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What Can Holiday Financing Do For You?

What Can Holiday Financing Do For You?

Make Your Holidays Shine & Use Financing To Your Advantage

Furniture is a big investment. Hands down and no question about it. Uncomfortable beds lead to a return, uncomfortable massage chairs lead to a return, and these situations can be avoided when you make sure that you invest in the best possible item for your needs. And what if the best you could afford was a lot more?

Financing is how you get there, and holiday financing is how you make sure you can get the best before your item is on back-order. You’ll be able to make your purchase, pay on your schedule, and ensure that you take home that coveted piece of furniture or new bed before the holiday rush made it impossible to get it in time for gift exchanging.

Best of all, you can do it with Synchrony Financing and pay 0% interest for one of several great terms.

Using Zero Percent to Your Advantage

When you’re shopping and your purchase price is $2495, Synchrony offers an exclusive program where you will pay 0% Interest for 36 Months. That means no extra money needs to be put forth because you’re financing. 

You’ll pay 36 equal monthly payments, and when you pay off the entire amount, you’ll pay zero interest on your purchase. So, the same upfront amount, but you were able to pay for it on your schedule instead of in one lump sum.

And best of all, when you use Synchrony to finance your purchase from December 6th to December 18th, you’ll get 0% Interest for 60 Months on purchases of just $2,999. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make your purchase and get gifts in time for the holidays without having to put up the entire amount right away.

You can really use this to your advantage when you have most of the money in hand and want to complete your holiday purchase with an upgrade to the best model. This way, you’ll be sure to pay off the balance in the 60 months, when you purchase during the promo period, and you’ll know that you will get the best gifts for your loved ones without having to wait and try to save more, which doesn’t always work because as we all know “life happens,” especially during the holidays.

Guidelines For A Successful Holiday

When you’re using financing, the qualifying purchase amount needs to be on a single receipt. That means every item you are purchasing is done so in one transaction, which makes sense really. It would be very hard to finance two receipts for the same rate at the same time.

This type of financing is also on new items. For example, if you’re looking at the open box model of a mattress, you can’t use financing on that. The idea is that this is designed to help you gift a brand new item and receiving a promotional discount on an older item is its own special situation.

Additionally, the purchase APR is 29.99% with a minimum interest charge of $2 if you don’t complete the payments in the 60 months.

So, as you can see there are terms to understand and consider, however, that doesn’t mean that financing is a bad idea, only that you need to be aware of how it works and ensure that you make all the payments on time. Another good thing is that there’s no penalty if you pay it off early.

This is a wonderful time of the year when family comes together. When you want to give the gift that can really improve a person’s everyday life, we are here to help. We understand that these types of purchases can pack a punch, so we want to help you make this as simple and straightforward as possible. Don’t waste money on low-end products that won’t last you when there is an option to take home high-quality options with a pay-as-you-go schedule. 

Holiday Financing Can Change the Game!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us over the phone or through email. 

To start your journey toward a fantastic holiday season, get prequalified for your line of credit below!


Happy Holidays!

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