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Shopping For High-Quality RV Mattresses

Shopping For High-Quality RV Mattresses

What are the Best RV Mattresses & Camper Mattresses?

The tricky thing about RV mattresses is that they are often shorter than a traditional mattress. Thankfully, many mattress options can be made to suit RV and camper beds in any size or shape. If you’re looking for a custom sized or shaped mattress, we can help you find the right one for your needs.

Choosing an RV Mattress

A lot of RV mattresses can leave a lot to be desired and if you have any type of back or health concern, you can settle for a lackluster mattress that’s years and years old.RVing is a fun, common way for a lot of people to travel and vacation, but sleeping on the road can be rough. What if you could make it better? Well, that’s where we can help.

And there’s a reason most standard RV and camper mattresses aren’t as comfortable. When manufacturers are fabricating the interiors of RV and outfitting them, every pound matters. They want to keep it as low as possible to improve fuel economy and overall affordability. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the mattress once it’s yours.

Your sleep is important, even when you’re on the road.

When you’re in the market for a new RV mattress, here’s what you need to know.

Difference Between RV Mattress vs. Regular Mattress

If you’re genuinely concerned about your beauty rest while you’re traveling, as you should be, you might be wondering, “Can’t I just put a regular mattress in my RV?”

After all, today’s mattresses are high-quality and there are more comfort levels and material options than there have ever been. You can get firm or soft, memory foam or innerspring, hybrid, organic, pillowtop. The selection is top-notch.

However, RV mattresses are different from regular mattresses in several important ways.

First of all, as we’ve already mentioned, RV mattresses are lighter than a typical household mattress. And although you might not think that weight difference is very important, depending on what your mattress will be traveling in, it could make a huge difference.

For instance, if you’re cruising around in a trailer with a gross towing weight rating of 2800 pounds, a 100-pound queen-sized mattress is a large portion of that total load. That 100 pounds will take away from how much additional weight you’re carrying including fluids, fuels, and the like.

Additionally, most RV beds aren’t built to the same size as household bed frames. In fact, RV mattresses that say queen or king are actually a few inches shorter or narrower than the traditional size. They also sometimes have curved edges or other custom shapes so that they can fit into the available space. And in some instances, the mattresses have to be thin and flexible so that they can bend when the bedroom slide-out comes in.

Of course, you can certainly put a standard mattress in your RV. You just need to be aware of your total weight and ensure you can find one that will suit your needs.

How to Measure an RV Mattress

measuring tape

RVs come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, it’s hard to come across a standard RV mattress size chart. Before you start shopping, you’ll want to measure the space you have available for a mattress. That way, you’ll know exactly what size you need and can find something suitable or order something custom.

There are some typically universal RV mattress dimensions, including the “three-quarter queen” at 48 x 75 inches and the “queen short” at 60 x 75 inches. Additionally, if you find an RV with a king-sized bed, it’s probably only 72 inches wide, as opposed to the household standard of 76, while still a full 80 inches long.

How to Select an RV Mattress

Once you have collected the necessary dimensions of the RV mattress you need, you can peruse our site for the mattress you like the best. We can help you order a custom model from lines like Magniflex, or work with you to find the best fit based on what’s currently available.

If you do have the extra money to spend on a custom RV mattress, you’ll have control over the exact dimensions and potentially weight of the mattress for your setup. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, there are lower-end models and open box models available for deal regularly on the site, and you can look into our premium mattress toppers as an addition to your current mattress to improve comfort and support.

You might also want to consider purchasing two twins or two twin XLs in order to make getting the mattresses into your RV or rig easier. Maneuvering the tight dimensions with a one-piece king might be a bit tricky. Doing so with two pieces can be a lot more successful.

Mattress Options For Your RV

Improving The Comfort Of Your RV Mattress

Wondering how to make any RV mattress more comfortable? If you can’t change a mattress, you can add to it. 

If you’ve got the funds to invest in a new mattress, do so, but if you can’t there are ways to improve the feel of your bed on the go. We carry mattress toppers and premium pillows to improve the feel of a standard quality mattress. There cooling options and pillows that provide a contouring shape for side sleepers. So much is there to help you create the perfect sleeping environment, even on the road.

Finally, never underestimate the addition of high-quality sheets. The comfort of your mattress can be greatly improved when you put on a set of smooth, silky sheets with a high thread count.

Sleep well!

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