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Luraco Massage Chairs - Made in the USA

Luraco Massage Chairs - Made in the USA

We get a lot of questions about where massage chairs are made, which ones are the best and whether or not we have any that are made right here in the USA. This is why we are going to talk a little bit about Luraco massage chairs today so we can quickly answer all of those questions.

First, Where are massage chairs made?

For the most part, massage chairs are manufactured in China and shipped here in huge containers. There are some exceptions to this, a couple of the Apex massage chairs are made in Taiwan, some of the high end Osaki massage chairs are made in Japan and Luraco massage chairs that are made right here in the USA. Luraco massage chairs are actually the only brand of massage chair we carry that are made right here in the USA. They have a huge warehouse in Texas where everything from research, design, testing and assembly are done by American workers.

Which Massage Chair is the Best?

This is a sort of vague question that is very subjective. The answer large depends on your budget, your size, and your personal massage preferences. If money is of no consequence, then the Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair is easily one of the best massage chairs on the market today. This massage chair is packed full of features and feels like you are being massaged by a cloud when sitting in it. One of the features that customers comment on is the operating system. If there is an issue with the chair, it has an incredibly intelligent diagnostic system that finds the problem and gives you a prompt that allows you to expedite service calls with very little troubleshooting necessary.

The Luraco i7 massage chair also has no competition when it comes to massage customization. You can customize every single aspect of your massage thanks to the in-depth mobile device-like remote. You can control every facet of almost every motion from the remote and ensure that you receive a massage that is to your liking. You can also save it using the user memory so you can easily recall it later.

Excellent Medical Massage Chair

The Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair is one of the worlds only medical grade massage chairs with its health monitor attachments. Within seconds you can easily see just how significantly the massage experience is affecting your well-being. If you want to learn more about this massage chair or others, please give us a call at 888.996.9890 and we will be happy to explain in depth any of the features, or let you know about upcoming specials.

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