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Sealy Optimum Brasswood Latex Mattress Review

Sealy Optimum Brasswood Latex Mattress

Sealy Optimum Brasswood Latex Mattress

Sealy Optimum Review 

Taking a closer look at Sealy's Brasswood Latex Mattress

If you are looking for a firmer alternative to the Sealy Optimum mattresses in the gel memory foam line, the Brasswood has what you are looking for. Made with higher density latex instead of gel memory foam the Optimum Brasswood latex mattress provides a nice firm comfort level with resilient spring-like support.

For those who don't know, there are two different types of Sealy Optimum mattress. One set has gel memory foam within that provides the bulk of the support and comfort. The other uses gel latex foam to provide the same comfort and support, but with a slightly different feel. This is important to know, because if you can't stand that sinking feeling you get in some memory foam mattresses, the latex mattresses have a nice resilience that you will appreciate. As our Sealy rep once told me. "You sleep IN gel memory foam, you sleep ON latex foam".

Last Updated: February 9, 2018

This mattress has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. The Sealy Optimum Mattresses have been replaced with the Sealy Response Collection.

Comfort for the Side Sleeper - 2/5

Personally, I am a side sleeper so this is usually the first position I try when I am reviewing new mattresses. The Optimum Brasswood latex mattress is quite firm, much firmer than most of the Optimum line, so I would caution the side sleeper from choosing this one. There was a fair amount of pressure on my shoulder and hip areas that made me slightly uncomfortable. The latex does help with some of this since it is designed to mold to your body to provide better support, but with firm comfort level, it is not enough for me to recommend this mattress to anyone who sleeps on their side.

Comfort for the Back Sleeper - 5/5

The back sleeper, on the other hand, will likely enjoy this mattress. The firmer comfort feel combined with body contoured support means to the back sleeper that your spine and lower back are going to be supported incredibly well. I was very comfortable as I laid on my back. The latex didn't take its time conforming to my lower back, it was almost instant like you would expect from a classic innerspring mattress. I highly recommend the Sealy Optimum Brasswood latex mattress for those who sleep on their back.

Comfort for the Stomach Sleeper - 4/5

Stomach sleepers will also enjoy the Brasswood latex mattress. A firm comfort feel is something that a stomach sleeper tends to prefer, and to that end the Brasswood does not disappoint. When you lay on your stomach you can feel an immediate adjustment by the latex foam as it contours to your body and supports all the right places. I definitely recommend this mattress to the stomach sleeper.

Overall Experience

Overall, I definitely feel safe in my recommendation to the back and stomach sleepers regarding this mattress. If you are part of a couple and one of whom is a side sleeper, or you are a side sleeper I recommend checking out the Meadcrest instead of this mattress.

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