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The Best Sleep Positions for Couples

The Best Sleep Positions for Couples

Sharing Some Sweet Slumber

Sharing blankets, sharing space, and sharing noises. It’s true, sharing a bed can be a bit tricky. Navigating your nighttime habits will be crucial for a restful night’s sleep for both of you. Thankfully, there are some easy tricks you can try out to help you sleep better while sharing your bed. Are you ready to give yourselves the gift of sweet dreams? Then let’s dive in.

Each Person Has Their Favorite Position

Cuddling is wonderful, absolutely one of the best things. But sleeping that way typically isn’t very practical, especially during July in Vegas. There are ways that you can be close to each other while still providing each other enough room to move. Try these:

    Hand-to-hand: If you’re a pair of back sleepers this will be ideal. Assume your fave position and get comfy. Then, just reach out a hand and join it with your partner. A gentle caress that doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

    The Breezy Spoon: If one of you is a side sleeper and the other is more comfortable on their stomach or back, you can try this out. Roll onto your side and snuggle in. Now, instead of scooting over to your partner, put a pillow or bolster between your legs. This will act as a spine assist for you and hold your arm up comfortably while you drape it across the top to rest it on your partner.

    Back-to-Back Buddies: Even if you’re both side sleepers and end up facing the other way, you can still get in on a little cuddle. While you’re snuggled in and cozy, just stick a leg back and touch feet with your partner or scoot a little further back and touch backs or bums.

      Scandinavian Sleep Hack

      Try out this clever little trick if the two of you are always fighting over the blankets. All you have to do is put your own set of a sheet and comforter on one side and your partner’s on the other. You’ll both have all the blanket you want.

      This is a must if you’re using a split adjustable base too. And that way, you can adjust the bed and blankets to your own needs, while still being able to reach over to your partner. 

      Supported Sleep

      Whether you sleep on your stomach or side, a little extra support is crucial for spine support. As we talked about in the  Sleep Position Blog, if you sleep on your side a body bolster or pillow between the legs helps keep your spine in alignment and a thick pillow is a must.

      The other advantage these cushions add is a cuddly feel. This can be great if your partner rolls around a lot during the night. You’ll be able to sleep uninterrupted while still being able to drape a hand over them when you can.

      Sharing is Caring

      Starfishing works when you don’t share a bed. Otherwise, you end up with one person fending for their life on the edge or the bed while the other hogs all the space. If you or your significant other are the sprawling types, a larger mattress is likely to be a must.

      At the bare minimum, a Queen is necessary, but if you really want to go all out get a California King. Or, you can try getting a Split King or Cal King. That way you’ll still have clearly defined sides that can be used independently on an adjustable base. Each of you will be able to enjoy the utmost comfort at any time without disturbing your partner.

      Noise Needs

      Some people like falling asleep to music, podcasts, meditations, or white noise. However, if your partner isn’t on the same page, try getting yourself a pair of comfortable, maybe even designed for sleep, headphones. That way you won’t bother your SO while they’re trying to fall asleep. You’ll both be less crabby in the morning.

      Smart Sleep

      Tracking your sleep can improve not only your’s but your partner’s sleep dramatically. There are several devices and programs that allow you to do this. Additionally, sleep technology has grown over the years, and we’ve seen that beds and mattresses that can adapt to a person’s needs at any given time provide the most restful nights.

      Adjustable bases and cooling mattress are the latest in sleep tech that helps you to make the most of every night in bed. Check out a bit about  cooling sleep technology and adjustable bases right here at BedPlanet.Com. You won’t regret it.

      Upgrade Your Alarm

      Along with the other sleep innovations, alarms have gotten an upgrade. You can find soothing daylight alarms, alarms built right into your adjustable bed, and let’s not forget about the age-old stand-by- your phone.

      When you’re choosing an alarm sound, pick something soothing so you don’t disrupt your partner’s sleep. Not only will they be grateful for it, but you will also be too because it won’t startle you our of sleep so abruptly.

      If you really want to go big, you can try going without an alarm by sticking to a sleep schedule. If you start to go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time each morning, your body will naturally start to sleep and wake on that schedule.

      The Sweet Sleep Spot

      When you’ve tried a sleep position and set up and it works great, take note! You’ll want to replicate those results. Remember what worked so that the next night getting ready for bed is that much easier. Soon, it’ll become routine and you’ll be falling asleep quicker and resting better than ever before.

      Remember Your Foundations

      Where do you sleep? In your bed, of course, and that bed makes a huge difference when it comes to sleep quality. You’re going to want a mattress that is supportive and soft enough for any position and provides motion isolation. I personally recommended the  Tempur-Pedic mattresses, especially the Breeze.

      Other customer favorites are the  Sealy Hybrids, the Magniflex Dual mattresses, and the Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection.

      And when you truly want to sleep better together, check out our top sleep tips for  creating the perfect sleep environment.

      So there you have it. If you have any questions about mattresses or adjustable bases for couples, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our sleep experts are available over the phone or through email at

      And you can also check out the  Mattress Buying Guide.

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