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Top 4 Stearns & Foster Mattresses for 2023

Top 4 Stearns & Foster Mattresses for 2023

Stearns & Foster is Your Key to Unrivaled Craftsmanship

Throughout the course of over 170 years of history, Stearns & Foster has handcrafted the finest mattresses, used the best materials, and opened up new generations to enduring comfort and support. Every Stearns & Foster mattress is created by certified craftsmen who have been uniquely trained and who pay relentless attention to detail to build the best beds. 

Nothing is as supremely comfortable as a Stearns & Foster mattress, and each one is made with precise engineering to meet the highest of standards so that you can experience exceptional, lasting quality. Only Stearns & Foster mattresses fuse new innovative technologies with time-honored traditions, resulting in superior quality, craftsmanship, and comfort.

Let’s take a look at their lineup from bottom to top.

The Estate Collection

The Estate collection is outfitted with elegant cashmere-infused quilts, hand-crafted accouterments, and extraordinary features that you won’t find anywhere else. The very best is delivered with the Estate mattress.

Within this collection, the upgraded version, the Estate Rockwell features Indulge Memory Foam - an exclusive foam made just for Stearns & Foster by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic.

The top, stretch-knit covering features Tencel- a sustainably sourced fiber used in athletic wear that wicks away moisture. Under that, you'll find the  comfort layer. This supportive layer features Premium Gel Memory Foam crafted to adapt to your body and relieve pressure.

The Rockwell takes this a step further with the upgraded Indulge Memory Foam.

In both, you'll find the classic Intellicoils. The patented coil-within-coil design allows sleepers of all body types to achieve the perfect level of support. And around the edge surrounding the Intellicoil system is the high-density coil border that provides durable edge support to ensure your mattress holds its shape. 

This Collection is available in both types as a firm, firm euro pillowtop, plush, and plush euro pillowtop. Additionally, the Rockwell offers an ultra-firm option where the Hurston offers a cushion firm option.

For an in-depth review of the Estate Collection, click here.

The Lux Estate Collection

In an expertly designed bedroom, it's the small details that make the difference. So, the Lux Estate Collection includes all the extra touches you deserve and have seen in the previous line like the edge support and air vents as well as the Indulge HD Memory Foam, which delivers a responsive feel that's easy to melt into. The upgraded IntelliCoil® HD offers incredible support for your body. Plus, each layer and ounce of research have come together to provide next-level comfort.

The upgraded nested coil design provides even more adaptive support for every type of sleeper in the form of the Intellicoil HD and this lines also features the Intellicoil® Micro Layer. This version is designed to stretch across the entire mattress for long-lasting support – and plush, yet conforming comfort.

This Collection is available in ultra-firm, firm, firm pillowtop, plush, plush pillowtop, and ultra-plush pillowtop.

For an in-depth review of the Lux Estate Collection, click here.

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection takes the comfort of Indulge Memory Foam and adds Stearns & Foster's time-honored craftsmanship. With the support of the IntelliCoil® HD system in addition to Indulge Memory Foam, you'll see what they created was a hybrid mattress that’s as cozy as it is supportive – and the only one to earn the Stearns & Foster name.

The Lux Estate Hybrid collection also features the same Intellicoil HD and Intellicoil Micro layers as well as the air vents and edge support. The hybrid models adjust the thicknesses and densities of those layers to create something unique.


This Collection is available in three different options- cushion firm, plush, and ultra-plush.

To see an in-depth review of the Lux Estate Hybrid Collection, click here.

The Reserve Collection

The Stearns & Foster® Reserve Collection is the brand's highest expression of craftsmanship. With the exceptional comfort of Indulge HD Memory Foam, the exquisitely supportive IntelliCoil® HD and Intellicoil Micro HD Layer, and an upholstery-grade velvet exterior that adds a striking, stylish look, nothing can match the spirit of a Reserve.

Again, the classic Stearns & Foster stretch-knit covering with Tencel is there to wick away moisture. The top covering also stays cool and is hand-tufted for a luxurious look and feel.

In the Reserve, you'll also find two layers of supreme comfort- a plush layer that features their Indulge Memory Foam to deliver long-lasting support and comfort and another layer of Indulge HD Memory Foam. 

And again, you’ll get that high-density coil border for edge support. This Collection is available in three different options- firm, plush, and plush pillowtop.

For an in-depth review of the Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection, click here.

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