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Magniflex at CES 2019

Magniflex at CES 2019

At this year’s CES Convention, Magniflex showcased the latest in mattress technology with the MagniStretch and the MagniSmartech.

The MagniStretch mattress is designed to allow your spine and muscles to decompress and relax like never before. In fact, it’s certified by the American Chiropractic Association. The bed is rated as a medium firm mattress, however, when I personally tried it out at CES it offered just the right squish for us side sleepers to enjoy. Plus, the way the mattress works it provides amazing lumbar and spinal support.

Patented and developed together with the University of Zaragoza’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, the inside of the mattress uses special laser cuts that work together to provide the stretching feature. And I felt it for myself, as the mattress compressed under my shoulders and hips, the section under my back almost felt as if it was lifted up and supported by the mattress itself.

And that’s not all. The MagniStretch also provides temperature regulation through the Memofoam and Outlast® cover. Using just your own weight and gravity, the mattress helps your spine to stretch and increases the space between each vertebra. It can even help your muscles to relax. This is the first mattress that’s proven to improve spine health and stretch. Even the Outlast® cover was developed originally by NASA. After a few months, you’ll feel an improvement in your spine health.


Another great thing we noticed about the MagniStretch is that when delivered it comes in a tightly rolled shape that’s compacts and easy to install right in your bed frame. 

Sleep is Life’s Greatest Pleasure.

Now, another real showstopper that was showcased at CES by Magniflex was the MagniSmartech. This mattress and adjustable base combo offer complete monitoring for an informed night’s rest. 


This bed system, designed to work together, was created to help the user or users understand their sleeping habits so that they can improve their rest. The MagniSmartech monitors personal data including:

  • Sleep quality
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rhythm
  • Movement
  • Body temp
  • Sleep duration

Registered in real time, you can use this information along with the information collected from the base including the temperature of the room, the brightness, and the noise level. There are three position presets- Zero Gravity, Reading, and Anti-Leg Swelling. There is also an anti-snoring feature, chromotherapy lights in the base for diffused color light which enhances relaxation, and an alarm clock function that either sits you up gentle, begins to vibrate, or turns on the chromotherapy lights.

Come Sleep in the Future

This mattress also offers the Outlast® fabric for a cool night’s sleep as well as the Memofoam, Magnigel which is breathable and keeps you fresh and dry, and Elioform support. The bed system works together with the I Care App to provide personalized suggestions on how to improve your sleep quality and duration. You can even track your nightly habits.

Check out the videos below for a look at the bed base in action and an up close look at the mattress right from CES.

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