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Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15
Osaki OS-4000T Vs OS-4000CS Vs Os-4000LS

Osaki OS-4000T Vs OS-4000CS Vs Os-4000LS

When looking at Osaki chairs your eye can easily be drawn to the OS-4000 series. With a great price and lengthy features list, it is one of the best choices you can make. You then run into the small hurdle of deciding which of the OS-4000 series would be best for you? This comparison is going to help in making your decision a lot easier.

The OS-4000T has upgraded the features of the OS-4000. This reasonably priced chair is going to provide you with a massage featuring the S-Track. This track style will mimic the curve of the human spine. The comprehensive hand-like massage will move across your body with 5 different massage styles.

The OS-4000CS has the L-Track style that goes further down your body than the S-Track would. The L-Track will reach all the way from your neck to upper thigh. The USB port is introduced on the OS-4000CS & OS-4000LS.

Zero gravity is prominent on all three chairs as well as body scanning technology. An elaborate air bag system is spread throughout the chair. This adds a nice boost of compression to enhance your massage to an ultimate level.

Osaki’s three chairs are quite comparable when you stack them up against each other. You run into the small things, such as one chair lacking something the other has. Thankfully this problem is solved with the OS-4000LS. All the features that the other chairs have are included in the 4000LS. The extended L-Track is going to give you a more beneficial massage while you take full advantage of the foot massager that is kneading the soles of your feet with the finest reflexology techniques. The USB port is allowing you the option to listen to your favorite music. Finally, the adjustable shoulder massage is going to hit all of the spots on your shoulders that other chairs miss out on.

Osaki has gone above and beyond to give you multiple features throughout all these chairs. They have also been nice enough to give you one chair that has the best of everything.

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