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Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Review

Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Review

This chair has been replaced by the i9 Max Message Chair -Learn More


The Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair gives the user a medical grade massage experience. The chair was researched, designed and built in America. The main focus of this chair is clearly the health aspect, followed closely by comfort. This is the only medical grade massage chair that has optional health monitors that can be purchased as an add on, Then the user can see exactly how the massage is affecting your body the entire time you are sitting in the chair, and long after.

An Actual Chair

The Luraco iRobotics i7 is a comfortable chair even in the off position. Some massage chairs can be quite uncomfortable when they are turned off, which makes them a bit useless as an actual chair. This is not the case with the Luraco i7. The remote sits easily in a pouch attached to the arm. At first glance the remote is reminiscent of any modern smart phone. With multiple features and options it is nice to see that the remote is very reactive. As soon as you hit a button the action that you have chose begins.

First You Sit

The default setting is a fifteen minute massage in health mode. An initially body scan can lean towards the long side, but this issue is avoidable one you create a personalize profile in the settings. The body scan is then skipped for future use. During the lengthy body scan the foot rollers stay in motion throughout. It is a great benefit that part of your massage essentially begins right away, even while it is figuring out your body shape.

Instant Attention

The foot massage is interesting. The focus on the soles of your feet is a nice, constant feature. Unfortunately, the calves seem to be a bit neglected. The air compression around the calves is powerful, but it really only seems to concentrate on the sides. Even in the sports program, there was not any sensation on the back of the calves other than slight compression. There are other chairs on the market at a much lower price point that have rollers in the calf section. Sadly the same problem occurs within the arms, just compression airbags but not rolling motion. While the compression is a nice sensation, it doesn’t actually massage the muscles the same way a roller would.

It Begins

The body scan is now complete and you are ready to get going. There are varying levels of massage, so this is a great chair for a casual user or someone that is looking a deep tissue experience. Trying out the different programs it is easy to see the medical benefits of this chair. If you are having an issue with a specific area of your back, this chair will address it with the utmost attention.

The hip twist and swivel feature is a huge benefit to loosen up your core, which will improve lower back issues. 3D roller technology allows the massage rollers to protrude from the track and follow the curves of the spine. This is another feature that the lower back, and neck, will benefit from. The neck feature goes all the way up to the base of the skull, a lot higher than many other chairs venture to go. The intensity of the different programs varies greatly, and can be adjusted within each program. This is something that is going to be an extremely personal preference to each individual. If you are new to massage chairs a few of the settings will just seem way too intense. If you are suffering from chronic back issues, that intensity is going to be exactly what you are looking for.

Like Being in Space

All this occurs while zero gravity is initiated. The purpose of zero gravity is to raise your legs above your heart, so that the influence of gravity is reduced and your spine and joints will decompress and relax. Additionally the majority of your body weight is focused on the backrest, where you are going to get the majority of your massage.

The Good & The Bad

There are a few down sides to the Luraco i7. The chair has a TV mode, that allows you to sit in a semi-upright position. Obviously, you lose the benefits of zero gravity, but that is only logical. You also lose the benefits of all massage other than your feet. There is no back or arm massage at all. This seems quite illogical as the chair has many simple, subtle massage styles. If you push any area in the manual mode, the chair reclines back into zero gravity.

There is an option to play music during your massage, which is a nice added feature. Since this chair has a huge medical focus, they may have not paid as much attention in where they put the speakers. Rather than aiming the music at your head, it seems to project out into the room. The user is still getting to experience the music, but they are really missing out on a full immersion experience.

One final point that can lean towards a downside is that size can play a tiny part in the overall message. Luraco i7 goes quite high on the height and weight limit. A smaller person in height (roughly around 5’5” and below) may miss out on a few of the benefits. With smaller shoulders and frame some features may not get as close as it would a person that is a bit bigger. This is by no means a deal break, but an observation some users may come across when analyzing their overall experience.  

Final Decision

Overall this is a great chair, with lots of features, many of which will medically benefit the user. It is stylish and will not stand out as an eyesore in the middle of your living room, if you choose to put it there. Even having the option to keep it front and center is a nice perk, since it works as just a basic chair as well. The major downside to this chair is the price. Your are completely going to pay for all of these perks and even a few that may not be worth the extra dollars. At this price point the Luraco i7 seems to be a chair that is for an intense user, versus someone that would randomly jump into a massage chair. 

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