on Stearns & Foster-

“Quality & comfort! This is my second Stearns & Foster mattress and I absolutely love it. I comfort exchanged [...] for this mattress and I just couldn't be happier! [...] The comfort of this Stearns & Foster is simply unmatchable. The first night’s sleep on this mattress was great and comfortable. I fell in love [with] it from the start (don't believe that you need an "adjustment time" for a mattress; you either immediately like it the first night or you just don't!). The Reserve Hepburn gives me enough back-support while being solid, yet soft on the top. I truly haven't had such good night sleep in years! It’s worth every single dollar I saved to buy it. [...] You just never will go wrong with Stearns & Foster. They make the best mattress in the United States!”

Blissful Slumber on Stearns & Foster said-

“Best Sleep Ever!!! My quality of sleep has improved consistently, night after night! I've had my new bed & mattress for approximately 3 1/2 weeks. I'm experiencing a much higher quality of sleep! Sleeping longer and without tossing & turning. The bed allows you to just melt into the mattress while also being very supportive. My previous mattress was another supposedly premium mattress that was less than 3 years old. However, I was not getting the quality of sleep on that mattress that I am now. So happy that I upgraded to a new size bed which lead me to purchase a new mattress as well. I had not heard of Stearns & Foster but from the moment I tried out the Reserve- Katherine Hepburn model in the store, no other mattress could compare!”

TN Belle on S&F said-

“Great Slumber!!! I've had my new bed & mattress for 5 days now. [I a]m experiencing the most restful & rejuvenating sleep that I've ever had!!!”

Michael R. said there-

“World Class Mattress. [V]ery well made, with attention to detail, and very comfortable to sleep on. Can not move mattress alone, needs at least two.

Trish on S&F said-

“I never knew I could love a mattress this much. My husband and I sleep on our king mattress every night. It's my favorite part of the night-getting to crawl into our amazing mattress. It's spacious, luxurious, and the most comfortable thing I've slept on. At first, when you crawl into bed, the mattress feels too firm, but once you sleep in it, it perfectly conforms to your body, providing the perfect amount of support and comfort. It's hard for me to want to get out in the morning because the bed knows me so well, I don't want to leave it! I'm 5 months pregnant and I don't have a need to sleep with a body pillow for extra support, that's how amazing this mattress is. And I no longer toss and turn as much like I used to, trying to get comfortable. I'm also a side sleeper, and I feel this mattress is the perfect support for shoulders and hips. My husband and I both don't remember a time when we both slept this great or what our other mattresses felt like! The only issue I have is how heavy the mattress is when changing the sheets. This isn't a big deal considering the size, but you definitely need two people to change the bed.”

CA from Central KY on S&F reviewed with-

“The best of the best. Why even try anything else? If you're reading this review you've probably been looking for the best mattress made. You already own the best cars/SUVs. You likely researched and own the best TVs and electronics and other gadgets. You likely have a nice, comfortable house in a great neighborhood. Why compromise on your mattress purchase? We came out of an eight-year-old Tempur Pedic that I always found "hot" to sleep in. In my bachelor life, I had a very high-end S&F and loved it. When looking for a new mattress we wanted the feel of memory foam and the comforts of a traditional mattress. This mattress has it all. It's like finding the perfect truck that has a Cummins Diesel, Allison Transmission, reliability of a Tundra, and the interior comforts of a Ford Super Duty ...If my wife gets out of bed in the middle of the night I don't feel a thing. I'm confident I could throw a Stone Cold Stunner on my side of the bed and she wouldn't feel a thing... she would sleep right through it. My only knock on this mattress is it's VERY heavy. Be prepared to have someone help you lift the mattress when changing the sheets because it's nearly overwhelming for one person... and you will need DEEP sheets to cover this beauty. Even 17 inch deep sheets don't come close to covering this cloud of greatness.”

This is what you want to hear about a high-end mattress. And the truth is they are very heavy. We’ve moved this mattress and it definitely has a heft to it. That’s the result of having several layers of springs and technology working together inside it to provide the best in support and comfort.

Dana on the site said-

“I have never slept so well in my life! This is the most incredible mattress. It supports my body perfectly and has helped relieve back and neck pain that I have had for years.”

Eric there said-

“This bed is incredible. This is by far the most comfortable bed I have slept on. It perfectly conforms to my body and helps me get a good night’s sleep without any aches or pains the next day.

Sarah on S&F said-

“Perfection in the form of a Mattress. This mattress is beyond amazing. I am a terrible sleeper, always have been. While I still wake up during the night, it is not because of my bed. I have never slept deeper and feel so much more rested when I wake up for the day. My husband has lower back pain and typically wakes up with soreness. Since sleeping on this mattress his back does not hurt in the morning. He feels much more support than he has with other mattresses and feels like everything is more aligned. The mattress itself is also beautiful. The design on the cream-colored top compliments the elegant navy blue on the bottom perfectly. It's almost a shame to have to cover with a sheet. :)”

Peter reviewed the mattress on

“High quality, supportive, and comfortable. The mattress is very expensive, and the King weighs around 250lbs. The top of the mattress has a pillow top, that feels very firm during the first 3 weeks. It does contour to your body and then it is very comfortable. The coil springs provide the support needed, and the mattress does an excellent job of dissipating heat. The mattress is definitely constructed of high-quality materials. Overall my wife and I are very satisfied. We have had the mattress for 1 month as of this review. Also, I'm 5'11 and weigh approximately 225 lbs, with a muscular build.”

Virginia also on said-

“Great mattress. Great mattress. Had to get used to the gel foam. But once I did, it’s great.

Very cool. No sweating at night.”

Lastly, Karolyn on the same side said-

“Luxurious. Soft, cloud-like luxury. Very happy with my degree of sleep and comfort.”

This is the plushest, most luxurious mattress available from Stearns & Foster and as you can see, customers love it.

Final Thoughts

We love this mattress as a best-of-the-best option and think it was a wise choice on Stearns & Foster’s part to produce this high-end mattress in three different comfort levels so that no matter how you sleep, you’ll be comfortable.

If you’re considering a luxury mattress as a back, stomach, or side sleeper, the Reserve Collection has something for you. We personally feel that the plush pillowtop is an excellent choice for side sleepers looking to sleep on a cloud. We highly recommend all versions of this mattress as a high-quality, large-investment model from the entire Stearns & Foster line.

Finished With Your Research?

If you're ready to shop, check out the details of the mattress to decide if it will work for you. If you still need assistance with choosing a mattress for your unique needs, check out our Mattress Buying Guide here or continue to peruse the Stearns & Foster Mattress Reviews here. 

Picking out a mattress is a big deal. Get the help you need to make a smart decision from BedPlanet.Com.

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