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The Newest in Sleep Tech at CES 2019

The Newest in Sleep Tech at CES 2019


At the 2019 CES Convention, Sleep Technology is taking a huge leap!

There was so much to see and experience at the CES convention and a lot of that had to do with getting you the best possible sleep. From masks to beds to aromatherapy and chromotherapy, a restful nights sleep is something everyone wants. We’ve sought after the best sleep techniques for years and the devices and technology displayed at this year’s CES con have shown some incredible advances and new innovations.

According to USA Today, more than a third of the population doesn’t get enough sleep and the tech designed to improve our sleep showcased at the convention this year has swelled 22% from last year.

Sleep Masks

Masks and headband like devices have boomed at the convention designed to improve the quality of your sleep and waking experience. Philips came out with a headband that plays pink noise and several Asian companies have released devices that offer light and noise therapy.

Some of the products we saw included the Dreamlight Pro. The Dreamlight is a smart wearable sleep meditation system. This mask system is designed to block light, includes sleep-aid lighting inside as well as audio, and sleep monitoring. They also make the Dreamlight Heat, which as comforting warmth around the eyes, and the Dreamlight Ease. Check them out here.

There are also masks designed to help with snoring, including the Snore Circle and the Hupnos. The Hupnos fits around the eyes and nose and provides built-in vibration to adjust positions without waking the person. The Hupnos companion app detects the snoring by listening for the sound.

The Snore Circle mask sits over the eyes and nose and a central monitor on the headband using bone-conduction technology to detect snoring and then send back vibrations to interrupt the snoring and stop it. They also make an earpiece and a muscle stimulator that sits on the throat and uses smart electrical impulses of 10-60Hz which creates micro-impulses to tighten the flaccid throat muscles which in turn widens the airways to eliminate snoring.


The Dreem band was also showcased and is designed to analyze your sleep and boost your sleep experience with audio features and mentoring. The EEG sensors inside the device detect your sleep patterns and then the CPU adjusts how the device works in real time. This also uses bone conduction to provide sound wave therapy and does include an audio jack. There are also programs and an app that offer advice and exercises to try to improve your sleep quality.

Also shown was the Urgonight headband which trains your brainwaves for better sleep. Created by the French startup the Urgo Group, the headband is worn during three 20-minute sessions each week and connects to an app. The band’s EEG collects data and shows it to you through the app in a way that helps to train your brain waves to act in a particular way. This is called visual neurofeedback. In as little as three months, viewing these images can result in improved sleep. Plus, since this is done while you’re awake, you don’t need to worry about wearing the device in bed.

Sleep Glasses

Pegasi was showing off their smart sleep glasses which use chromotherapy to improve sleep. There are two versions of the glasses, the I and II, and the light therapy is designed to assist you with resting easier without having to use sleep drugs or medications. The lights are meant to help restore the sleep-related physiological functions. They are worn 30 minutes a day to adjust the secretion levels of melatonin and can assist to resolve issues with circadian rhythms. They are also promoted for use to assist with waking and jet-lag.

A New Sleep System

From Snail Sleep comes a three-part system for improved sleep. Using their app and the Snail Sleep Smart Lite, you can track your sleeping habits including snoring, talking, and waking. Plus, there are original tracks to enjoy and a smart wake-up program. Together with this are the S2 Smart Pillow, that collects data, plays soothing music, and offers Bluetooth connection with app, and the ERKI G3 Intelligent Sleep Regulator, which combines three-dimensional signals to help you fall asleep and wake up. The Regulator provides specialized scents, light, and sound to ease you into rest and ease you into waking.

The aromas have been created to impact the hormones in the brain to lower cortisol levels and increase melatonin for resting and increase hypothalamus activity when you need to wake up. Together with blue light to help you get up in the morning and red light to help you rest, as well as sound therapy, the device is meant to create a 360-degree experience.

Baby Tech

There were several companies that were showcasing items to monitor your baby’s sleep including Owlet. We’ve seen the sock the baby can wear, now it’s paired with a base station that glows green letting you know everything is okay and a video monitor that connects to an app on your phone, allowing you to check on your little one any time you need. Plus, the app provides trending sleep data.

The video monitor works with the app so you can see everything your baby’s doing while asleep right on your phone. Plus, coming soon is the Owlet Band for mamas. Winner of CES’s Best Wearable, the band is worn from 24 weeks on and monitors fetal heartbeat, kicks, contractions, and mom’s sleeping positions. You’ll get wellness notifications and trends and know that you're getting the rest you need at such an important time.

Overall Trends

We saw so much at the CES convention and there’s still so much yet to see! There were several sleep tech devices that focused on light and sound therapy as well as collecting sleep data to improve your rest. There were also several wearable devices, such as the Fitbit which launched the Sleep Score Beta program, Spire, a health tag that attaches to your waistband or bra which monitors breathing patterns to study stress and sleep, and the new SleepTuner from Beddr, which is more of a stick-able that monitors sleep from your forehead including SpO2 levels.

We also saw the Comfort Sleep Belt from Quality that monitors heart rate, breathing rate, how much you turn over, your sleep quality, and how many times you get on and off the bed. This belt is actually laid across the bed and helps you develop good sleeping habits. It also offers an alarm and works with the Sleepee app to provide data. They also offered several smartbands that had sleep monitoring technology.

If there’s one place in the world that works to keep you from a good night’s sleep it’s Vegas, but thanks to the sleep tech coming out from the exhibitors at the 2019 CES you’ll be resting easy in no time.

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