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Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15
Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15
Magniflex Toscana Updates

Magniflex revises the Toscana Mattress Collection

Get ready to delight in the sleep you deserve. Magniflex is proud to introduce its re-designed Toscana mattresses! Upgraded with quality fabrics, you get the most out of each moment’s rest.
The most accommodating feature in the Dual 12” and Cotton Lux 10” is the soft cover that gives both mattresses a more plush and upgraded feel and look.

The Grande Dual 12” and the Cotton Lux 10” are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, designed with 100% uber natural organic wool and cotton blend covers. This advancement gives these mattresses a more satin-type feel for smoother nights of sleep.

Cotton Grande Dual 12

The Cotton Grande Dual 12” is perfect for couples who want to adjust their comfort right before sleep. This mattress features Dual Core technology, which allows both partners to unzip the cover of the mattress and reconfigure the various comfort paddings to their liking.

The Cotton Lux 10

The Cotton Lux 10” ensures breathability all night. With Airyfoam technology, the Lux 10” supports increased airflow and the maximum release of moisture and heat during sleep.

Both mattresses are made with Magniflex’s Seaqual fabric, which is durable, eco-friendly, and manufactured in an energy-efficient environment, using less water and energy to create long-lasting support for everyone looking for quality sleep.

For a more natural and comforting night’s rest, Magniflex’s Toscana mattresses are just right for you!

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