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Sealy Optimum Meadowcrest Latex Mattress Review

Sealy Optimum Dreams Latex Mattress

Sealy Optimum Meadowcrest Latex Mattress

Sealy Optimum Review 

Taking a closer look at Sealy's Meadowcrest Latex Mattress

When I first learned of the Optimum latex collection I wondered to myself why anyone would want a latex mattress as opposed to the gel memory foam versions that the Optimum colleciton started with. That question has since been answered. If you like the idea of your mattress helping you regulate your body temperature, and providing body contouring support, but can't stand the "sinking feeling" that most memory foam mattresses give you, then the Sealy Optimum Meadowcrest latex mattress is precisely what you are searching for. The Meadowcrest provides a much more neutral comfort level which can appeal to just about anyone. Check out the different sleeping positions below to see how I enjoyed each one.

Last Updated: February 9, 2018

This mattress has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. The Sealy Optimum Mattresses have been replaced with the Sealy Response Collection.

As I have mentioned in other Optimum reviews, I am a side-sleeper naturally, so this will likely be the more detailed section of the review, however it is my goal to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting before you bring it home to your bedroom.

Comfort for the Side Sleeper - 4/5

The neutral comfort level of the Sealy Optimum Meadowcrest latex mattress is actually rather comfortable. It is too firm to be called medium-plush but soft enough that I couldn't call it medium-firm either. When lying on my side, I was quite comfortable and didn't have any noticeable pressure issues in my shoulder or hip areas. The mattress was nice and cool, and the latex quickly conformed to my body without any sort fo sinking feeling, so the comfort I felt when I first laid down was consistent through my experience. This is an important distinction, after having done many reviews on the Sealy Optimum mattresses (gel memory foam), I have discovered that the comfort changes the longer you lay there until the bed fully conforms to your shape. In some of the more plush versions it would start off comfortable in the position I was lying in, and as it the gel memory foam went to work, it became (in some cases) quite uncomfortable. The Optimum latex mattresses don't seem to have that issue.

Comfort for the Back Sleeper - 3/5

If you sleep on your back, you will love the Meadowcrest latex mattress. The latex quickly conformed to my lower back and provided very comfortable support throughout, and still no sinking feeling. As I was lying there, I actually was having a hard time staying awake. As the temperature of the mattress as well as the comfort seemed to be "just right". Changing positions wasn't as awkward as with the gel memory foam mattress either. The latex responds much faster to change and didn't leave me in an awkward hole as I went from my side to my back.

Comfort for the Stomach Sleeper - 4/5

The Meadowcrest is easily firm enough to cater to even the most picky of stomach sleepers. With the medium comfort feel, you can feel the support from the moment you lay down. I recommend a memory foam pillow, or failing that a thin pillow to ensure maximum comfort, but I didn't encounter any uncomfortable curve in my back that you usually get from a mattress being too soft, or the discomfort from it being too hard. As I said previously, you can sum up the Meadowcrest's comfort level as "just right".

Overall Experience

The Sealy Optimum Meadowcrest latex mattress has a very wide appeal, making it perfect for couples with differing opinions on the comfort of their mattress. I was comfortable in every position I was in and honestly didn't want to get up. I highly recommend this model for just about anyone.

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