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Road Map to Comfort: Adjustable Bases for Side, Stomach, & Back Sleepers

Road Map to Comfort: Adjustable Bases for Side, Stomach, & Back Sleepers

No Matter How You Sleep You’ll Sleep Great

As you may have seen in our blog, we love adjustable bases and they can be great for a variety of health concerns. Well, adjustable bases can also be comfortable for any sleeping position and here we’ll tell you the best way to use your adjustable base for your sleeping position and the base we recommend for each use case.

Let’s dive in!

Upgrade Your Sleep

You perform your best when you’re well-rested. You can ensure you get a wonderful night of sleep by creating the perfect environment, and by also investing in an adjustable base. 

Back Sleeper

When you’re a back sleeper, you can transition seamlessly from resting and relaxing to sleeping like a log with your base.

If you enjoy watching TV in the evening or reading a book before bed, use the upright or zero gravity position in your adjustable bed. Raising your head up and bringing the feet up can reduce pressure on your back, which is often an issue with back sleepers.

ergomotion element three

Unwinding with your upper body elevated stops you from straining your neck or shoulders while you relax and eliminates the unwieldy stack of pillows. Plus, not having to fidget with the right position or placing pillows under knees can make relaxation and then sleep come a bit faster.

Zero gravity is perfect for back sleepers. Resting in this position alleviates strain on your legs and lower back, and elevating your head slightly up and your knees up above the heart level is great when you have circulation issues as well. Quite a few of the adjustable base models on the market today offer a one-touch zero gravity and flat position button configuration. That means you can relax and sleep in zero gravity and if you need a more flat position you can get there with just one push of a button.

No More Snoring


For many, snoring can be the bane of nighttime relaxation, even driving people to sleep apart just so they can sleep. A huge benefit of an adjustable bed is their ability to help cut back on snoring by elevating the head slightly.

Elevating the head helps air to flow more freely and reduces the vibrations that we know as ​snoring​. It can also help when you’re congested because of allergies, a cold, etc. This is often a concern for back sleepers and an adjustable is a great solution.

Sleeping On Your Side Or Stomach

Shoulder, hip, or neck pain isn’t uncommon with side sleepers. That’s where all the body’s weight is centered on the mattress when you sleep. An adjustable base with a good mattress that contours to your shape reduces the pressure on these points, keeping your spine in proper alignment.

Thanks to the newer models of adjustable bases you can sleep with that elevation you want for any of your specific health concerns and still sleep on your side. These tilting beds lift up without bending in the middle, which can be very uncomfortable for side sleepers. 

glideaway odessa adjustable base with elevation kit

The Glideaway Elevation as well as the coming Leggett & Platt Symmetry TLT both offer this feature. Additionally, the Odessa, Vesta, and Accord all offer the Elevation Kit which can be used to give the base the tilting feature.

This is also an issue for stomach sleepers. If you’re laying in that position, crunching up with the elevated head can be very uncomfortable. The tilt feature also solves this issue. 

Sleep Like A Dream

Adjustable bases aren’t just hospital beds, they aren’t just for back sleepers, and they aren’t an impossibility for your home. Sleep better and rest comfortably in relaxation whenever you’re using your bed. And stay tuned for more fantastic ways you can use your adjustable base each and every day!

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