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The Latest in "Cooling" Sleep Tech

The Latest in "Cooling" Sleep Tech

Cool Solutions for Everyone

We’ve talked about ways to help you sleep cool and why setting the ideal room temperature is important. But what about your mattress? Your pillows? They can hold onto a lot of heat and make it difficult to sleep comfortably.

Good thing Sleep Tech is always evolving.

Now we have several products that can help you to stay cool all night long, from mattress protectors to entire beds designed with cooling in mind.

Let’s take a look at the latest “cool” gear that can help you enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

Protectors that Work Double Duty

When you’re looking to add just a step of coolness or want something that’s a bit more budget-friendly, mattress and pillow protectors are the way to go. These will help to keep you feeling cool and they are affordable options that can easily travel with you if you’ll be moving.

Our top choice for a cooling mattress protector is the Malouf SLEEP TITE Five 5ided® IceTech™ Mattress Protector. The Five 5ided® IceTech™ Mattress Protector provides you with reliable waterproof protection and cooling technology to help you sleep cool, comfortable, and all night long.

The IceTech Mattress Protector Features:

  • IceTech™ cooling fabric
  • Breathable waterproof barrier
  • Blocks allergens and dust mites
  • IceTech™ fabric continually dissipates body heat to create a cool sleep climate
  • Laboratory-certified H2Pro® membrane is breathable and quiet
  • Breathable fabric does not add bulk or change the comfort of a mattress
  • Five-sided protection guards the top and sides of the mattress.
  • Universal Fit™ design and thicker premium elastic creates a smooth, secure fit on mattress depths 6 - 22"

Plus, it also comes with a 15-Year Warranty.

Low Heat Linens

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind when creating a cool bed is your linens. So much heat gets trapped in our sheets, but it’s an easy place to add some cooler fabrics like bamboo and breathable cotton.  Bedplanet carries good examples of cotton sheets.

When you’re shopping for sheets keep natural, lightweight fabrics in mind. They’ll be sure to keep your bed feeling as cool as possible, especially combined with all the other cooling tech we have available.

Cooling Pillows

Another step up in the cooling game are cool-feel pillows. There are many excellent types out there with various different feels available. Our top favorites are the Malouf Z CarbonCool® + OmniPhase® LT and traditional CarbonCool® and the TEMPUR-Cloud® Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow.

The Malouf Z CarbonCool® + OmniPhase® LT The most advanced pillow-cooling technology available, Omniphase® phase change material provides continual temperature regulation with ventilation for superior airflow. Phase change molecules capture and release heat as needed to maintain the optimum sleep temperature throughout the night.

To further the cooling properties, activated carbon infused in the foam creates a pathway to filter heat away from the head, face, and neck. Now you can enjoy the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam while sleeping at the perfect temperature. Lastly, a TENCEL™ mesh cover creates a soft, smooth surface that helps control humidity while allowing maximum exposure to the Omniphase® coating.

The traditional CarbonCool® is a bit less expensive and does not provide the Omniphase coating.

To kick it up one more notch, many  TEMPUR-Pedic Pillows feature several layers of cooling gel that are sure to keep you cool.

The highly adaptive, personalized support the pillow offers is combined with a cooling gel that keeps you comfortable in any sleep position. Plus, the pillow’s material returns to its formed shape after each use.

Tempur pillows uniquely adapt to your head, neck, and shoulders and the premium knit cooling cover provides cool-to-the-touch comfort.

The Ultimate in All-Night Cooling Comfort

When you want to take it all the way to the top and you’re willing to invest in something for years to come, the Tempur Breeze mattresses are where it’s at.

There are two levels- the PRObreeze and the LUXEbreeze.

The  TEMPUR PRObreeze Collection offers cutting-edge cooling for from a three-level system of innovative materials that work together from cover to core to keep you an average of 3° cooler all night long.

Its first level of cooling is the zip-off cover that feels cool when you lay down and is designed to wick heat away. The second level is the PureCool+™ Phase Change Material that’s built into the top layer of the mattress and absorbs heat. Lastly, the TEMPUR-CM+™ Comfort Layer that was expertly designed for maximum airflow and breathability.

The mattress is offered in a medium feel mattress and a medium feel hybrid mattress.

The TEMPUR LUXEbreeze Collection takes it to the next level. This is where all-night cooling meets maximum pressure relief. It offers everything the PRObreeze collection does but with an additional layer of cooling power.

The LUXEbreeze mattress has a special ventilated APR layer. The APR is Tempur's Advanced Pressure Relief. This means that the mattress has more give and offers improved pressure relief for improved blood flow.

It’s one of the most advanced materials and gives ultra-conforming support for total relaxation. When you pair that with the ventilation, you’ll sleep cool and comfortable. In fact, up to 8° cooler.

With all this incredible cooling technology available, your sleep experience just got better.

If you have any questions about purchasing one of the products or a mattress, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also check out the Mattress Buying Guide.

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