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Why You Need a Set of Malouf Sheets &  What To Know

Why You Need a Set of Malouf Sheets & What To Know

Make Laying in Bed That Much Better

Are your sheets up to snuff? Probably not.

In fact, a study by Good Housekeeping Research found that seven out of eight sheets exaggerated their thread count to make them sound nice. And furthermore, thread count isn’t everything and certainly shouldn’t be your only identifier of a good set of sheets. 

So what should you be looking for? Well, allow us to walk you through the ins and outs of sheets thanks to the experts at Malouf who made quality sheets their business, and they’re top sellers.

What You Need to Know About Sheets

Getting to Know Fibers

You’re going to wash your sheets and probably do so a lot. So, you want a fiber that will get better as it’s washed. The longer the fiber, the stronger and finer the weave. That’s what you want. Short fibers are likely to break, which can cause rough patches and pilling. That’s what you don’t want.

Thread Count in Combination

Thread count is frequently overcounted to make sheets seem higher quality than they are. When you’re shopping, look for thread count paired with high-quality materials. After all, thread count is just a way to measure the number of threads per square inch. In the past, a single-ply fabric with a high thread count like 600 was, and is, considered premium because of the fine yarns.

Today, many manufacturers often use deceptively high thread counts, occasionally even into the thousands. Instead of counting the thread woven into a square inch, they count the number of fibers of that thread to come up with an impressive, if embellished, measure.

Details, Detail, Details

The quality of the sheet is usually noticeable through the finish. Look for sheets without chemical finishes that make fabrics feel soft and then wash out and check the hems for pristine finishes like double piping or hand-drawn stitching.

Hem Stitching

When you see quality edges, quality piping, and strong elastic that’s a good set of sheets. Malouf sheet sets are designed for optimal feel, drape, and longevity. That means they finish each sheet with the hemstitch that best complements the fabric. The lightweight fabrics pair go well with a lightweight hem. Heavier fabrics handle a more substantial hem. This guarantees our sheets sit beautifully on your bed and won’t bunch after you’ve put them through the wash.

Plus, all Malouf sheets are hand-finished and hand-inspected.

No Chemicals Please

Many manufacturers treat fabrics with chemicals and enzymes when they’re finishing them. Malouf sheets are never treated with gimmicky fabric enhancers or artificial softeners. The sheets will stay soft and smooth over time because of the high-quality materials. The feel doesn’t just wash away after putting them in the laundry like many other brands that might feel soft in the store but lose their allure after a few washings.

Thicker Mattress Need Deeper Sheets

Even the most luxurious fabric needs to be the right size. Find sheets that hug your mattress, provide deep pockets for a snug fit, and larger dimensions for easy draping. A well-designed and well-made set of sheets feels amazing and looks good.

Universal Fit®

At Malouf, the sheet sets feature a fully elasticized fitted sheet for a great-looking fit that will round the counters and edges all the way around. This allows for a smooth and secure fit no matter how big your mattress is. In fact, they provide a Universal Fit guarantee that means if their sheets don’t fit perfectly, you can easily replace them.

Oversized Dimensions

Every sheet set from Malouf is designed with deep pockets and oversized dimensions. So no matter your mattress depth, the sheets will tuck around it and fit like a dream. Oversized dimensions extend to our pillowcases as well, so you can be sure the entire set will look great.

Extra-Deep Pockets

For those who love taller mattresses, our rayon from bamboo and Tencel® sheets fit mattress depths of six inches to 22 inches.

Getting to Know Weaves

There are a number of weave options available in bedding that affect the feel significantly. We suggest percale for durability, twill for a wonderful drape, and sateen for that shiny look. The weave of the fabric is frequently more critical to the general quality than the thread count. Bedding is made using three basic weave patterns: percale, twill, and sateen. We’ll cover twill and sateen as those are the two you’ll find on our site.

Twill Weave

Twill weave is typically a one-thread-over, three-threads-under pattern and creates a diagonal rib line on the face of the fabric. Twill fabrics are strong, durable, and usually made for bedding with a soft, beautiful drape. The Rayon from Bamboo sheets use this.

Sateen Weave

Sateen weave is usually a four-threads-over, one-thread-under pattern and makes a silky-smooth, somewhat shiny look and feel. The construction of the fabric provides the sateen weave with a grain. This means it drapes beautifully over the bed while being heavier on the sheen. This is the weave of the Tencel sheets.

Quality First

Egyptian cotton? How about French linen? Or Supima cotton, which is only grown in America? The best sheets are made from the finest materials around, and you can count on the Tencel and Rayon from bamboo sheets to uphold that expected level of quality.


You don’t have to choose between sheets that are eco-friendly and those that are high quality. When you shop Malouf, you’ll get both. Materials like bamboo or lyocell—a bio-degradable fabric made from wood pulp, are both sustainable and high-quality. Botanical TENCEL™ Lyocell and the rayon from bamboo sheets we sell are examples of this.

But How Do They Feel?

Silky. Breathable. Soft. You like what you like. After you’ve looked through a few types of sheets in person, you’ll likely determine which types are your favorite. Ultimately, no set of sheets will satisfy you unless you love the way they feel. That preference is wholly personal. It’s crucial to touch and feel sheets to discover what you like most. You may even find that you prefer a different feel depending on the season. I know I love flannel in the winter, but it’s too warm during the summer.

To understand more about feel, it comes down to the fibers. Let’s dive in.


Fiber quality impacts the temperature, softness, feel, and durability of your sheets. Long-staple cotton and French linen, for example, are known to be lightweight and breathable with great durability. Tencel® and rayon from bamboo are soft and silky—and wick away moisture. Flannel and microfiber are cozy and maybe even fuzzy.

Long Staple Fibers

The highest quality fabrics offer long-staple fibers. The term staple just means the fiber of wool, cotton, flax, rayon, or whatever the fabric is made from, as it pertains to length and fineness. Longer fiber makes stronger and finer yarns, which makes them a smooth and supple weave. In contrast, shorter fibers are fragile and can weaken, causing pilling and lots of wear.

Every night you get cozy in your sheets and they touch you night after night. Their job is to keep you comfortable. This makes choosing a long staple fiber a no brainer.

Single-Ply Yarn

Yarn ply is the number of individual yarns within a thread. A common practice of low-quality bedding manufacturers is to use multi-ply yarn. These yarns have been made by twisting multiple yarns together to increase their thread count.

For instance, a sheet set advertised as 1,000 thread count might truly be made of multiple-ply threads, which would break down as actually only 250 threads of 4-ply yarns per square inch. Sure the thread count is higher, but they don’t provide the airy, more supple fabric that single-ply yarns do. This is because the yarns used to make multi-ply yarn are frequently shorter fibers, occasionally called discard-grade fibers.

So when you’re feeling your sheets, you want to make sure they offer the soft finish you’re looking for and aren't relying on a chemical to make them feel that way.

Now, let’s look at the individual sheet sets we sell- Woven™ TENCEL™ and Woven™ Rayon from Bamboo.

Our Malouf Sheets

Malouf Woven™ TENCEL™ Sheet Sets

Made from the pulp of wood, Tencel® is an interesting eco-friendly choice for your linens. The smooth fiber structure offers a silky, gentle feel. Its nanofibril structure wicks away moisture, making it 50% more absorbent than cotton.

This unique cellulosic fiber has temperature regulating qualities to help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bacteria growth is significantly reduced without chemical additives thanks to excellent moisture management. Tencel is also regenerated cellulose fiber, but processed with a non-toxic spinning solvent in a closed-loop system.

Silky soft and naturally pure, Woven™ TENCEL™ bed linens will ensure your sleep is refreshingly comfortable. The luxuriously smooth fiber pampers your skin and look fantastic on your bed.

Malouf WOVEN™ Rayon From Bamboo

Rayon from bamboo is a lovely fabric with an amazingly soft feel. It also wicks away moisture, drapes beautifully, and is very colorfast. So the rich color of your sheets won’t fade after several washes.

Bamboo leaves and the soft inner pith are taken from the hard stalk to create the rayon Malouf uses in these premium sheets. The bamboo pulp is then steamed, crushed, and dissolved to separate the strands. Lastly, the fiber is spun into yarn, dyed, and woven.

These WOVEN™ Rayon from Bamboo Sheets will make slipping into bed a definite treat. The fabric more breathable and temperature regulating than others and feel wonderful under your skin.

Plus, the pores are ideal for sensitive skin and will keep you cool and dry as the fabric wicks away moisture. These sheets are also antibacterial and resistant to odors. They’re easy to put on, won’t slip off, and ensures a crisp clean feel every night.

If you’re interested in this line of sheets you can look at all their product pages for more information, and if you have any questions we’d be glad to help. You can reach out over the phone or through email at We know that sleep is important to you, and it's crucial to us. Allow us to help you find the perfect bedroom setup for your needs so that each and every night is the best night of sleep.

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